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Friday, 26 April 2019

DERMIKELP Beauty Review - Spring Hair & Body Care - Sustainable Beauty

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Paid advertorial - As a beauty lover, it’s always exciting for me when a new brand comes to the market and ticks all the boxes. In today's beauty spotlight is Dermikelp, a brand I’ve been watching with interest since I heard about it last year. Dermikelp is a new range of body and hair care made with nutrient-rich sea kelp. Before I use new products, I always try and understand a bit about their background. I fall in love with brands that little bit more once I start to understand their story and the background of their founders - it really makes a difference to me. Dermikelp was launched by Dr Nigel Christie, a marine biologist who, in the first instance, developed kelp products for agricultural use, and following its success turned his attention to exploring the potential of sea kelp to nourish skin.
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Every product in the range contains a high concentration of nutrient and mineral rich Sea Kelp which flourishes on rocky reefs off the coast of the western tip of South Africa where an icy current sweeps up from the Antarctica. It is this current that keeps the kelp in constant motion which means it grows rapids and therefore enables it to be sustainably hand harvested. Dermikelp only employ certified divers to carefully harvest mature stems by hand to ensure younger plants aren’t damaged in the process. The younger stems are then left to flourish and re-generate over 2 years maintaining a healthy environment for sea life and ensuring that nature is not compromised while enabling this amazing plant to be used for great hair and skin care too. I have taken an interest in products made using kelp in the past by taking a daily kelp capsule as I heard that it was good for growing hair. Until now though I have never used a product actually on my hair containing kelp.

There are of course many different types of kelp growing naturally in our oceans, in fact it has been used for centuries and is already available today in several luxury skin care and beauty products that Dermikelp use. So what makes kelp so special and what is extra special about this new range of products?

Dermikelp have placed their focus on a particularly special species of kelp called Ecklonia maxima. This type of kelp is extremely strong (to ensure it can continue to grow in the rapid waters it lives in). The ingredient that makes it strong is the organic gel contained within the plant. Additionally, this type of kelp contains significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids all of which are known for their potent nourishing, hydrating and soothing properties. A plant which is so naturally high in a diverse blend of health giving minerals and nutrients makes it ideal for nourishing hair and body alike.

Sustainability really does sit at the heart of Dermikelp. Ecklonia maxima kelp is made into a concentrated liquid called CEM-K (the active ingredient in the Dermikelp® body and hair products). The special cell burst process uses every part of the kelp stem to make CEM-K without involving heating or freezing of the kelp. This maintains the nutrients and minerals inside and rather than discarding the leaves, they’re processed for agricultural use and returned to nature as nutrient-rich plant food.

For me, the combination of a product that uses such natural and nutritionally rich ingredients while harvesting responsibly (in addition to the above background, Dermikelp only harvest every two years to allow the forest to fully regenerate and continue to support the rich array of marine life) makes it a genuine pleasure to use. As you would expect from a company with strong ethics, all of their bottles are 100% recyclable too.

So there’s a lot of talking about the company ethics and the science behind the ingredients but what about the product itself? Is it good, does it work?

Dermikelp shampoo and conditioner

As most of you will know, I’m massively in to my haircare. My hair was damaged for a long time and I learnt my lesson the hard way about how important it is to take very good care of your hair. It took me a long time and some good hair dressers to achieve the good condition it is in today. I’m thankful my hair survived the early in life treatment I gave it by applying too many extensions and too much heat and I have vowed to only every treat it is with high quality gentle haircare products.

Dermikelp hair essentials starter kit

With this in mind, firstly I want to talk about the Hair Essentials Starter Kit . Dermikelp’s set contains a 2 step regime for nourishing hair. The pack contains the Cleansing Shampoo and the Hydrating Conditioner. This regime is ideal for everyday gentle cleansing and nourishing the hair, without stripping the hair of natural oils, this is particularly important for me as my hair is naturally on the dry side. The gentle formulas are suitable for use on coloured hair and all hair types, but will be particularly soothing to dry hair and sensitive scalps. I find my scalp gets quite itchy so it’s nice to use a soothing product. I’ve never really used a hair product that’s designed to be sensitive to skin and sensitive to the environment before.

This is an indulgent combination of soothing shampoo and hydrating conditioner, infused with Grapeseed Oil. The nutrient-rich and sustainably sourced sea kelp used in its purest form as CEM-K, is designed to leave your hair soft, nourished and shiny. I find after using this my hair instantly looks shiny and is definitely more manageable and soft. They also do a Nourishing Scalp Tonic to soothe the scalp which is high on my wishlist.

Dermikelp body review

Second to launch is The Body Essentials Starter Kit which contains a 3 step routine for hydrating and soothing sensitive skin. The pack includes the Gentle Cleansing Body Wash, the Nourishing Moisturising Lotion, and the Soothing Cream. This regime provides a welcome relief for skin that needs a little extra TLC. The gentle formulas in these products soothe, protect and hydrate skin, without the use of harsh chemicals and perfumes.

All products are dermatologically tested, contain a clinically proven active ingredient (CEM-K) and is a non-irritant formula.

Dermikelp body range

To finish, Dermikelp is sensitive to skin and sensitive to the environment, it’s good to know its a guilt free purchase. It’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin as the seasons change and of course, any sensitive scalps too.

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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