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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Styling A Pinafore - Black And White Outfit Of The Day With Sure!

motel rocks pinafore dressAh if you know me you'll know I adore wearing monochrome/black and white. Also, you've probably realised by now that I haven't taken these boots off. I am so happy that it's knee high boot season (even if I have been a little bit scared of wearing them up until now). When I was challenged by Sure (my favourite deodorant brand, you'll also know this if you read Emtalks a lot) to dress up in my fave black and white outfit and try out their new deodorant, I could hardly say no. Let's see how my black and white outfit got on with the Sure Invisible Black+White antiperspirant! 

Me and my friend Kayleigh headed out for a fun day of shooting, eating and maybe a little bit of shopping along the way too. You can get the boots online here and here and they are super duper comfortable but we ended up walking for what seemed like miles so I'm actually really glad I had my new deodorant to hand. Sure is all about keeping you protected whilst moving so I really needed this for a day of dashing between locations and actually, just catching up and giggling!  I was testing out the new Sure for the day, it's meant to make you feel confident because it gives you 48 hour protection. 

 Even though I love black and white (the dress is super dark so technically it's black) - I had to break up the colours with my new hat. I got this from H&M but you can get similar online here and here.

pinafore dress motelI took my trusty jacket off as I got warmer. It's hard work spinning around and posing you know.

 It was one of those days where one minute I was boiling and the next minute I was freezing.  Sure kept me fresh, dry and protected though. The reason I was challenged to wear black and white was to prove that this deodorant keeps stains at bay - ensuring that blacks remain black and whites stay white!

After catching up and lots of giggles, we needed a little sit down. Thankfully the rain that we had to run away from (predictable British weather) soon cleared up!

motel rocks pinafore

Dress online here / Boots online here and here and cheaper here and here / Shirt online here and similar here / Jacket online here  and similar here / Hat online here 

Big thanks to Sure for letting me trial this amazing deodorant again. I'm always that girl who feels fresh and ready and then runs to the train station and ends up at my first meeting like a flustered mess - not this time! 

The Compressed can (125ml) will last just as long as the big can (250ml) when sprayed in the same way, and is the perfect size for your handbag. Sure Invisible Black + White is available now.

*This was sponsored by Sure but as always it's 100% my honest opinion.

Lots of love, Em x

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