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Thursday, 19 April 2018

An Interview With My Mum

yellow afternoon teaI was super excited when Twinings asked me to partner with them on their #HereForYou campaign and to celebrate three different heroes in my life. It got me thinking, have you ever heard the phrase 'your smile could make someone’s day'? Well, it's something that's always stuck with me. Whether it's smiling at the bus driver, smiling at the man handing you a flyer or smiling and saying hello to the elderly man down the street. A little bit of kindness and love goes a long way. You never know what someone is going through. Just like a smile can go a long way, supporting someone can go a long way too. There are so many ways you can be there for someone, whether it's by physically standing by their side, or, even if you can't physically be there, dropping someone a text, liking their photo. It can make all the difference to a bad day, knowing that you have someone who is always there for you. We tend to focus on the negatives but our lives are so busy and often the good eggs and supportive people only get a fraction of the recognition they truly deserve. I always try and remember to say thank you to the people who are here for me (whether it's with a big old smile, saying thanks or sometimes even a gift) so that they know how much I value them. I was super excited when Twinings asked me to partner with them to celebrate three different heroes in my life. Last time I caught up with my nana who I someone who always makes me glow. The second of which is my Mum.
afternoon tea yellow
Twinings have just launched a new range of teas, Superblends, that are here for you as an everyday drink to make you feel great so I shared a pot of the new teas over a cosy chat with those special people. It's important to take some time out and celebrate just how much people mean to us, no matter how busy we are. It was only right to grab a cup of the defence tea with the person who always has my back and supports me, my Mumma! We sat in my conservatory for a very special afternoon tea and spoke about defence.
twinings defence teaCakes piled high and tea pot piping hot, we shared a fair few giggles talking about times when my Mum has had to defend me in the past when she probably shouldn't have! Like that time when I stole someones Lego in a playground or that time I was jealous because someone wanted to sit on my Mums knee! I was quite the diva... 

You will hear me mention my Mum a lot because she means to world to my brother and I. My Mum has protected us from so much and I owe her everything. My Mum single handily cared for, brought up and continues to support my brother and me. I've watched her work tirelessly purely for my brother and I, to protect us, give us safety and security and to get us out of tough situations. She is my biggest inspiration and I thank her for giving me my work ethic too. I'd always be the girl at school with messy hair because my Mum was never around on a morning to do it for me, but I never felt sad about this, she made me independent and I always wanted to grow up and be a girl boss like my Mumma. No matter how many hours she worked, she'd still be around to have fun times with us. She demonstrates just how much we mean to her too, day in and day out by always being here for us. I don't know what I did to deserve such a selfless lady in my life. If you could pick family, I truly would pick my Mum and brother. 

In my line of work I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the demands on me, the social media industry is 24/7. It’s a fabulous occupation and I am eternally grateful but the workload is relentless and I don’t know what I would do without my Mum to help me. I'm not very good at managing my stress but guess what, Mumma is there to help. She helps me with practical support such as admin but also emotionally when I feel stressed or need advice on how to approach something. Mumma Shel is my Mum, my mentor, my best friend, and hero all rolled into one! 

We recently sat down over a cup of the new Twinings Superblends Defence tea because she really is my defence in every way. We chatted about what the word defence means to her and shared a fair few giggles talking about times when my Mum had to defend me in the past when she probably shouldn't have! Like that time when I stole someone’s Lego in a playground or that time I was jealous because someone wanted to sit on my Mums knee! I was quite the diva...

I hope this will inspire you to grab a loved one, over a cup of tea and tell them how you appreciate them being there for you. 

Question: What does ‘being here for you’ mean?

Answer: To me, being here for you means being on hand to lend a hand in whatever way you need me to whether that’s to talk through something that is troubling you and trying to help you find the best solution or help you plan your approach to something - it could be something big or little. It also means being ready to react at a moment’s notice, you know that my phone is always on in case you need me even during the night and no matter what time zone you’re in!

Question: What motivates you to be here for me? 

Answer: When you first have a baby, you imagine that you will have a baby forever but it then dawns on you that you have a huge responsibility to nurture that baby into a responsible adult who goes out into the world and does good. To nurture a child in such a way means walking the journey with them, every step of the way and being there to give the benefit of your own experience throughout life to save that person from making mistakes that you may have made or saving time when things have previously cost you time. The thing I sometimes struggle with is the balance between being there to advise and then standing back and allowing you the freedom to act, as a parent it’s easy to be too protective. 
afternoon tea at home

Question: What is your top tip that you use when I need your help the most: 

Answer: If you’re having a stressful moment I try and help you with your perspective as it’s often getting the right perspective on things that can help de-stress. I also try and encourage you to take ownership of what is yours to own but encourage you not to try and control things that you can’t do anything about. 

My Mum is caring, thoughtful and selfless and truly defends me and supports me in everything I do. So, whilst I'm not planning on being a parent for at least ten years, I can take the tips she's given them and use them to support my own friends or family. I am all for supporting people and being a cheerleader. Why would you not defend, support and be nice to others? I know some people find it cliché but it's a fact, it's nice to be nice. Support and defence can come in so many different ways whether it's a quick text to check in with someone, a Facetime call, a coffee, going on a run together or turning up to someone's art show. It's easier to be supportive that's for sure. 

I hope you enjoyed this little interview with my hero and I hope it inspires you to take some time out with your very own heroes! 

Leave a comment and let me know who your hero is!
Lots of love, Em x

*Sponsored by Twinings but as always, this is 100% my honest opinion.

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