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Monday 16 November 2015

A Trip To NYC Part 2; Dinner At The Standard In New York & Clarisonic X Keith Haring Mia 2 Love Event!

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One of the main reasons for my recent trip to New York  was to learn all about the brand new Clarisonic cleansing brush. This meant me and Victoria were lucky enough to meet up with the founder of Clarisonic whilst out there and attend a pretty cool launch event in the city. I can't wait to tell you what else we got up to (if you've missed the first part of my New York trip you can read that here)...
clarisonic keith haring

clarisonic keith haring
First, we headed to meet the lovely Dr Robb, one of the founders of Clarisonic. If you don't already know, a Clarisonic is a cleansing brush which deeply cleanses. It's the best on the market as they've patented it so no-one can copy and make one the same, any copies on the market are either too harsh or too soft. Clarisonic are the originals and the best, trust me. Me and Victoria had a chat with Dr Robb and he explained his background in aids research to us. He then told us that he decided to design the new Clarisonic with Keith Haring designs on (an artist who unfortunately passed away). I love the story behind the new Clarisonics. You can buy them now below or online here.  

That evening, we got ready and headed out for the launch event

the edition hotel new york
we stepped out of our beautiful hotel (The Edition Hotel, New York). 

and drove through New York in our Uber taxi (I love that you can use Ubers everywhere) - If you are looking for a free £15 taxi you can use code EMTALKS15 for a free £15 to use on your next Uber - just download the Uber app and use EMTALKS15 as the promo code! 

We jumped in the lift went straight up to the top floor. It was time for the Clarisonic X Keith Haring launch event! 

The event was in the most gorgeous penthouse building with amazing views

new york skyline

The drinks were flowing

The room was split into 3 sections; love, pop and dance.

It was such a cute idea and celebrated Keith Haring's artwork. 

There's Doctor Robb himself, one of the founders. He was honestly so lovely, it was great to have a one to one with him earlier in the day.

This was made out of Clarisonics - cool huh. 

Top online here / Skirt online here / Jacket online here (I haven't taken the jacket off!) 

I loved the POP section the most.

The food was pretty amazing.

missguided two-piece

We left the event and headed to The Standard for dinner. I've heard so many good things about The Standard. 

the standard new york

The Standard is amazing - kind of old school, American but fancy.

I fell in love with these copper mugs. I really want some for my house haha.

I went for a New York steak (come on, you've got to) and it was heavenly.

The next morning we grabbed lots of American sweeties from the shops

and did a last bit of shopping of course


stacking rings

I honestly didn't take my LVNDR rings off the whole trip. 

 I travelled home (reluctantly though!) in this super comfortable jumpsuit from PLT, online here and obviously my trusty leather jacket

You can watch my New York vlog below to see exactly what we got up to and please subscribe to my channel here it would mean the world to me! 

Big thanks to Clarisonic, Mona and Victoria for the most amazing trip. I won't forget it anytime soon! It was amazing to spend some time with Victoria too, I think we need another trip very soon. 

Have you ever visited New York? Do you like the look of The Standard? Have you heard about the new Clarisonic? 

Lots of love, Em x

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