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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Making Time For The People You Love, Miller & Carter Horsforth

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Last week I was invited to try out the new Miller & Carter in Horsforth. I studied at the University of Leeds and Horsforth isn’t too far away, it gave me the perfect excuse to catch up with my best friend (over the thing we both love best, food) and actually, inspired this blog post. Making time for the people we love is incredibly important, I guess I’ve always known that deep down, but it’s only when certain things happen, that we truly realise that. I’ve seen beautiful souls lose their lives this year and it only continues to instill that get up and go drive in me, it makes me wanna chase my dreams, work hard but also, rest more, be kinder to myself and, be kinder to others. It also makes me realise just how important it is to take time out of our busy schedules for each other. Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life and cherish your loved ones whilst you can. Lets eat, and chat.
miller and carter cocktails

I’ve been to a few Miller and Carter’s around the country before and have always been impressed. Their Parbold restaurant has always been my favourite, sat on top of a hill overlooking the countryside but it’s good to have one closer to home. To be totally honest, whilst I’ve always had good experiences there, I’ve never really thought about going to Miller and Carter recently, I guess it’s just because there isn’t one that close to me but after the experience, I had last week, I know I’ll be going back. In fact, since me visiting, my Mum is desperate to book a table.

The new Miller and Carter in Horsforth feels really luxurious and perfect for a date night or a friends catch up. It definitely feels more luxurious than other Miller & Carter’s and I realised that as soon as I walked in, the service was just as good as top London restaurants.

miller and carter horsforth

Me and Gabs sat down and didn’t even look at the menu because we were so excited to catch up. I think that’s the best thing about food, it brings people together. We had so much to discuss and just wanted to top it off by eating a delicious meal whilst catching up. The waiter totally understood and could tell we were busy catching up because every time he checked on us we gave him the ‘so sorry we haven’t even looked yet’ and realised we should probably stop rambling and start ordering.
miller and carter starters

The menu on a Thursday is a date night menu, we didn’t actually go off it because we didn’t fancy a dessert but it makes complete sense to go off it. It was around £25 and that included a starter, main and dessert. Considering the steaks are around £25 anyway, it basically means you get a free starter and dessert making a classy and great quality restaurant affordable.

The restaurant was packed full and the atmosphere was cosy and lovely. We finally placed our order, as we sat inside the cosy booths (I love the booths) and whilst the restaurant looks quite dark, it just feels perfect for winter catch ups, cosy, homely but you feel like you’re out eating at a wonderful restaurant.

We were both driving so opted for the none alcoholic cocktails which were delicious and beautifully presented. As we caught up more, it made me realise that it’s just so important to take time out to check on our loved ones. You never know what battles people may be facing and you never know how much just texting someone, picking up the phone or, meeting up with someone for an hour can really make their day. Going out for dinner doesn’t always have to cost the earth, but if it gives you an excuse to catch up with someone then I think it’s pretty priceless. We are so incredibly busy in our day to day lives and do often forget to make time for those who support and need us the most. Take my grandparents, for example, I love taking them to Zizzis on a Sunday afternoon when I have free weekends so they can enjoy their favourite cuisine.
miller and carter restaurant

Me and Gab are both food mad so got a little over excited with the starters. We went for the bread (give me all the carbs) with a platter. On the platter we had chorizo, camembert, nachos - you name it, we had it. Miller and Carter is USA inspired so I guess that’s why you get all the best things on one plate. We well and truly filled up on starters.

For main, we both went for the beef fillet and it was cooked to perfection. I’m a little fussy and only wanted garlic butter to dunk into and they were more than happy to do me a side of that. I have to say, Miller and Carter’s fries are some of the best out there, they tasted beyond incredible, double cooked.

miller and carter steak

food at miller and carter

With very full bellies and a few too many non-alcoholic cocktails, we continued to giggle the night away. The best thing? We didn’t feel rushed, we felt like we were in a safe, comfortable environment where we could just catch up and feel like ourselves. The best kind friends are the friends you don’t have to see every day, but when you do catch up, it’s just like yesterday.

So, things to take away from this? Make time for your loved ones. I know we don’t always have the time, story of my life, but let them know that you’re in different countries for example, and drop them a text, a FaceTime or a phone call instead. Pick up the phone, it doesn’t take long and it might just make someone's day. Social media also makes it easy to stay in touch now, whether it's a Facebook message, a tweet or a few cheeky Instagram likes. Nothing beats face to face contact, but let them know you’re still checking up on them. Lastly, don’t feel guilty if you literally don’t have the time to see someone, true friends will understand that. Make plans, such as going for dinner, like we did and make a proper night out of it. It meant our long over due catch up was special, we toasted with epic food, epic service and both left all giggled out and with very full bellies.

lettuce wedge miller and carter

dinner at miller and carter

Miller & Carter was somewhere I’d been before and enjoyed, but after the new Horsforth restaurant, I have to say, it’s somewhere I’ve been to and had an exceptional experience and therefore, somewhere I’ll be heading back to. When people ask me for a chain that does good steak now, I’ll point them in the direction of Miller and Carter. Top quality food, top quality service, comfortable but also, the best for cosy catch ups. 

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Have you been to Miller and Carter? 

Lots of love, Em x

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*This post is sponsored by Miller and Carter but as always, it's my honest opinion.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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