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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Jo Malone Honeysuckle And Davana Review

Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana Review As we head into the final weeks of Summer (ah Summer, we loved you this year), I felt it was only right to write about and review the new Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana range. I'm trying to make more of a conscious effort to go back to old school blogging and alongside my personal, travel, fitness and life blog posts (which I love writing and wont be changing!), bring back some new in beauty reviews so I can coninue to rave about brilliant beauty products, starting last week with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Blush and Eye Shadow Review. Today, it's Jo Malone's time to shine. Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana is described as a happy new floral and I thought it would be perfect to chat about this before it gets too chilly as I feel like it’s the perfect late summer, autumn transitional fragrance. Yep, I really just described a fragrance as transitional. I’ve been the biggest Jo Malone fan for as long as you can imagine (Earl Grey and Cucumber, Mimosa and Cardamom, Tuberose Angelica are just a few of my favourites) so it feels right to introduce you to their beautiful new range. Read on for a review of Jo Malone’s brand new Honeysuckle and Davana range.
Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana

Jo Malone wanted to capture the exact scent of honeysuckle, to do this, they added an unexpected twist to this very English flower with Havana, moss and patchouli, turning it into a modern scent. I think this adds a nice depth to the scent, as much as I love the sweetness of scents like Flowerbomb (forever one of my all time favourite fragrances), I’m also a sucker for a sensual evening scent like Armani Si (another longtime favourite) and I feel as if Honeysuckle and Davana is somewhere in the middle; sweet but alluring, it reminds me of crisp evenings and golden light.

I think the reason this scent resonates with me so much is because I adore the British countryside, nothing makes me feel happier than wandering around in the open air (and eating scones, of course) and this smells as if you're out in the countryside. I also love the Cotswolds and have such happy memories there, the open air, the fresh fields, hence why I took this scent to the Cotswolds for a recent adventure and couldn't resist shooting photos of it out there. I spotted Jo Malone celebrating this scent in the Cotswolds and it's definitely very fitting, a beautiful place and a beautiful scent. It fits in perfectly with open fields, a rustic setting and the fresh countryside air.

Whilst I have a number of favourite, go-to scents, I'm a big believer in using new scents as a way to capture memories, I find myself choosing new scents when I go on special trips, it then means I can spray it when I'm home and bring back some of those memories.

jo malone honeysuckle and davana

This scent is day to night, with fresh rose and an aromatic, fruity twist of Havana - something I’ve never heard of in a fragrance before, I totally thought Havana was just a place, oh and that song by Camilla Cabello haha. Honeysuckle and Davana also has a woody and moss scent but warmed with sunshine and I guess that’s what September feels like for me, it’s in-between summer and autumn and actually, I think it’s such a lovely month. I love sweet scents in the day and sensual scents in the night, this is the two gently combined. I absolutely love sensual scents and the woody tones of this bring back memories of those wonderful late summer evenings.
jo malone honesuckle and davana perfume

This scent is designed to be worn alone or can be layered. Jo Malone fragrances are designed to be layered, perfect because you can create your own unique scent. For more of an uplifting fragrance, you can layer this with Grapefruit. If it’s an alluring fragrance you’re after, blend these sweet notes with Smoky Oud (I've never smelt this but will be rushing to my nearest Jo Malone for a smell). I actually did a personalised fragrance testing at Jo Malone Regent Street quite some time ago and it was lovely to see how you can make any fragrance your own by layering with a body creme or another fragrance. I must go back and do this again in the near future. I dream of the day I can choose my own wedding favours and wedding scent from Jo Malone and get matched for my own special occasion. As mentioned, I am such a strong believer in fragrances evoking memories and I am definitely going to be selecting mine from Jo Malone!
jo malone honeysucke candle
Also in the range: The 200g home candle, perfect for burning on these late summer evenings. I swear by Jo Malone candles and September onwards is the perfect time to get cosy with them.

So there we have it, a little look at the new Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana collection, obviously it’s impossible really to review a scent without you guys smelling it so do go into your local store if you can! I'd love to know if different scents bring back memories for you guys too?

Do you like Jo Malone? What’s your favourite kind of scent?

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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