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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Self Confidence Tips + Self Love

Hello hello, how are you all? So today, I thought I'd write up a blog post all about self-confidence and self-love. I know it's something I talk about quite a lot but I wanted to tackle it even more today because it's so important. Self-love is something I feel really strongly about, having had my confidence shattered one too many times, I think it's so important to remind both men and women about the importance of self-love. Read on for a few ways I boost my confidence and self-love. This is in partnership with Wilkinson Sword. 

First things first, what do you like about yourself? We really struggle when it comes to talking about the things we like and tend to only focus on the negatives. You go to the gym to 'lose weight' or you're having a 'bad hair day', how about going to the gym because it makes your mind feel great? Today I want you to tell yourself what you like about YOU. For me? I like my legs. I've worked hard for them. I train them regularly at the gym and I think they look good in heels. I love wearing cute little dresses in summer. You may not like them, but I do. 
leg shaving photoBe your own biggest fan - I learned a long time ago that it's important to be your own biggest cheerleader. In life, people are busy and often, not everyone is going to support you. You have a plan? Go for it. You have a dream? Tell yourself you can do it. Sometimes, the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is your own mind. Open the doors and go for it. Believe in yourself and you're halfway there. Positivity.

Self-care list - Write down a list of things that make you feel great. Is it a candlelit bath? Chocolate strawberries? Fresh air? Exercise? Painting your nails? A staycation? Freshly moisturised skin and smooth legs? Write it down and keep it on your self-care list. When you're feeling bad refer to it and do one of the things, it may take ten minutes or it may take an hour but it may instantly make your day.

shaved legs photo

Well-being - Never forget how important your wellbeing is. If you read my working out for my wellbeing post or my patting yourself on the back post, you'll know that I started doing things to benefit my own mind. I figured out what was causing me stress and anxiousness and then eliminated them. Obviously, you can't do this with everything but for example, if someone makes you feel bad on social media, hit the un-friend button or the mute button. The ex you keep seeing on social with his new girlfriend? Mute. The ex-friend you miss so much, either reach out and draw a line under the sand or again, mute. The girl who makes you feel bad about your body? Unfollow. Surround yourself with positivity and work on look after your wellbeing and mind. That also means sleeping more, drinking more water and getting fresh air. It seems so cliche but it works!
legs in bath

pink bath photo
Pamper - I'd be lying if I said a good pamper doesn't give me the best self-confidence boost ever. Whether it's popping to SHOW or Sassoon for a blow dry, going for a fresh gel mani at Ragdoll Nails or booking myself in for a massage, I love a good pamper. I don't do it for anyone apart from myself and my confidence skyrockets when I step out of the salon. It's obviously not always possible to do this as it's quite costly and time-consuming to pamper, so I find having a hot, steamy bath with my trusty Jo Malone candle works wonders at home too. There's something about a face mask, hair mask and fresh smooth body that makes me feel fabulous, for myself. Having fresh, silky-smooth legs always makes me feel instantly great, but shaving them can feel like a real chore sometimes. I’m very good at putting it off even, particularly in the winter! This is why I’ve fallen for Wilkinson Sword's new Intuition f.a.b. razor in a big way, because it’s totally changed how I shave. Unlike other razors, it has five bi-directional blades which enable you to shave both forwards and backwards effortlessly without lifting the razor head off your skin. So simple – it just glides. Plus, it’s pretty in pink and has fab in the name – what isn’t there to love?! Snatch it up for yourself at Boots for £12 or check out the offer on my Instagram today. 

Wilkinson intuition fab
Wilkinson rab razor

Be You - I've realised how important individuality is for self-confidence. I'll never forget when I was hurt in a previous relationship and I'd look for ways to be like other girls, in order to impress my ex. Whether it was my personality or how I dressed. Once I stopped doing that and started being me, inside and out, I was much happier and much more confident. For example, some girls can absolutely rock certain colours and patterns but I don't feel comfortable in them. It might be a trend, but if you don't feel fabulous in it, stick to your comfort zone. That's okay! I go to a changing room now and try so many different things on, in this sense, it's important to go out of your comfort zone and try new things because you never know, it might really suit you but your comfort zone is still there when you need it. Own your comfort zone, you want to be comfortable in your skin, comfortable in your clothes. What I'm getting at here is it's important to find your individual style and then you'll feel comfortable and confident. 

royal Lancaster suite

Be Kind - If you're kind and supportive to others, it radiates from you. Positivity is a brilliant way to boost self-love and self-confidence. I know I say it a lot but compliment someone, it will make their day. There's something really lovely about genuinely making someone elses day (it's so easy to do too) and being positive rather than jealous. It gives you such a glow because you're being a warm, positive person.

Change A Small Habit - If you have goals, why not change a small habit? For example, do you go to bed too late? Try going to bed ten minutes early every day. Do you want to walk to work rather than get the bus one day a week? Try it. You'll feel so confident and amazing when you've achieved your goal and then you'll feel confident and ready to conquer even bigger goals. Take baby steps to get to where you want to be. Nothing happens overnight, you've gotta have confidence in yourself.

Exercise - Love it or hate it, exercise is my number one thing for self-confidence. I feel incredible when I get off a spin bike at David Lloyd. The hardest thing for me is getting to the gym but once I've driven there and got there, I feel a million dollars. The only way to recreate the endorphins I get from a gym class is by going outside in fresh air. There's something about exercise and fresh country air that makes my confidence skyrocket. I guess it's because I'm taking control of my own body, I'm making it stronger and I'm working my mind out too. Time to hammer those negative thoughts into the ground on the treadmill (with my SUPER smooth legs).

So there we have it, you'll find me on a treadmill, with the smoothest legs, with a matching set of silky underwear on, working on my own mind and my own self-confidence, feeling fabulous.

What makes you feel really great? Is it a matching set of underwear? Is it a hot bath? Is it giggling with a friend? Is it having legs as smooth as a dolphin?

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Lots of love, Em x

*This is sponsored by Wilkinson Sword but as always is my 100% honest opinion.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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