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Friday 11 December 2015

Styling Knee High Boots & Ray-Ban Giveaway!

knee high boots
I am officially obsessed with knee-high boots. I've gone from the girl who was far too scared to wear them (I was always worried they looked a little bit risqué) to the girl who can't take them off. They're comfortable, they're warm and they're easy to wear (my boyfriend really doesn't get them though but hey, I like them and so do my friends). Plus, they actually go with so much. Today I paired them with my favourite cord dress, trusty leather and my new Ray-Bans (who said Ray-Bans aren't allowed in Winter?!). Plus, you can win a pair of new Ray-Bans at the end of this post, so get reading! 

The dress is one of those dresses you just need in your wardrobe. I am pretty obsessed with cord and love the adjustable belt. This is perfect in any season really because you can easily just throw a shirt under it or a jumper if it's colder. 

Dress, online here / Leather Jacket - my favourite jacket ever. I wasn't lying when I said I never take it off! 
knee high boots

uk fashion blogger

how to wear knee high bootsKnee High Boots - online here and here and cheaper here 

 Now for the sunglasses. I chose these gorgeous Ray Ban sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop. You can win your own pair, just enter below using the Rafflecopter to earn more entries. You can check out the sunglasses here! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! Do you like knee-high boots? Do you like this outfit? Do you love cord too? Do you also have a trusty leather jacket?

Lots of love, Em x

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