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Friday 6 November 2015

My Shopping Haul! A Haul With TSB Contactless!

When TSB contacted me and challenged me to go on a lil shopping trip, I could hardly say no. Who can turn down a shopping trip? Certainly not me. I'm guilty of spending most of my money online, it's so easy (far too easy actually) to just click, add things to the basket and then they magically appear at your door. It takes some serious will-power for me on a daily basis not to buy the whole of the online world. I prefer online shopping because of the ease but at the same time, I prefer high-street shopping because you get to actually feel things and try them on. I find high-street shopping pretty dangerous too though, because I never have time to try things on so usually I find myself grabbing anything and everything and coming home with lots of things I didn't actually need, particularly if they're on offer! It was time to take my new contactless card for a spin (thanks to TSB) let's see how I got on and what I bought...

TSB armed me with a new contactless card and gave me the 'challenge' (tehe, not very challenging for a shopaholic like me) to go out and spend £100 using just their contactless card. This is in celebration of their new offering when opening a plus current account with them, you get 5% cashback on your first £100 of contactless payments each month so it was time for me to test this out. I've also never used a contactless card before until now either (I know Em, get with it) so I was quite excited!

The contactless limit is £30 per transaction at the moment so I couldn't go as crazy as I'd have liked in Topshop, instead, I challenged myself to purchase things below the £30 mark. 

victorias secret
I went for some Victoria's Secret knickers because I honestly cannot walk past Victoria's Secret and avoid going in there. I am such a sucker for nice, new underwear. Someone once told me that if you wear nice underwear, it's like a treat to yourself every single day so since then, I've always blown all my money on really nice underwear. Victoria's Secret is honestly my favourite place ever for underwear so I had to go and buy a few new comfy yet lovely pairs of knickers. You know I love my blog readers when I can share photographs of my knickers with you but hey, they're too pretty not to show you! 

Snacks - I actually always get so hungry when shopping so ended up grabbing a Nakd bar (random I know) to snack on from Boots. I always crumble and buy these when out and about because they seem to be the only healthy thing to grab on the go. You can read my new 'What I Eat' post here if you missed that one! 

I recently got my make up done at Illamasqua in London (they are phenomenal at doing make up!) and the lady who did my make up had the most amazing shimmer on underneath her eyes, naturally I had to buy exactly what she had on. This is the most beautiful glitter gel eyeliner and I know I'll be wearing it throughout the festive season. I cannot find it online but you can get similar here

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder - I had to pick this up whilst in Harvey Nichols. MAC powder is my favourite ever and I've been wearing this for as long as I can remember. It is my ultimate powder and I don't think I'll ever love another powder as much as this. This is 100% my holy grail prouduct. 

I picked up this Kind To Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm by Simple because my skin has been pretty horrible recently. I have no idea what is wrong with it but I have weird underneath spots along my jawline on both sides and actually, it's really getting me down. Because of this, I decided to move away from foundation for a little while and wear more of a kind to skin BB cream so grabbed this as Simple is a brand I really trust. I'm impressed with the coverage, it feels just like foundation but hopefully is kinder to my skin. I'm glad I managed to pick this up.

Whilst in Boots, I had to grab my favourite gradual tanner, Palmer's Natural Bronze. This gives the most amazing colour and makes you feel so moisturised too! You can read my full review of Palmer's here because it truly is one of my favourite brands ever when it comes to body care.

 Last but not least, I treated myself to this hat in H&M. I never wear hats (apart from woolly ones in Winter) but I was in the mood to buy this one. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it but I loved it so went for it anyway! Sometimes you've gotta take a little risk! You can get similar online here. 

TSB's new offering gives you 5% interest on up to £2000 in a plus current account if you're interested, 5% interest on the Plus savings account, and then obviously the lovely 5% cashback on your first £100 of contactless payments each month!

A big thanks to TSB for sponsoring this post! As always, it is 100% my honest opinion but then again, I'm sure you can tell from the very 'me' things that I ended up buying! Keep an eye out on my blog next week as I'll be doing a huge pre-Christmas haul giveaway for you all too.

Have you ever used contactless? Have you been buying anything recently? Are you an online shopper or a high-street shopper?

Lots of love, Em x

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