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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Soap & Glory Review; Brand Spotlight!

Hello hello! Yay a beauty post from me! It feels like it's been forever, I'm sorry! I love writing brand round up/beauty spotlight posts rather than single product reviews because I always like to try a few products from a brand in order to get a really good feel for it. Today, I'm talking about a brand so many people love, Soap and Glory. I feel like now is the right time to write about Soap and Glory because Christmas is around the corner and they always have the most incredible Christmas gift sets... (don't forget to read my Christmas gift guides, you can read my Men's Christmas Gift Guide here and my Women's Christmas Gift Guide here as well as my under £15 guide here!) so let's talk about beautiful smelling, delicious treats from a very popular brand...

Soap & Glory Body Butters - (Christmas gift set available called: Three Times Butter) - Soap & Glory are famous for their body moisturisers. I feel like that's how I heard about them to begin with. I absolutely love nothing more than coating my body in moisturisers, I love feeling smooth, soft and smelling great too. This gift set features a triple whammy of their famous moisturisers but they're great because they come in small sizes in this set. I always find myself picking up Soap & Glory in Boots because they always do gorgeous little affordable miniatures which are great for travel! Inside this gift set I got to try the 'The Righteous Butter' which I'd say is probably one of their most famous, it's the one that tends to come with all the sets. It smells quite girlie and 'pink' but not over powering - I feel like it's their kind of signature scent, with bergamot, peach, vanilla and sandalwood. The second in the set is Smoothie Star, which is the most amazing buttercream - think creamy and whipped - my favourite type of body butter. This one smells like oat, yoghurt, honey and almond. I love whipped body butters so much. Lastly, their Sugar Crush buttercream, bursting with lime oil, kiwi water and lime. Basically an exotic heaven. For full sized versions of their body butters/lotions they usually cost around £8-10 which really isn't bad for something that feels so luxurious. Soap & Glory body butters are great because you don't feel wet, they sink into the skin and actually make you feel moisturised plus, they're full of amazing ingredients. 

Soap & Glory Bright & Bubbly Set - I love that Soap & Glory do such amazing and affordable Christmas sets. Whilst I'm a lover of luxury, I think it's so nice that you can get a spa/luxury feel at home with these products for a really good price, they're made with great indigents, smell great and are pretty too. I also love their gift sets as it's a great way to indulge and try out all of their products without breaking the bank, it also means you can then go and buy full sized versions of the ones you really like (which is exactly what I've done for this post!). This set includes:

The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer - If you read EmTalks a lot you'll know I'm massively obsessed with body scrubs/exfoliators. Nothing makes me feel cleaner than a really good scrub. I absolutely adore Soap & Glory body scrubs, particularly this one because it smells so yummy and pink. I find some body scrubs just don't really work but I find Soap & Glory scrubs to be some of the best on the market as they're kind to the skin but actually exfoliate too. 

Hand Food - I'm really not a hand cream lover so I can't comment too much, I just hate having wet hands (weird I know) but this is one hand cream that doesn't make my hands feel too oily or greasy. I know a lot of people absolutely adore Soap & Glory hand creams. 

Clean On Me Shower Gel - I always have Soap & Glory body wash in my shower, this is a really nice, silky, smooth feeling shower gel that again, just smells really girlie and nice. I always feel so moisturised and pampered after using this because it's so silky and smells so good! 

Gloss It Girl Set - I've always wanted to try Soap & Glory's lip glosses because I've heard they're the best for plumping the lips. If you read my blog a lot, you'll know I'm desperate for juicer lips, I'm so glad I finally bought these after wanting them forever. I decided to take the plunge and try out all the colours in their Christmas set.  This set features mini versions which is good as then you can see which you'll really like. They're super moisturising and really nice, natural colours. One is clear, one is pink, one is nude, and then the other two are sparkly. They're perfect if you want plumped, juicy lips with a nice colour and a nice grown up sparkle. You can wear them alone for a subtle plump or over a lipstick too. I think these will soon become handbag staples!

Soap and Glory have teamed up with singer Florrie Arnold (who I am currently obsessed with), she's currently taking the world by storm and she's going to be touring the country with Soap and Glory until the 22nd December (my birthday!!!) - she will be joined by Soap & Glory's Glory Girls (a handpicked team of fierce and fabulous girls) helping girls across the UK get ready for Christmas party season! I am all about this girl power which is why I wanted to share it. I'm going to London for a fun tourist weekend this weekend so will certainly be looking out for this! You can watch more on the video below as that's how I found out about it! 

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Do you like Soap & Glory? Have you ever used their products? What are your favourites? Do you also love body butters and exfoliators?

Lots of love, Em x

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