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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Get The Best At Home Blow-Dry; Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer Review

I haven't had a hair dryer for a long time, why? Well, I try to be good to my hair and avoid using too much heat on it. As most of you will know, I've struggled really badly with weak, damaged hair due to a bad experience with hair extensions. I treat my hair like silk now and try not to use much heat on it (and Sassoon Leeds have well and truly brought my hair back to life). Sometimes though, a girl needs a hair dryer. I have naturally curly hair and usually, using a hair dryer makes it frizzy so I tend to stay away from them. I got to the stage of really needing a hair dryer recently though because most of the time, I find myself running to places with my hair still wet and never leaving long enough for my hair to dry naturally. The search was on then for a new hair dryer that wouldn't just give me beautiful hair, but would also speed up the drying process and not damage my hair too much, oh and not turn my hair into a frizzy mess. Tough challenge hey. That's where Jose Eber comes in...

jose eber infrared blow dry

Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer

Jose Eber's blow dryer is a special, infrared hair dryer. It uses infrared light which infuses only gentle heat and therefore, doesn't frazzle the hair. This heat is infused deep within the hair cuticle which cuts blow drying time by half. Apparently, it eliminates the risk of hot spots, burns and any damage because of it's clever, even heat distribution.  

When I first used this blow dryer, I instantly kicked myself for not getting one sooner. My hair had never been so smooth, soft, silky and manageable. I expected my hair to be mega frizzy but it practically dried my hair straight (which is unheard of!). I've just never had such smooth hair at home from a hair dryer. I thought it might just be me so I made my Mum try it too (who also has thick, frizzy hair) and she felt the same. We both feel like our hair is so smooth and manageable after using this. 

When I got this hair dryer (I got it primarily for it's speed and kindness to the hair) I didn't even realise it had antimicrobial properties because of it's Ultra Violet technology (I didn't even know this existed, who knew there was so much technology involved in hair dryers) meaning this hair dryer helps to remove any bacteria or buildup in the hair, leading to more shine, easier styling and smoother hair so that could suggest why my hair felt so manageable after using this. Since this has come into my life, I've had so many good hair days (even if I do say so myself) and I completely notice the difference when using it. I actually look forward to blow drying my hair at home with this beauty. 

sassoon shampoo

I'm still protecting my hair of course but according to my hair dresser, my hair is no longer in the 'damaged stage' and now, we are working with my hair to help it grow (more about my hair journey really really soon on my blog, promise). But, honestly, I've never felt as confident about my hair as I have done recently, a good hair dresser (Lee and Louise at Sassoon, Leeds) and good tools at home are really all you need. My favourite products (as most of you know) are Sassoon products, they seem to make my colour last forever, but then again, my Mum has always said 'if you find a good colourist, you won't need to get your hair coloured often because it will fade out so naturally' and at Sassoon,  I've certainly found the best hairdressers. I leave their illuminating treatment on my hair for 15 minutes, wash it off using their shampoo and then protect my hair with their heat spray, then it's time to blow dry it with my new hair dryer. I've honestly never seen shine and smoothness like it. I feel like it gives me the best blow dry ever (and trust me, I'm used to frizz).  I've tried this hair dryer when I've been in a rush, when I've not taken as much care with it and honestly, every time the result is pretty much perfect. 

You also get a lifetime warranty with this product which is amazing.

Would I recommend this hair dryer? 100%, it's transformed my hair, made my hair routine (which I usually hate doing as it's so time consuming) so much quicker, particularly because it makes my hair so smooth even without straighteners so all in all, I am in love with this hair dryer. If you've been following my blog for a long time, you'll be well aware that hair care and hair products = one of my biggest passions after having such an unfortunate experience with extensions, so I really am always looking for the best products and tools and I'm pleased to say this is one of them. A hair dryer which is kinder to the hair? Sign me up forever please! My boyfriend loves it too and keeps trying to steal it! Not a chance.

You can shop Jose Eber online here and buy the hair dryer online here. 

Have you heard of Jose Eber? Do you like blow drying your hair? Do you have fave tools when it comes to blow drying?

Lots of love, Em x

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