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Sunday 1 October 2023


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Hello everyone! A little break from the advent calendar content... Today I have put together a little lookbook of all your Autumn Wardrobe Staples that you will need for Autumn 2023! From coats to knitwear to polo shirts I've condensed a list of what I think are some of the best pieces to pick up for your Autumn & Winter wardrobe this year. This is my favourite season for fashion. I love coats, I love layering I love a long boot! 
I have already written up a blog post similar to this - Top Wardrobe Staples for Autumn 2023 - all the way back in June so see this one as an extension of that. More updated pieces, more of what's new in at the stores and what we can expect to be seeing from all the Autumn outfits for the year 2023.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and getting some inspo as much as I enjoyed putting it together! 

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What are the key items for this Autumn/Winter?

Every year there are pieces that I think are so worth investing in which you will see in rotation again and again, year after year. 
One which needs no explanation is a good coat. You'll see my talking about the Burberry Trench Coat, probably for the last 5 years, but I absolutely believe it's one of the best investments. I've had mine for as long as I can remember and I wear it constantly during the colder months. Not once have I had to take it to get repaired. It has truly stood the test of time and the cost has been 100% justified. 
If that still seems a bit too much to spend then fear not! So many stores have been bringing out their own version of the Burberry Trench Coat. A great one for quality and price point is & Other Stories who bring out a version every year. A fraction of the price but their quality is really quite good so you'll be able to have this in your wardrobe for years to come! I really loved this one, it's very similar to the Burberry Kensington which is the iconic trench coat. 
If you're looking for something with a bit more warmth added in then I have to direct you to Lands End. They have a huge selection of practical, warm, women's winter coats which will be great for the coming cold months. Make sure you go check them out here. So many styles to choose from that will help us all prepare for the changeable U.K. weather. I picked out this White Puffer Jacket which I've been wearing when the weather has been particularly rainy in the U.K. and it's kept me super warm and dry! A must! 
Another puffer that I must mention is of course Canada Goose. I got my first Canada Goose two years ago and it's been a complete gamechanger for me. They truly are the cosiest and comfiest coats I own. I've recently just got myself the Alliston Coat and I'm loving it! Although we are still coming off the back of a heatwave in England, I know the weather is apparently going to turn this week and I'm really looking forward to whipping this out and wearing it as much as possible.
Another piece that is an essential in your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe is a good pair of boots. I've been known to be a fan of over the knee boots for the longes time but I'm starting to see that good old fashioned knee high seems to be where it's at this year. 
I love this pair from Reformation. The Brown Croc is so so chic. These ones from Mango are also so nice. They'd be so flattering on anyone. 
Black or brown leather work perfectly and they style so nicely with a pair of jeans or a little checkered mini skirt. 
Lastly you need to grab yourself some great accessories for the cold. By accessories I mean Hat, Scarf & Gloves. Anything to keep you warm! 
Last year I picked up this Gucci scarf which I will be planning on wearing once again throughout this year. But now I'm on the prowl for a good hat. I love this one from Loewe. Colour is perfect for me.(neutral everything!!) Ganni also always do great hats - I have a beret from there that I got last year and I just saw this beanie which is so cute. 
Gloves I need something that I'll be able to use my phone with and I found these from Lululemon which seem absolutely perfect to me! 

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What is a trend this Autumn/Winter? 

I try my best to steer clear of trends as I don't like purchasing things that I know I'm only going to be able to wear for one season. If I am buying into a trend, I want to make sure that I've seen it at least the year before so I know it's here to stay! 
One of those that was going wild last year was Uggs and yes! Ok yes, I did buy some. But they're sooo comfy I couldn't resist! Either way I'm glad I did because I wore them nearly every day last year and I'm so happy to see they're back again for 2023! Last year it was more of the Ugg Mini's that had everyone in a chokehold but this year it seems like the Ugg Tasman's are the pair to have. If you're inclined to jump on the Ugg train (hint - you need too!) then make sure to go grab these quickly! Last year I had a lot of messages of people looking for all sorts of Uggs and them being sold out everywhere. I don't doubt the same thing will happen this year so pick them up while you still can! 
Another trend that you'll be likely to see the next few months is Brown. So many stores are bringing out knitwear, coats, trousers in a beautiful chocolate brown colour so it's worth picking up a jumper or two! I really like this one from Cos  and this one from Weekday.
Speaking of Weekday I also found this Zip up knit jumper that I really really love! I have it in the most gorgeous deep green and also grey. 

Some of my favourite picks from Net-A-Porter - perfect for Autumn! Shop here

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What have I purchased for Autumn/Winter? 

As you probably expect I have of course already been doing my Autumn/Winter shopping and I've got myself some really nice pieces that will hopefully take me through the next few months! 
H&M has been a great one for me this year, I picked up these trousers in beige and navy. I love the gold button detailing and think they're so smart. 
I also want to mention Lands End again as they have some brilliant layering pieces that are worth checking out. Particularly their women's polo shirts which I love putting under big fluffy knits to keep extra warm. 
It also wouldn't be an Emshelx online shopping spree if I didn't pick up a comfy hoodie or sweater of some sort. That being Adanola of course... This is my latest one. I love it in the Burgundy colour it's so perfect for Autumn! 

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What I purchase every year

There are certain things that I like to buy every single year which will take me into Autumn & Winter. Firstly - cosy socks. I wear them with my Uggs, I wear them around the house, tucked into trainers and with leggings. I love this pair from Ralph Lauren but I also have a dupe for you which I found on Amazon - here
I always have to mention The White Company also and their cashmere socks that are just sooo comfy. I buy them as gifts every single year but I also love getting a pair for myself and I wear them around the house all the time. 
I also really like to pick up thermals - mostly thermal vests just to give me that extra level of warmth when the cold starts to get really biting. Uniqlo are probably the best for this, but Marks & Spencers also do some really good base layers too. 
Lastly, I like to get some jewellery. Accessorising with gold jewellery in the winter is an essential for me as it adds such a nice element to my outfits which normally verge on mostly all black. So it's nice to have that pop of colour! 
I got these Bottega Veneta dupes which everyone has been wearing recently from Amazon and I find myself wearing them probably every day. Also Monica Vinader too have some really lovely pieces that you can keep for a lifetime. I really love this gold necklace - imagine this layered over a black polo neck! Use Monica Vinader promo code EM20 for Monica Vinader discount. 

That's all I have for you! I've tried to keep it condensed with all products that I've tried and tested and truthfully have brought me so much wear during the cold months. 
It's definitely worth checking out Lands End - a new find for me but I'm really impressed with what I've ordered so far so make sure you have a look too. 
Other than that make sure to come and say hi over on my Instagram (@emshelx) and TikTok (@emshelx) where I'll be posting lots of fashion content!
Until next time...
Lots of love, Em x

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