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Friday 20 November 2015

Top Winter/Festive Styles Inspired By Nintendo Style Boutique!

Hello! A different one from me today! My childhood was spent playing video games, I’d be lying if I said I wasn't a little obsessed with them. As much as I adored dolls and other toys, I was usually sat glued to a game. I was never really a TV kind of child, I preferred to play games. My favourite game of all time was Lemonade Tycoon, where you’d get the chance to start your own stall and make money through selling lemonades. I’ve always really loved business so maybe this is why I enjoyed the game so much. After that, I was all about Rollercoaster Tycoon, I loved being able to run my own theme park. I guess I just wanted to run my own shop and please the customers and gain virtual rewards for it. I had all the games you could think of and adored playing them. One day, I guess I grew out of it and I guess there was a time in my life when it wasn’t really ‘cool’ for girls to play games. But, as I've got older, games are completely cool again. I find myself craving them on long journeys or when I'm a little bit bored. It was only this week actually that I was reminiscing how much I’d love to play the Sims again. I love nothing more than playing a competitive game with my friends and recently, I’ve been spending a few nights in with my boyfriend eating pizza and playing video games. It’s fun and it relaxes me. It’s really nice to just strip everything back sometimes and be a big kid. When Nintendo got in touch then with their new fashion game New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward (aimed for aged 15-25 so perfect for me yay), I was pretty excited. Let's discuss...

As mentioned, I absolutely adored running my own things virtually, seeing people come and ride my roller coasters on Rollercoaster tycoon and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. Seeing people buy my lemonade and love my recipe, I got such a buzz out of those kind of games. I loved having my own little virtual empire. On Fish Tycoon, I even found the secret, best selling breed of fish. That was such a good day. I couldn’t say no when Nintendo asked me to play their New Style Boutique game this week, to celebrate it's release. It’s as if it was made for me. The new game is basically a fashion simulation series which gives players the opportunity to 'rise to the top of the fashion world' as the manager of their very own boutique. I feel fortunate that I already own my own shop online (LVNDR) meaning I actually could implement the skills I’ve already learnt into the game but also, learn some fun things along the way too. 

Running my own shop in real life isn’t always as fun as it sounds (long days, not much sleep, a lot of pressure but I wouldn't change it for the world!) so it was quite nice to ‘practice’ on the game and take away the 'real' element of it. This game is the third instalment and in this latest version, you can also be a hair stylist, make up artist, model and designer too so you don’t just have to own your shop. I guess it’s like reliving your childhood dream, you get the opportunity to be whatever you wanted to be. I know I used to want to be a hair stylist and I’ve definitely dreamed of being a make up artist! 

Onto the fashion now, New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward inspired me to talk you through my top Winter trends so here we go (simply click the arrows once the photos have loaded to scroll and then click to shop).

Look 1: The Cosy Teddy Coat With Leather:

I absolutely love nothing more than warm, over-sized coats for Winter. I'm probably the coldest person in the world and I find it difficult to find warm but pretty coats. Firstly, beige coats are my favourite because they go so well with everything, I have a thing for beige. The length of this one is perfect too. I paired it with this gorgeous beige bag (the bag of my dreams - I really need a nice bag which can go over my body) and then fierce black leather trousers which are perfect for Winter. As soon as Winter comes, I get out my leather trousers. Naturally I put a pair of strong black boots with it too. You cannot beat black boots. Lastly, the gorgeous jumper which will look lovely worn over the trousers but gives the outfit quite a casual yet smart look.

Look 2: The Bomber Jacket
If you read Emtalks a lot, you'll know that I am obsessed with suede. I think suede is perfect for Winter because it's comfortable but it still looks on trend. This gorgeous beige colour can be played down nicely with a casual bomber jacket. I am obsessed with bomber jackets this Winter and honestly cannot decide which is my favourite. I just know that I need to get my hands on one of them, oh and the skirt too. Give me suede and give me casual jackets!

Look 3: The Party Piece:
With party season upon us, I guess most of us are looking for that killer dress. Wether it's for a Friday night with the girls, a date night or Christmas celebrations - there are so many incredible LBD dresses around for the party season at the moment. I am loving statement black dresses, particularly the one above with the feathers on the bottom. It's so simple but the feathers just make it spectacular. I think I need this for Christmas time!

Look 4: Military Style:
I am so in love with the military style look this week. You may have seen me wearing a military style outfit on my most recent outfit post actually (online here). My love doesn't stop there, I am obsessed with black skinny jeans, chunky white knits with a strong, military style blazer coat over the top.

Look 5: Show stopper:
If you don't want to wear all black this Winter, I am loving these more fresh coloured dresses for the Winter season. You can see me wearing one of the dresses below actually. It's nice to see some blush colours and white in there too. Autumn/Winter clothes don't have to be dark! I can't keep away from knee high boots at the moment though - guilty!

I hope you like some of my favourite looks above, you can watch my little lookbook video below too which shows me wearing some of my favourite looks, including my favourite party dress, fave knee high boots and my military look! You can see the full video and description here.

If anything, New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward has allowed me to talk to you about some of my favourite trends this season so I'm a happy bunny although my purse isn't so happy! You can download the free demo of Nintendo Style Boutique that is available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop if you want to bring out your inner child (this is accessible via the handbag icon on the Nintendo 3DS menu). You can find out more info about the game here on Facebook and here on the Nintendo site.  The game is not compatible with the Nintendo DS but is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS family which includes the Nintendo 3DS, the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 2DS

*This was sponsored by Nintendo but as always it's 100% my honest opinion. 

Do you like the styles I chose? What styles are you loving this season? Did you love games too and do you like the look of this one? How doe feel about games? 

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