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Thursday 10 December 2015

My Favourite Easy Healthy Pizza Recipe!

Hello hello! A healthy snack/food post from me today. If you read my updated What I Eat post - I wrote about how much I adore making healthy pizzas. They taste (almost) as good as pizzas but they're not unhealthy and they're easy to make. I promised to share my special healthy pizza recipe with you so here it is today to mix things up a bit from all the gift guides I've been writing! I tend to eat this for lunch or sometimes even for dinner and oh gosh it's amazing. Let's discuss.

I always use wraps for the base, wholegrain where possible as white things tend to react badly with my stomach and make me bloat. Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons have released a brand new product (kindly sent to me) called Newburn Bakehouse Mini Wholegrain Wraps with Ancient Grains which are perfect for making this pizza. There are so many health benefits of ancient grains (listed at the bottom of this post) and these wraps are also gluten free too. I've always used brown wraps but never found gluten free ones before until now! 

So what do I do? It's so easy, it depends on what you want on them but I always use tinned tomatoes as my base, you can use fresh tomatoes too but tinned are just as good and quicker. I do like fresh tomatoes as there's no added sugar or salt. I then chop up my veg, whatever you fancy! 

I fried my vegetables gently first in some coconut oil... 


I then take my wraps out, (I guess you could cut them into pizza shape if you really wish) and pop them on a grill. You don't have to do it on a grill, I know not everyone has grills so sometimes I actually just pop it in a pan to cook the bottom through on a simmering heat. I like my wraps to be warmed through and feel a little crunchy. These are nice and thick (but not the kind of thickness that is gonna bloat you and make you feel horrible). 

Whilst the bottom is cooking, I pop my tomatoes on the top. 

You don't even need to put cheese on top but I'm naughty and like a bit of mozzarella or feta. 

I then add all of my veg, some chili, pesto and my mozzarella and let it cook 

it all gets really hot and gooey - you can put them under a grill and then the cheese will melt too - totally depends how you like it

I made one with asparagus, broccoli and mushrooms and then one with tomato, pesto and spinach and chili. The best thing is, these are so versatile, you can have them for lunch, dinner and you can pile them high with veg, meat, anything you want. It's a really filling, healthy, easy snack that takes 5 minutes to make and they taste so delicious and guilt free if you don't go too heavy on the cheese. 

To celebrate the launch of the new wraps, Warburtons have created top tips and facts all about ancient grains and ancient rituals in general which you can read below, it's accompanied by expert nutritional commentary from Nigel Denby too below!

“Ancient grains truly deserve their renewed status as hero ingredients. They’re a real hot topic amongst savvy foodies right now, and their popularity is no fad. There are very real nutritional and culinary reasons to opt for more ancient grains. Everyone’s looking for foods which are efficient energy sources and keep you feeling satisfied, warding off hunger between meals. That’s where ancient grains really come into their own.  Ancient grains tend to release their energy slowly because more often the grain is unrefined and whole. They retain all their natural nutrients and goodness. This helps keep you going throughout the day and can mean you’re less likely to want to snack.”

What are your favourite healthy snacks? Do you ever make healthy pizzas? Have you tried these wraps? How do you feel like grains?

*I was kindly sent these specific wraps for this post but as always, it is 100% my honest opinion and if you've read EmTalks for a long time/follow me on social media you'll know I'm forever making these healthy pizzas! 

Lots of love, Em x

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