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Wednesday 11 October 2023


Shop the Kiehls 2023 Advent Calendar here

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Hello hello everyone! 
I have yet another advent calendar review for you! Is it overkill? Never! I've had so many messages from you who have been reading all my reviews and I'm so pleased to see how helpful they have been. 
Today we will be going through the Kiehls Advent Calendar for 2023! I have been a longtime supporter of Kiehls and am always promoting their products on my socials or this blog. 
If you've never tried Kiehls before then picking up one of their Kiehls advent calendars for 2023 is a good place to start! Your product selection is everything you would need to start your Kiehls journey! 

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An Overview of the Kiehls Advent Calendar for 2023

I just love Kiehls and so whatever they were going to put out I knew I was going to be happy with. This year, their advent calendar covers all the bases and I'm so happy to see so many of my favourites included! Plus some products I have yet to try. 
Behind each door you get either small sized product or there are a few full sized products included (which I think is always a plus! It's like a little bit extra). 
They really have thought of everything and there is not one area that they're coming up short. 

The packaging of the 2023 Kiehls Advent Calendar

This is probably the most Christmassy advent calendar that I have reviewed to date. For some reasons brands this year are going a lot more neutral in their Christmas marketing which when it comes to an advent calendar (one of the things that scream Christmas to me!) I feel they should go all out. 
Kiehls advent calendar this year was designed by the artistic duo Icinori. I'm really pleased to see them outsourcing an artist and giving credit where credit is due. The advent calendar is designed beautifully! 
With some adorable designs along the front all Christmas themed (think Snowmen, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Tree's) this is an advent calendar that can sit amongst all your Christmas decorations and be very at home. 

How much is the Kiehls Advent Calendar for 2023? 

This year the Kiehls advent calendar is coming out at the great price of £106! This is by far the most inexpensive advent calendar I have reviewed so far, but one that is categorically not scrimping on quality. 
Again, I'm really pleased to see Kiehls price point with this. I have to say a lot of advent calendars this year are so expensive and it's wonderful to see a brand take this into account. 
Not only are you receiving a couple of full sized products but you're also getting so cult favourites from some of Kiehls most sought after ranges... Without having to break the bank. 

When is the Kiehls Advent Calendar on sale? 

Right now! You can pick up one of the Kiehls Advent Calendars right this second. It truly would make such a lovely gift. Their products work for all different skin types so I'm sure anyone would be over the moon to receive this. 

What's included in the Kiehls Advent Calendar for 2023?

Like I mentioned you are getting a couple of full sized products which is always what we want to hear! And they're other products you are getting a significant amount to be able to test out for a while. 
Have a look at the photo below to see every single thing you'll be receiving and like with my previous reviews I have also put down some of my favourite products that I was more than happy to get with the advent calendar! 

Kiehls Creme De Corps - If you follow me on my Instagram (@emshelx) you will know full well that I mention the Kiehls Creme de Corps at least once a week! It's my favourite body balm and I have also introduced it to my whole family who equally have fallen in love with it. It also smells like a dream! 

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream - You know how I said Kiehls caters to all skin types? Yup. This cream is for that. If you're oilly, dry, combination whatever it is this cream will work for you. Very hydrating but not sticky, this sinks into the skin so fast and leaves you feeling hydrated and glowy. 

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil - I love Kiehls Midnight Recovery range, it does exactly what it says on the tin! You can use these products anytime during the day but I do like to use them before I go to bed and I really do notice a difference when I wake up. I particularly love the cleansing oil - it's really hydrating but also smells like a spa! 

Shop the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream here

Shop the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil here

How does the Kiehls Advent Calendar compare to other brands? 

I may be biased... Because I love Kiehls so much and I have done for years. But I think this may be my favourite advent calendar I've reviewed so far this year! Not only is the price incredible for what you get, but Kiehls have chosen such an amazing selection of products for their advent calendar this year. There is not one that was a dud! 
Along with their beautiful packaging that was actually Christmassy (!) I'm really really pleased with their 2023 Advent Calendar. 
Just do yourself a favour and go get one - trust me you won't regret it! 

Shop the Kiehls 2023 Advent Calendar here

Ok everyone, that is it for my review of the Kiehls Advent Calendar. Can you tell I was really impressed!? If you want more Kiehls content or general beauty bits then make sure to follow me on Instagram (@emshelx) and also on TikTok (@emshelx). If you're loving the advent calendar reviews - tell me! I love hearing from you all. 
Until next time...

Lots of love, Em x
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