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Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Best Skincare + Beauty Products for Travel + Holidays

The Best Skincare + Beauty Products for Travel + Holidays
Hello hello! I’ve done so many blog posts about in-flight skincare but what about when you arrive at your destination? In an ideal world, I’d take my whole bathroom with me (hello Em the skincare lover) but that’s just not what I can do. I have to hold my hands up and say, I’m not a hand luggage kinda girl. I really try to use minis wherever I can but when the option is available and I can take a suitcase, I’ll jump at the chance. I’m writing this on a plane, my skin is feeling epic after a La Mer facial at World Duty Free and it got me thinking about epic hydrating and post-flight products to pack in your case. Let’s chat and see what’s new in the world of hydrating beauty products.

best micellar cleansers
MICELLAR CLEANSER - My boyfriend knows to wipe my face using a micellar water if I fall asleep, it’s a rule. I see micellar water as the busy/lazy girls way to good skin. Let’s be honest, no-one wants to faff for 12 hours to take their make up off and I love how easy micellar water is. Whether you have a mini in your hand luggage or a big size in your suitcase, tip it on a cotton pad and wipe your make up off for fresh skin. It’s perfect because you don’t need to rinse your face so even if you’re too tired, you can still wipe your make up off using something good. I usually use a micellar water as step one of my cleansing routine. My current favourite Micellar waters? See below.
  • Decleor Aroma Cleanse - I absolutely adore Decleor and have done for as long as I can remember, even my brother swears by it. This is great for a deep cleanse as it’s more of an oil so it really gets rid of everything, you definitely don’t need a two-step with this and it feels like an at-home facial. I’ve popped it in the micellar category because like micellar water, it’s SO easy and quick to use. It’s also 99% natural which is incredible and means it’s kind to your skin. I’d say this is best at really getting rid of heavy makeup and it cares for your skin too. I love the smell and the feel of Decleor, truly luxurious. 
  • Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water - I’ve always adored Caudalie, since the days I’d buy it in French pharmacies in Paris. My Mum also swears by it too and that’s a biggie because she doesn’t really trust any skincare brands after suffering from acne for years. Caudalie products are derived from plants so I’m never worried about using them on my skin. This water is light-weight, refreshing and I instantly glow. The perfect post-flight/travel cleanse. 
  • Dior Hydra Life Micellar Milk Cleanser - A different take on the traditional water is Dior’s Micellar Milk. Not only is the packaging stunning, but this bottle is powerful when it comes to cleansing. Yes you don’t get the refreshing water feel but you do get a soothing, soft milk feel, leaving your face silky smooth and fresh. 
Dior life eye cream
EYE CARE - My eyes get incredibly puffy from jet lag. Whilst on the flight, if you’ve read my in-flight beauty essentials you’ll know I swear by Skyn Iceland eye masks and Guerlain eye masks. When it comes to cooling eye products to pack in your case, here are two new favourites:
  • Dior Hydra Life Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel - The perfect eye gel for even the most tired of people. This instantly soothes my under eyes, the perfect sorbet (like applying ice cream to your under eyes) and I like how compact it is for travel too.
  • Clarins Hydra-Essentials Moisturising Reviving Eye Mask - I’ve been using the Clarins Hydra range for a long time, usually their face masks on extremely dry skin days (life hack: sleep in their mask for the softest skin, ever). I was incredibly excited then when I came across their moisturising eye mask. Leave this on as you sleep for baby soft, happy under eyes.
Origins x Madeleine Shaw Glow-Co-Nuts Hydrating Coconut Moisture Mask
ALL OVER HYDRATION - When it comes to all over hydration, I’ll pack masks, gels or moisturisers. Here are three current favourites

  • L’Occitane Aqua Ultra Thirst Gel - This really does what it says on the tin, completely hydrates the skin for hours with its incredible gel feel. There’s something about a gel moisturiser, particularly in hot climates, that instantly makes my skin happy. I also find that gels give me more of a dewy glow. L’Occitane’s Aqua range is something my skin just drinks right up.
  • Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base - A totally different kind of hydration and something I feature a lot is Bobbi Brown’s Face Base. Why do I love it when I’m away? Iy’s vitamin enriched with sea butter, vitamins C + E and just replenishes my skin. It gives my skin a really nice smooth, matte texture meaning my make up sits perfectly all day long and I know my skin is hydrated underneath but not oily.
  • Origins x Madeleine Shaw Glow-Co-Nuts Hydrating Coconut Moisture Mask - First and foremost, a huge congratulations to Madeleine Shaw on her collaboration with Origins, what a dream come true. Origins have long been my go-to brand for face masks. I adore pretty much every product they do but their masks have always been my heroes. I’ve talked about their hydrating quenching mask over and over, particularly on travel posts as I like to apply it just before I step foot on a plane and let it sink in the whole journey. This mask is very similar in the way that it completely and utterly hydrates my skin. It’s not oily, my skin happily drinks it right up. I love the addition of coconut as it means my skin is extra hydrated and smells incredible too. 
  • Lifehack: Take a little pot of Vita Coco oil in your carry on case as it’s an incredible multi-tasker, use it as a lip balm, a hair mask, a face mask and a face cleanser. There's not much Vita can't do, it means you save so much space in your case or handluggage too! 
FACE MASKS - I’m obsessed with face masks but when you only have a 20kg luggage allowance (sometimes only hand luggage, ugh haha) then it’s all about sheet masks. Sheet masks are a bit of a new trend and I hope it’s here to stay. I pack one in my handbag for long haul flights and these are my two favourites right now, you might look a little funny on a flight but hey, at least your skin will look great. 

  • Lancome Advanced Genifique Hydrogel Melting Mask - This is designed to give an instant youthful radiance and I see it as a shot for your skin. Whether you apply it when you land before heading out for the day or, on the plane. This is one of the most luxurious and richest face masks, it completely soothes my skin. 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask - If you’re wanting an instant facial in just 15 mins this is for you. It reduced wrinkles, smoothes and brightens the skin. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Charlotte a few times and she only puts products to market that she swears by and would use herself. I can see just how much goes into her products and that’s why I trust every single one of them. Say hello to smooth and brightened skin. 

RELAXING FLIGHT REMEDIES - I tend to get pretty anxious in the run up to a trip or, when arriving in a new location. I get a weird mix of nerves and excitement. There are a few things I swear by to keep me feeling calm and relaxed.
  • AVEDA Chakra 6 Feel Insight Balancing Pure-Fume Mist - I talk about this product a lot and I am so grateful I was introduced to it. One spritz and I feel calmer and balanced. The smell is incredible and I tend to spritz it if I’m feeling a bit wobbly or if I need to sleep. 
  • Elemis Calm Life Elixir - Elemis’ Calm Life Elixir is great for travel, you can throw it in your handbag and roll it on your wrists when you need a moment of calm. It smells divine and I always try to pop some in my handbag when I’m on the go. I’m massively into my massages and yoga and there’s something incredibly calming about this.
  • Neals Yard Ready To Roll Aromatherapy Blends - Neals Yard do great little travel sets featuring organic aromatherapy blends to enhance the wellbeing. I really think they can calm your mind if you’re a bit stressed in a new place or on a flight so definitely smell these.
  • Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist - If it’s sleep you struggle with (often my mind is in complete overdrive) then try grabbing some of the travel friendly versions of Neom’s pillow mist. Say hello to lavender to soothe you to sleep. 
erborian bb creme ginger
BB Creme - I needed to discuss Erborian’s BB cream. I’m sure you all know the brand Erborian as I talk about it a lot. I first discovered it in Space NK and have been hooked on the brand every since. This is the perfect travel/trip must have as it is a 5 in 1 make up, care and face cream. It also has SPF 20 suncream. You can wear this alone or with foundation for a heavier look but it gives the softest, most flawless glow and I love it because it’s skincare and make up blended. You can wear this and know your skin is protected whilst looking flawless too. 

So there we have it, a quick look at some of my current favourite products for your travels, whether you put them in your suitcase or grab a mini for your hand luggage. You can read about my inflight essentials here. 

Do you have any travel must haves? Are you into sheet masks and hydrating the skin? 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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