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Thursday 7 January 2016

Best Top Beauty Products & Brands Of 2015

Hello hello! So today, an exciting one because I guess it's the penultimate of 'monthly favourite' posts. I know it's 2016 now (hello there, you came around quickly!) but I think it's really important to do a round up of the best of the best, the creme de la creme of 2015 so you can see what really matters and what you really need in your life this year. I'll be talking you through my ultimate brands, beauty products, clothing brands and more so that we can wade through all the other information we're given and see which products really stood the test of time, were amazing for the whole year and will continue to be amazing in 2016... let's discuss the best products of 2015.
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First up...
jo malone mimosa and cardamom
Jo Malone - I just had to put Jo Malone in here. Every single thing they sell is beautiful, their stores are beautiful and the scents are event better. For me, Mimosa and Cardamom was an absolute winner this year and I cannot wait to try some more of Jo in 2016. They can do no wrong, stunning packaging, stunning products. The creme de la creme of candles and scents. Online here.

burberry beauty
Burberry - Oh Burberry, you land in my favourites every year and there's a reason for that. Not only did I buy my Burberry bag in 2015 (and refuse to take my Burberry scarf off), but I also tried more Burberry beauty products. Burbs in my opinion is the most underrated brand. Everyone should be talking about it. Burberry lipsticks have always been my favourites, they're beautifully made and the colours are just epic but it's actually their beautiful palettes and soft, stunning eye shadows that got me excited this year. Burberry can just do no wrong and I cannot wait to see what launches they have this year. I've never used a bad Burberry product. Online here. 

kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate
Kiehl's - An obvious one from me! Kiehl's has long being my favourite brand. It's only when I stopped using their Midnight Recovery Concentrate (full review here) that I realised just how much I love it. I wake up feeling hydrated and seems to get rid of impurities, it's like a magic little natural potion. Kiehl's for me is the best brand because they're natural, not to expensive but their products are specialised and just blooming amazing. I love absolutely everything they do, even their body butters are like heaven. In a perfect world, my whole life would just be Kiehl's. I've even got my brother hooked now. I actually went to Kiehl's for a skincare consultation recently because I kept getting weird underneath spots all over my jaw line, neck and on my cheeks which was really unlike me, they've finally cleared after hydrating myself more and, thanks to Kiehl's. I thought I had oily skin but according to Kiehl's, actually, my skin was so dehydrated it was producing excess oils and in turn, making spots! Naughty hey. Shop Kiehl's online here

Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue
Benefit Porefessional - You can always rely on Benefit to deliver the goods, they're easily one of the best brands on the market. Benefit's Porefessional primer (I did a review years ago here) has been my favourite primer for a long time as I find it just makes my foundation stay on all day and look flawless, but, with me having dry skin now, I'm mainly excited about their new Matte Rescue Porefessional which is designed to hydrate the skin. I just had to get Professional into my yearly favourites. Their new Matte Rescue primer is out in Feb, more on that soon! Shop Benefit online here. 

daniel wellington watch
Daniel Wellington - This watch hasn't left my wrist so naturally, it had to feature in a 2015 favourites. Daniel Wellington watches are just the classiest, easy to wear watches. I cannot recommend them enough. Online here.

Sassoon Salon - If you watch my video at the start of this post, you'll have realised that Sassoon are truly one of my favourite brands/salons. Not just for their amazing hair care products, which literally transform my hair, make it glow and make my colour last an eternity, but, their talented hairdressers.  Sassoon are famous for their expertise in cutting hair, my Mum has sworn by them for years and so has my Grandma. I've been visiting their Leeds store for quite some time now and I have recommended it to so many people because it truly is just the best of the best. To put it simply: If you want the best hair cut and colour, go to your nearest Sassoon salon. Hair dressing is really close to my heart after suffering badly with rubbish hairdressers and rubbish extensions in the past, almost leaving me bald, with hair that just didn't want to grow. I had zero confidence, bald patches, wispy hair and was just so unhappy. I'm not lying when I say it's taken me years to even make my hair want to start growing again and for me, finding a good hairdresser was a necessity. I've always been told by my Mum how important a good hairdresser is and she's always said, once you find one, don't let them go. It's true. Sassoon don't mess around,  they train their hairdressers to the highest standards and I and my hair can vouch for that. I visit Lee for my cut and Louise for my colour (the Leeds salon) but every one else in the salon is amazing too (trust me, I've had the best blow dries ever). I just cannot explain how much stronger, healthier and thicker my hair feels now which is why I rave about Sassoon so much. I can't wait for the day that it's down to my bum now and with Sassoon, I reckon I can get there! 2016 is hopefully going to be my year for long, strong hair!

BareMinerals - As a brand, BareMinerals had to make it onto here. They're one of my favourite  brands ever this year and I am so glad I was introduced to them. I was always a little apprehensive and assumed they'd be way too natural for me and light but actually, their products are perfect for creating a flawless base. They're absolute make up bag staples, from their primers, to their concealers... I am obsessed with their highlighters and concealers which honestly give your make up the best base possible. Their brushes are incredible too. I could rave about this amazing brand forever. The best thing? It's kind to your skin too! You can read a full review of all my favourite BareMinerals products here. Shop BareMinerals here. 

Neom - Neom is just the loveliest aromatherapy brand ever. Their packaging is divine and their products are brimming with natural goodness. Lighting Neom candles is probably one of my favourite chill out hobbies and don't get me started on how good their exfoliators are. This is the ultimate pamper yourself at home brand. Everything about the brand is luxurious and beautiful. Online here. 

Ole Henriksen Brightening Wipes
Ole Henriksen Brightening Wipes - I feel like so many bloggers raved about these in 2015 (me included) and it's one of those things where I wish I could have an endless supply. Ole Henriksen (I actually used their amazing melting cleanser over Summer, so refreshing and I am so sad it's run out now) is an epic brand because it doesn't make me break out! The products are brimming full of goodness and that's why I like these face wipes. Everyone is so against face wipes but luckily, face wipes are totally acceptable when you're using these ones because they have so much added goodness in them and won't dry your skin out. These wipes make me feel glowing and hydrated. I love these because I don't feel guilty for using them. Online here. 

Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick
Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick - I have raved about this so much and rightly so. This lipstick is a total game changer, it comes out like a thick lipstick in lipgloss format but is metallic in colour and texture?! Crazy huh, it's like a metallic gloss yet lipstick in one. I wear it pretty much every day and just cannot recommend it enough. This is my favourite colour ever. Online here.

Bloom Matcha Tea - I am so sad that I have now run out of my Bloom matcha supplies (I knew I should have asked for some for Christmas!!!) but Bloom matcha is honestly the best matcha tea I have ever come across. Matcha in general is just the best drink ever but Bloom is the one you need in your life. There are so many benefits of matcha tea (give it a quick Google and you'll be blown away), it's basically stronger and better for you per cup than green tea, boosts your metabolism, gives you energy and so much more. Bloom is of really high quality and it's a really high grade of matcha too meaning it's better than most on the market. I love it because they do amazing blends mixed with other superfoods too, one cup and I'm ready to take on the day. I need to stock up! Online here.

vichy dermablend
Vichy Dermablend - Oh Vichy Dermablend, of course you're in here. This is probably my favourite product ever. You can read a full review here, but basically, this foundation (I feel like I've talked about this way too many times) is the foundation I wear on a daily basis. It's designed for people with acne and even though I don't have acne, I figured it won't break me out of affect my skin badly because it's non-condomgenic and kinder to the skin. I find that the coverage of this is absolutely incredible, you need to apply the tiniest bit, we're talking like a 5p piece and it covers your whole face. I blend with a brush and it stays on for the full day and literally doesn't budget. Online here and I cannot recommend it enough. My only concern? I go through so many tubes of this because it's so small! 

Liz Earle - Liz Earle is one of my all time natural brands. I love every single product I've used, from their moisturisers, to their skin tonic, to their incredible perfumes (my favourite). I'm forever going back and using their moisturisers as they just work with my dehydrated skin. I also had a massage there recently and cannot believe how amazing their stores are, the service is amazing an it's one of the best massages I've ever had. I'll certainly be back! I can't believe how affordable Liz Earle is too, to say it's all natural, high quality and incredible. What a brand. I couldn't not mention them on this round up. Online here. 

lipstick queen all that jazz
All That Jazz, Lipstick Queen - I absolutely love this lipstick by Lipstick Queen. I got this in my local Space NK store and I haven't stopped wearing it since. It's just the perfect colour, it's nude but it's got a hint of colour in it because of the lil rose gold particles. I cannot get enough and it doesn't make my lips feel dry either, it's hydrating and just the best colour! Online here. 

CrownBrush - Where have you been all my life? I am so glad I was introduced to CrownBrush this year. Their brushes make applying make up so easy. I am just obsessed with their brushes and have honestly never used anything like them. I was so shocked at how well my make up went on my face. They're soft but not too soft (I hate make up brushes that are so soft they dont actually work on your face) and they honestly give me a flawless finish. I'm pretty much hooked and know I'll be continuing to use these every day for the rest of 2016! Online here. 

Wonderbra - I absolutely fell in love with Wonderbra this year, particularly their nude bra which is a life changer. It's that nude bra which really proved to me just how amazing Wonderbra's are. I cannot believe I only recently got a nude bra in my life? It looks so much better underneath my light coloured clothing. I tend to spend all my money in Victoria's Secret so it's nice to know that Wonderbras fit the same, feel so comfy, look good and are affordable too. Currently in the sale here - bonus!  

Urban Decay Blush In Kinky - I absolutely love this blush, it's like a fiery, bronzed colour but unfortunately it's run out! I am heart broken because I wore this every day for about a year! I need to get this back in my life for the Summer months because it gives such a beautiful, tanned glow with a nice hint of coral. Online here.  

Illamasqua - Illamasqua 100% deserve a special mention too, I recently discovered their amazing stores where they do the best make overs ever. Anyone can book in and they'll make you look fabulous! Above, is my birthday make up by them at their Leeds store for my birthday and I just loved it. I also got my make up done their for New Year and just loved it so much. Every single make up artist is so talented and their products are amazing too. I cannot recommend Illamasqua enough for make overs, the cost is redeemable against products too so you get your money back and basically get a free make over. Try it on your next night out, I've never looked back! Illamasqua and Sassoon together are like the dream team. You may remember this photo from my Instagram, hence the quality sorry! Come say hello on Instagram if you don't already follow me, @emshelx :) www.instagram.com/emshelx

charlotte tilbury bar of gold
Charlotte Tilbury - Last but certainly not least, Charlotte Tilbury. I haven't used many of her products this year (in 2014 I used so many!) but I am dying to try out her new foundation and her other new amazing launches. I've only heard good things and I've also heard that Kim Kardashian uses Charlotte Tilbury now as her favourite make up brand, making me want to go and purchase the whole store. This gorgeous bar of gold pushed me over the edge though and really made CT stand out to me again this year, everything she creates is just heavenly. I love the bronzed, highlighted, flawless kinda Kimmy K look and Charlotte Tilbury just gets it so right every time. New years resolution? Get some more Charlotte Tilbury back in my life! Shop online here

Missguided - I couldn't not mention Missguided, if you read EmTalks a lot you'll see that most of my outfits are from their. Missguided are always bang on with the trends, they've totally upped their quality and styles and I just find myself lusting over everything on  a daily basis. If you read my Top Trends Of 2015 post you'll probably have noticed that most of my favourite outfits from 2015 were in fact from Missguided! That speaks volumes! Shop Missguided online here, I promise you won't regret it. 

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None of this was sponsored, as per, it is 100% my honest opinion and these brands completely, well and truly stood out to me this year. Who stood out to you? Have you tried or loved any of the above? Would you like to try them? What were your fave things this year?

Lots of love, Em x

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