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Friday 27 April 2018

Easy, Healthy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe - Dairy Free Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

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I love Spring for so many reasons, cliche blogger blossom trees (no but seriously, they're beautiful), daffodils and tulips, new season’s fashion, lighter nights...I could go on. It's the little things. Another thing I love is when I see the sunshine because I know it’s time for ice cream.  I'm sure you know I'm all about balance, in everything I do and whilst I don't mind having sugar here and there, I'm always looking for refined sugar-free alternatives so I can snack away because I want my sugar to be in my Red Velvet cake or my Dairy Milk thanks very much. Hopefully, you've seen my healthy cookie recipe and my healthy pancakes recipe but what about healthy ice cream? Real dairy ice cream is yummy and I will always treat myself in moderation (I see you Ben and Jerrys, I love you) but as a staple through the week to satisfy my craving for this wonderful food I make my own. I also know so many people can't have dairy so this is a great alternative if you're craving some creamy ice cream. It’s as simple and healthy as making a smoothie and means you get to eat all your fruit in the form of a yummy ‘ice cream’ sundae. Trust me, this is probably the easiest recipe you will ever make... 

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You will need (to make 2x servings):

- 1 banana

- 10 strawberries (more if you like) - ps. if you just want to make banana ice cream just get rid of the strawberries and there you have it

- A quarter cup of any milk - I use like to use almond or coconut - coconut is great if you're craving a creamy snack but don't eat dairy but any milk will work with this. 

- A blender, I use a big smoothie blender or Nutribullet but you could do this in a hand blender too. 

easy strawberry ice cream


- Pop all ingredients in a bag and pop them in the freezer

- Remove when frozen

- Add a quarter of a cup of milk to your frozen ingredients

- Blend together until smooth and thick - Nutribullet is v quick at this 

Enjoy, try dunking a slice of my healthy banana bread recipe into this and thank me later. You can play around with whichever fruits you prefer but this is naturally sweet and creamy. 

Do you like ice cream? Have you made any of my recipes? 

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Lots of love, Em x

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