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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Top 6 Foundations And Base Products For A Flawless Make Up Base

Clinique better glow foundation
Hello hello! I hope you are all well today? It's been one of those days where I've really enjoyed applying my make up and totally fallen back in love with base products. I was sat looking at my foundations and realised I haven’t actually done a foundation round up post in a very long time, in fact, have I ever done a foundation round up post?! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that a flawless base is my favourite thing to achieve. I'm obsessed with skincare, powders, concealers, primers, foundations. I just love feeling like my canvas is flawless. Obviously, most of that comes from skincare, (my favourite thing too) with good skincare, generally comes a good base for make up, but today I wanted to talk to you about a few key products I love for a flawless face, make up wise as I talk about skincare so much. Here are my top 5 base foundation products for the most flawless make up look, these foundations will take you from day to night, Monday or Saturday. I've got you. These are my all time favourites so I hope you’ll enjoy!
the best foundation
ysl all hours primer
YSL All Hours Primer - Let’s start with the primer. I absolutely love primers, they act as a base between skin and the make up and also tend to keep make up on all day too (if you get a good one). I'm a bit of a primer queen and have pretty much tried them all. With YSL Up All Hours, it instantly hydrates my skin and I notice just how dewy and glowy my skin looks underneath. It does have a layer inside it that basically instantly mattifies the skin to give a matte complexion. I feel it just completely smooths my skin out ready for my foundation. I’ve always been a sucker for a good primer and this applies like heaven, instantly sinking into the skin.

it cosmetics cc cream

IT Cosmetics CC Cream - When everyone talks about something, it's usually because it's pretty good. I'm not over exaggerating when I say: IT Cosmetics have nailed it with their CC Cream. I'm late to the party with this feature but it does take me a while to use a product properly so whilst on first impressions, touch and feel it may be good, I like to throw it around in my make up bag and welcome it home for a good few months until it's a household make up bag favourite. I had to mention IT Cosmetics within this post. BB and CC creams are traditionally very light-weight but for once, we have a skin-loving full coverage CC cream. I love all the benefits of BB/CC so was beyond excited to try a full coverage one (I am a sucker for a good coverage product). My friend Victoria, I’m sure you all know her (InTheFrow) introduced me to this, it truly is flawless. To put it quickly, it has anti-ageing ingredients inside it as well as colour correcting the skin too. So you can feel as if you are treating your skin with skincare, whilst this is on your face. On bad skin days I do mix this with a dab of something else for the most perfect foundation (I truly believe the perfect foundation comes from blending a few things you love) but on light days, this is beautiful. It sinks into my skin, keeps it hydrated and protects it at the same time with an SPF of 50. Skincare within make up = my favourite. 

Clinique even better glow

Clinique Even Better Glow - The first ever foundation I used was Clinique. My Grandma and Mum would take me to the counter and make me get my three step programme and I will never forget the day they bought me a Clinique foundation. I cherished it and barely used any as I didn't want it to run out. I was 16 and swore I'd never wear fondation (I used to think it was a bad thing, what a crazy child I was). I remember 16 year old in me sat so excited about the texture as I was colour matched, it felt so soft. I knew from then on that beauty was a huge passion of mine and I guess I never stopped falling in love with it. I blame my Grandma. Even Better Glow is Clinique's new foundation and is such a stunning product. It is a light reflecting make up and just gives you that Victoria Secret glow. It moisturisies, luminises and has sheer-to-moderate coverage, it gives you that perfect 'I just went on an Autumn walk and have a chilly glow on my face' kinda look, does anyone know what I mean? That really lovely, dewy, look. Imagine a natural glow and the perfect barely there make up look. It does have vitamin C inside it too, so the idea is if you wear it over time, your skin will glow even without foundation. I do find that Clinique foundations do always have incredible texture too, creamy and so beautiful to apply, really soft to the skin. 

vichy dermablend foundation

Vichy Dermablend Foundation - I definitely mention this product too much but it’s because I adore it. I wear it on pretty much every vlog and every image. I do mix my foundations so usually it'll be this mixed with either YSL Touche eclat foundation, Armani or IT CC cream, just because I love blending the best of everything together for a really personalised base. I have mentioned Vichy Dermablend a few hundred times since I started this blog and I’ve definitely bought tens of bottles. Every Christmas I make my family stock up on this along with MAC Cosmetics Mineralise powder, my two holy grail base products. For me, Vichy Dermablend is perfect because it’s non-comedogenic so it isn’t going to break me out but it is still crazily light-weight. It has incredible coverage but doesn’t feel caked on, my skin feels happy, looks glowing and dewy and you don’t even need concealer with it. Plus, no worries about fragrance/break outs etc with this. A lot of people are shocked when I tell them I wear this every single day but you can really build the coverage, a tiny bit goes a long way and if you blend it with a brush, it goes so beautiful and dewy. This is my ultimate foundation and has been with me over the years.

estee Lauder double wear nude

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude - I’m going to be completely honest here and say I have a love hate relationship with Estee Lauder Double Wear, I wore their original formula in 6th form and it did break me out but then again, maybe that was just hormones?! Falling back with Double Wear then, yep, of course it happened. There's a reason everyone loves it. The Double Wear Nude is a totally different foundation though, it’s ‘water fresh’ and the difference is amazing. It still has the wonderful, flawless coverage of Double Wear, the staying power and that 'wow' factor when applied to the skin, but it feels a lot softer, smoother and lighter on my skin and my skin doesn’t break out with this. It does feel like I'm applying water. One coat and it instantly makes my skin look flawless. It’s a yes from me Estee, thank you for answering my foundation prayers.

Armani Luminous Silk - No image for this as I stupidly forgot to shoot it (if you've read Emtalks before though you'll know what this product looks like) but I couldn’t not include Armani Luminous Silk in a blog post about the top foundations for a flawless base. This is a product I’ve raved about, much like Vichy Dermablend, for years and years, almost too much. It’s one of those holy grail products (thanks to both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian saying it’s their favourite product to use for foundation). I'd say it’s incredibly lightweight and just beautiful as soon as it hits the skin. There's a reason it's called luminous silk, silky and luxurious on the skin but silky too. One thing I always say is just how much Armani impress me with the science and research that goes into their products. So many people forget just how epic Armani is. I always say it's one of the most underrated brands. Every time I ask for my make up doing, I say I want it to look like Kim Kardashian (flawless, basically), love her or hate her, you can't deny just how flawless her base is. There's a reason the Kardashian's wear Armani Luminous silk foundation! Flawless finish.

So there we have it. As you probably noticed, all my favourite products have a lot in common, it was hard not to repeat the same words but they do tend to be a buildable coverage, soft, light-weight on the skin but flawless looking. I do love a dewy look because I think it’s more natural too. I do believe in mixing a few together though and then you really do have the best foundation look ever.

I just really fancied writing this post as a little top base and foundation product update so do let me know if you’ve used any of the products or if like me, you’re obsessed with a flawless base. 

What are your go to base products or foundations? Do you mix foundations or just beauty obsessed junkie Em alone over here?

Thanks for reading guys, love you! 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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