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Saturday 19 December 2015

BareMinerals Make Up Review; Brand Spotlight

Hello hello! So in todays brand spotlight post I'm talking about a brand I only recently started using. In all honesty, I haven't looked back since using this brand, it's amazing. I've walked past BareMinerals counters before and heard of the brand, but it was only recently when my skin decided to get all dehydrated and unhappy on me that I researched into the brand. I wanted to put more caring/mineral based products on my face and I feel confident that BareMinerals won't ruin my skin. Their products are kind to the skin, beautiful and they feel like they're really high quality. I can't wait to show you my round up of BareMinerals! 
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bare minerals make up review

bare minerals beauty review

Packaging: I'm such a sucker for nice, neutral packaging and that's exactly what BareMinerals does. All of their products look beautiful in my make up bag. I love the simplicity of them. 

BareMinerals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning shampooBareMinerals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo -  I've never used a 'real' brush cleaner until now. I usually just use antibacterial soap or normal shampoo, which is probably where I'm going wrong. BareMinerals Well Cared for brush cleaner is amazing, (I wish I could use it on my hair!). It makes my brushes feel so soft and squeaky clean plus it's easy to use, I just put them in the sink and then rub this on, mix with water and then bravo. Online here.

BareMinerals Brushes - These brushes have won awards and there's a reason for that. You may remember me mentioning them on my October Favourites post. They're still firm favourites. In an ideal world, my life would just be an endless supply of these brushes. Not only do they look amazing (cannot beat a sleek black look), they feel amazing too. I was always a RealTechniques brush lover but these feel a lot more luxurious, softer and actually, kinder to my skin. The powder brush is my favourite powder brush ever, it properly covers my face and also feels so soft. It just distributes my make up so evenly. It's a real pleasure to use. I cannot recommend BareMinerals enough when it comes to make up brushes. I want to use their Perfecting Face Brush next! 

bareminerals complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel creamBareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream -  I want to say that this is more of a light Summer product but actually, it works amazingly in Winter too because it's so hydrating. I wish I featured this on my Top Winter Skin Products post because this truly is amazing for unhappy, dehydrated skin. On bad skin days, I sometimes use this as a bit of a primer although it can be quite oily, on good skin days, this totally hydrates my skin and gives it a nice sheen. The coverage is really nice, it won't cover up spots but it definitely isn't as light as I thought it would be. I feel comfortable putting this on my skin because I know it's basically skincare within a make up product and therefore, won't make me break out. Online here.
BareMinerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener BareMinerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener - Ah, my hero product from BareMinerals. I absolutely adore this product, it's like everything I've been looking for. It completely brightens my under eye area like no other product ever has. The colour is gorgeous and makes you look bright eyed, illuminated and radiant. I cannot recommend this enough. Online here.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer - This primer is perfect for me at the moment because my skin is creating excess oil as it is so dehydrated. I am a primer lover. Primers keep your make up on longer, make a barrier between your face and the make up and just give you a more even, flawless finish. I feel like this works to fix my skin at the same time as prepping it for a flawless finish. Bravo, it's a yes from me. Online here

BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Powder
BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Powder - This is a foundation but I've been using a tiny bit of it over my normal foundation as a powder. It gives the most flawless finish and is designed to promote clearer and healthier skin. It has Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil in it and aims to reduce redness and reduce oil and shine. It's basically perfect for bad skin days, you don't have to feel bad for piling the make up on because it's actually working to fix your skin at the same time. This one is definitely worth checking out! Online here.

So there we have it, all in all, I cannot get enough of BareMinerals and want to keep using more. Their face products are amazing and their brushes are just next level!

Have you ever used BareMinerals? Do you like the sound of any of these products? Have you used any? Do you want any?

Lots of love, Em x

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