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Thursday, 16 November 2017

At Home Pampering To Boost My Confidence

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I’ve done a lot of blog posts over the years about body confidence, giving advice with my top tips for body confidence, talking about the importance of self love and also, of course, the importance of me time. Today I want to talk about a few pamper things I do at home which really boost my confidence. Nothing makes me feel better than a steamy bath and a blow dry, I really do feel like a new woman so I want to give you some quick fire things you can do at home to boost your inner confidence.

Workout - First things first, I couldn’t not put workout on here. Whether you go outside for a jog, do some YouTube workouts, a yoga video infront of the TV or go to the gym, nothing boosts my confidence from within more than a workout. If I’m having a day where I feel rubbish about my body, (we all get them) I honestly think heading to the gym gets rid of it instantly. It’s all about using those endorphins and pushing hard with a workout, I instantly feel amazing. 

Prep - I love prepping my skin in the shower or bath for my fake tan, it instantly makes me feel confident as I feel like I’ve had a pamper session. I adore Jo Malone Vitamin E body scrub and Fresh Cocoa body scrub. I rub around my body with exfoliating mitts in circular motions and truly feel like I’ve had a spa visit. It's a quick and easy way to feel like you've had a full body exfoliation. 

Tan - Next up, tan. It’s a personal thing as I know not everyone likes to tan but for me, personally, I feel incredible with a tan. I guess it’s the glow it gives my body and it instantly just makes me feel so much better. I swear by James Read tan and I also like Tan Luxe, they both don't smell and give the best but most natural colour. I feel hydrated and bronzed. 

Moisturise - You can also moisturise too. If you use the right moisturiser (I swear by The Body Shop body butters and any Jo Malone body creme, my current favourite scent is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess too if you’re wanting an epic moisturiser) it does jus illuminate my skin and make it feel happier. 

Shave – I'm currently using BIC Soleil Scent Razors and BIC Soleil Gel. I finally feel more confident going out (particularly during party season!) without tights because my legs are now completely hair free and super smooth. The Soleil Scent razors have built-in strips with Vitamin E and Lanolin, which help the razor glide evenly over my skin. Plus, the shaving foam I actually find makes my legs feel moisturised straight after shaving, leaving me feeling smooth and confident!

Bath - Nothing makes me feel more zen and pampered than a bath. If you follow me on Instagram, @emshelx you'll know that I always spend my life in the bath. It instantly makes me feel confident because I’ve had some me-time. I light a Jo Malone candle (Pomegranate Noir if you’re wondering but any scent works for me) and fill it with as many bubbles and Lush bath bombs as possible (all the bath bombs). I try it make it super steamy and sit with a face mask and hair mask on, it then really feels as if I'm in a spa at home. I swear by GlamGlow and Origins face masks for a super intense cleanse, mud ones make me feel especially like I'm in a spa and my skin glows when I get out. 

Blow Dry - Nothing gives me confidence like a good hair day, I’m sure you know that if you’ve read my blog posts about how I fixed my damaged hair. When I’m in Yorkshire, I head to Sassoon for my blow dries and always leave feeling like a queen down to Tatty and Conor. In London, I head to either Show Beauty (they’re the best at the bouncy London blow dry, head to their Notting Hill salon and I promise you wont regret it) or Aveda. However, if you’re at home and fancy a pamper, pop a hair mask on (I recommend Kerastase or Redken) and leave it to soak in whilst you have your steamy bath. Using good products and spending time blow drying it, I instantly have more confidence. I’m all about my ghd stylers and tong for the ultimate at-home blow dry too. Nothing compares. 

So there we have it, some top tips to getting a pamper and confidence boost all from the comfort of your own home with some me-time! Remember, wellbeing, me-time and relaxation are so important. If in doubt, grab a cup of something yummy (hot chocolate for me) put your feet up for an hour and breathe.

Let me know if you do any of the above and if there are any beauty tricks you do that instantly boost your confidence.

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Lots of love, Em x

*This post is sponsored by BIC but as always it's 100% my honest opinion. 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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