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Sunday 8 November 2015

Favourite Things In October! October Favourites!

Hello hello hello! I feel like I haven't done a favourites round up in so long, I'm so sorry for that! I love reading favourites posts because it means you can really see what someone is truly loving and I love sharing what I'm loving with you all. You guys know just how much I adore writing about beauty and every time I take like a week off from the topic I miss it so much. I'm happy to be here today writing a lil round up though of some of my favourite things from October (mainly beauty related, yay!). I have been loving so many things over the past month so it was actually really difficult to write this post. Let's see what made the cut!

Bare minerals brushes
Bare Minerals Make Up Brushes - I have never used such amazing make up brushes in my life. Bare Minerals are basically the brushes I have been looking for. Recently, my skin has been awful and I've put it down to my brushes just being way too old and grotty (even though I clean them regularly). I was kindly sent these new brushes from Bare Minerals (which have actually won an award for the best brush brand!!!) and I cannot recommend them enough. Usually I find that brushes need to be 'worn in' but not these ones, they're so soft and actually perfectly apply make up from the start. Online here.

ysl black opium
YSL Black Opium Perfume - I absolutely adore YSL, it's one of my favourite brands in the world. I wish I had more of their make up as their Touche Eclat and foundation are two of my favourite products actually. I've never used their perfume though so I was so excited to try this one. The bottle itself is so sparkly and perfect for Christmas, it's quite mysterious and sexy but it's the smell that I love. It's quite a dark smell but still quite feminine and girlie but in a mature way - if that even makes sense - go to your nearest shop and smell it! Online here and here.illamasqua gel glitter liner

Illamasqua Gel Glitter Liner - I can't seem to find this on the website but I bought this from Illamasqua recently when I got my make up done by them for Halloween. The lovely lady who did my make up had the most gorgeous, Autumnal eyes with a bit of sparkle underneath and she said it was this. Naturally I went ahead and bought it! I absolutely love glitter eyeliners as I feel like they really open up the eyes but add a nice bit of adult sparkle, this is honestly my favourite. I keep putting it either at the edge of my eyes or lining my lower lashes with it for a pretty lil sparkle. 

grow gorgeous overnight to gorgeous hair masque

grow gorgeous overnight to gorgeous hair masque
Grow Gorgeous Overnight To Gorgeous Hair Masque - I've been using this for the past month and really love it. It's a completely natural mask by a brand I've never heard of before, Grow Gorgeous. You sleep in it and I love sleeping in hair masks anyway because then I can really let it work on my hair. I love that this is a specialised overnight mask though because usually hair masks aren't strong enough (you're meant to leave them on for only 15 minutes) and I like to really let them work into my hair. This one is perfect for sleeping in, you wake up, wash it off and have the softest hair! You can get it online here. Make sure you read about my top products for hair growth too!

burberry beauty

burberry blush

burberry beauty

burberry eye shadow

burberry shadow
Burberry Beauty - When putting my favourites together I started with the Burberry fluid face base an amazing highlighting primer, then grabbed the Burberry lip and cheek bloom and then grabbed the eye colour cream. Before I knew it, I had three Burberry items in my favourites and felt a little bit guilty for taking over this post with all Burberry. But hey, that's the way favourites works; Burberry is 100% my favourite brand this month. So firstly, the face base: I love Burberry for highlighting products, firstly because the packaging is so strong and gorgeous but secondly, this just gives the most beautiful, flawless finish if you apply foundation over it. Say hello to your all-over glow. Next up, the Burberry lip and cheek bloom. I don't usually like cream blushes but I fell in love with this because of the gorgeous colour. I love that you can use it on cheeks and lips too. Perfect. Last but certainly not least, the eye shadow. It's so soft and gorgeous (hopefully you can see on the photo), but this colour transforms and brings out my brown eyes in a really nice but neutral way. It's a big thumbs up from me when it comes to Burberry this month.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Lancome Grandiose Mascara
Lancome Grandiose Mascara - I was so excited when I got this mascara because well, first, the gorgeous packaging. I was mesmerised and actually sent a Snapchat out (emshelx - add me and say hello!!! I've been Snapchatting a lot more recently!) to show everyone how good it was. Also, I've never really tried many Lancome products so I was pretty excited to try their new mascara. I fell in love with this because of the peculiar shaped brush actually, it makes it really easy to create a nice curve and curl. I use this to get long black lashes and then use another one over the top to make them super thick. I like this because you can make your lashes quite causal or really make them bold with more strokes for an evening/more dramatic look. Online here. 

nude neutral wonderbra

Wonderbra - I've never owned a neutral bra before and thank gosh for Wonderbra coming into my life. I absolutely adore Wonderbras, they're so supportive and comfortable, I wish I had the whole collection in my wardrobe. This neutral coloured one is literally going to save my life though because it goes with all my neutral clothes. I just cannot recommend Wonderbra enough for supportive bras. Online here

eylure brow contour shape gel
Eylure Brow Contour And Shape - The whole new Eylure range is just stunning. The packaging is simplistic and beautiful, it's as if the brand has completely grown up in its relaunch and I love every single product to be honest so it was hard to choose just one this month. I'm really getting into doing my brows recently (like, obsessed). I love this because it's just a plain eye gel which quickly and easily shapes them, perfect if you're in a rush but want nice looking, neat brows. Online here

Don't forget to watch my October favourites video below too!

What are your favourite products this month? Do you like any of these products? Would you like to use any of them?

Lots of love, Em x

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