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Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Best Christmas Ever, Your Rules! & Win A £100 House Of Fraser Gift Card!

Hello hello! So seen as my things I love about Christmas post went down really well (thank you if you gave it a read and I hope you enjoyed it!) I wanted to stick to the festive theme with another Christmas themed personal post to get you feeling in the festive mood because it's Christmas eve eve after all! House Of Fraser kindly asked me to get involved and are giving one of my readers a £100 gift voucher at the end of this post too which I thought would be a lovely treat for you this Christmas, see it as a little present from me! Their new TV advert recently launched (watch it here) and made me feel all types of festive, finally because I never seem to feel festive anymore. The idea behind the advert is that we don’t have to conform to Christmas traditions and that it is everyones own traditions that make the holiday extra special so I wanted to touch on a few rules I break on Christmas/during the Winter period, maybe they'll give you a bit of a giggle of maybe they'll just make you feel festive! I was watching The Holiday this week too and it made me feel so excited and completely inspired this post. 

Chocolate For Breakfast - So December is probably the only time of year that it’s acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast (and birthdays too!). I love nothing more than opening my advent calendar every morning, I just wish I could eat more chocolate than the one tiny piece you get, oops. I have been known to own a few advent calendars at one time, so I guess that makes up for it! I also used to have those ‘make your own’ advent calendars and put so many chocolates in each window! Hey, you’ve got to treat yourself! 

Presents Every Day - December is also the only month where it’s acceptable to have presents every day, hooray! Usually this is my advent calendar treat but this year I’ve also had my first ever beauty advent calendar from LookFantastic - I’ve been opening it daily over on Snapchat: emshelx come add me and say hello if you haven’t added me on there already! But seriously, oh wow beauty advent calendars are honestly amazing. I can't even explain. I’d highly recommend getting a beauty advent calendar next year as nothing beats having a treat every morning and discovering new brands too. If you can’t treat yourself during December when can you?

Mince Pies All The Time - I just cannot put the mince pies down. I’m a woman obsessed. I’m usually really good at restraining myself (you can read my top health and well-being tips here) but when it comes to December I just eat what I want really. I set a record this year and had my first mince pie in November. I’m quite proud of myself. As much as I am completely into my health and fitness, I am all for treating yourself and the 80/20 rule but during December I’d say I probably eat healthy 50-70% of the time rather than 80%, oops. December is a month where I allow myself to indulge and be a little naughty a little more often because I seriously will never be one to turn down Cheeselets or a Mince Pie so hey, don’t feel like you have to! As soon as the light nights come back in my fitness motivation comes back so bring on 2016!

Finger Food - I absolutely love finger food, the deep fried kinda finger food. I consume so many cheese twists, bread sticks and dips over Christmas and you know what? That’s totally okay to do in December. 

Sitting In Pyjamas All Day - I’m someone who loves to be active and do things, I get bored really easily and hate sitting in all day. I live for fresh air but, during Winter, there’s nothing better than bed days. I’m a lover of duvet days once in a while - sitting in ugly Christmas pyjamas (comfy nonetheless) and watching cute films all day. I’m promising to set a side a day this year where I’ll binge watch all my favourite films - 10 Things I Hate About You, Sweet Home Alabama, The Holiday, Love Actually, Elf and The Notebook! I’m such a sucker for cute rom-coms. 

Doing Absolutely Nothing - Just like sitting in pyjamas all day, I rarely do ‘absolutely nothing’. I’m one of those people who finds it extremely hard to do nothing but at Christmas, I force myself to just do nothing! You should too! Take some time out and chill, you've earned it. 

Wearing The Ugliest Outfits - Christmas is the time when you can put together a fluffy red jumper with bright green pyjamas, mismatch patterns and no-one can say anything about it! I choose comfort over anything during Christmas.

Putting 12 Bath Bombs in one bath - I’m that person who  doesn’t save bath bombs at Christmas time, I just can’t - instead, on Christmas day I sit with about 13 different bath bombs in my bath and soak the night away until my fingers are so wrinkly. Oops, but if you can’t smell delicious and over-powering on Christmas day, when else can you? I actually love using Christmas as a time to pamper - as much as I totally chill out, it’s so nice to tan, moisturise, put a face mask on and do my nails during the break between Christmas and New Year. 

Online Shopping Far Too Much - With tempting sales and gifts to buy, I find myself constantly popping online and clicking here there and everywhere, all from the comfort of my cosy, Christmassy bed. I don't like setting limits or budgets at Christmas either because I love giving, not that I think you have to spend a lot, I just like to buy little treats here and there and surprise my loved ones. 

Don’t forget to watch House Of Fraser's advert below, you can also see what you could buy for yourself (or a loved one) if you win the voucher! 

Enter below on the Rafflecopter for your chance to win a House of Fraser £100 gift voucher for a little added Christmas treat! 
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I'll be pulling the winner out on New Year's Eve so you can have a nice present for 2016!

*This was sponsored by House Of Fraser but as always it is 100% my honest opinion.

Are you all sorted for Christmas? Are you feeling festive? Which rules do you break at Christmas time? Do you break any of the rules I break? 

Lots of love, Em x

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