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Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Blazer Tux Dress; Affordable Balmain Style?!

I fell in love with this blazer dress as soon as I set eyes on it. When I saw it on the site, I worried that it may be a little too big for me but actually, I couldn't be happier. The best thing? It unbuttons fully and can be worn as a coat too. Double whammy. Let's talk about this affordable take on a Balmain style dress/jacket... 

uk style blog

missguided blazer dress

It's comfortable, sleek and versatile, but easy to wear too. 

uk fashion blog

uk fashion blogger
missguided navy tux blazer dress
missguided navy tux dress

The boots are surprisingly so comfortable but perfect for Winter too because they keep you dry and warm. I love the height of the heel too. It elongates the legs without being too high. 

Dress - Online here Sunglasses - Online here  / Shoes - Online here 

Or click to shop the whole look below:

Thanks Kayleigh for taking these photos!

Do you like blazer dresses or even coats like this? Do you have a favourite pair of Winter boots or do you also love black easy-to-wear boots? 

Lots of love, Em x

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