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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Autumn Walks, Styling Up A Burberry Trench Coat And Burberry Scarf

Sometimes we have items on our wishlist and they never really leave. My wishlist is quite long, the Gucci bag of my dreams (I have banned myself from Gucci until I buy my house), that Maje leather jacket, LV boots etc. I've always been told, if you leave a store and can't stop thinking about it, then you definitely want it. These are items I've wanted as wardrobe staples for years, not just something I feel like 'I need to have'. I'm about to buy a house though, so as much as I love designer pieces, I'm cautious with what I buy (house first, designer items after). However, my list does tend to be full of designer staples, rather than 'trendy one season' pieces, I prefer to save my money and spend it on timeless, forever-wardrobe-classics. Those kind of items you can throw on and they look effortlessly fabulous. I made that phrase, but you get what I mean: when I'm spending money on something designer, I don't want to use it once, I want to love it and have it as a wardrobe staple. Now, let me introduce you to something I finally did buy, a wardrobe staple I've wanted forever with some affordable dupes at the end of this post too if you don't want to make the splurge just yet... 

One thing that has been on my wishlist since I was about 16 has been a Burberry trenchcoat. I've tried them on hundreds of times and have always fallen in love. I guess I just always told myself I didn't need it, because well, it just looks the same as 'any old trench'. I got my classic Burberry scarf for my 21st birthday and haven't really ever taken it off, cost-per-wear means it was a very good purchase (it was actually a gift and one I am very grateful for). If you did buy this, it's definitely good value for money if you wear it as much as I have.  

Shop Burberry the scarf collection below by clicking on the photos:

I have to say, I feel like my Burberry scarf really does transform any autumn outfit and it's so cosy too.

burberry trench

burberry trench and scarf

burberry trench autumn
I finally got the Burberry trench a few weeks ago and I definitely don't regret it. I've always loved trenches in general but for me, Burberry make the creme de la creme of trench coats plus, they do so many styles and lengths. Over the years, I've probably spent thousands on buying a new trench every season from high street stores so I'm glad I've finally bought the one I've always truly wanted. I think Burberry macs/trenchcoats are classic and really do make any outfit look that little bit more smart, whether it's worn with a jumper dress or jeans. I wore my new Burberry trenchcoat with this gorgeous jumper dress for an autumn walk, another wardrobe staple I am living in at the moment. I think with something like a smart trench, you can team it with high street pieces, such as the Miss Selfridge jumper dress.  

For me, there's something about Burberry, or at least, their colour palette that just spells out autumn. I'm only around 5 ft 2 and found a smaller length version fits me perfectly without burying me.

Shop Burberry trenchcoats below:

You can also buy Burberry trenchcoats online at Harrods Burberry and Net-A-Porter. I'd reccommend buying from Burberry  online though because you can really alter the size, length and colour to suit you. 

Shop jumper dresses below (because a high street jumper dress goes so well with a trench and I strongly believe in mixing designer and high street):

So there we have it, whether it's a Burberry trenchcoat or just a normal trenchcoat, I really do think investing in staple designer items is what I'll be doing moving forward. If you're not ready to make the splurge on a Burberry one just yet (it's taken me years of lusting) then I totally get it, grab a normal trench and enjoy styling that up too. I'll leave some non-designer, high street trenchcoats below too just in case this post has inspired you to style one up (hint: Topshop do incredibly beautiful trenchcoats): 

Do you like trench coats? Do you like Burberry? Do you like Autumn fashion?

My current wishlist 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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