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Friday 23 August 2019

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets - Wrap Bracelets In Koh Samui, Thailand

white crochet skirt and top
Shop the bracelet / shop the sunglasses / shop the top / shop the skirt / shot at Renaissance Koh Samui / photos edited using Ems presets - ad affiliate links used

Advertorial paid post - It's no secret that I love fashion, no matter what the season I'm here for it. One thing I adore about fashion is the ability to accessorise outfits, quickly and easily. You can completely transform a look with a little bit of accessorizing. I've been so excited to tell you about these incredible new accessories so open up for more and a little look at the most beautiful beach in Thailand too, the perfect place to take these photos.
blue ray ban bridge sunglasses

I always pack my case rammed full of accessorises so I can transform any outfits whilst I'm away. I popped the Victoria Emerson Sao Paulo bracelet on with this outfit and honestly fell in love. I love anything vibrant and the colours on this remind me of a beautiful sunset abroad. I always love the layered bracelet look but to be honest I don't want to spend the time putting 100 bracelets on,  with Victoria Emerson the bracelets come as stacked boho bracelets all in one which makes travel and accessorising so much easier! 

VICTORIA EMERSON stacked bracelet


I love anything bohemian. A lot of jewellery I own tends to tarnish as soon as I wear it a few times abroad but Victoria Emerson is made with a white gold magnetic clasp and genuine leather so these bracelets will actually last the test of time too. 
stacking bracelets

white crochet co-ord

If this is your first time hearing about Victoria Emerson you're about to spend a lot of time swooning over the website, a gorgeous jewellery site with the dreamiest wrap bracelets, stacking bracelets and boho cuffs. They also do necklaces and watches if that's more your style. I honestly struggled to choose my favourites on the site so I'm going to leave a few others that are on my wishlist below.

bohemian bracelet
You can shop the Sao Paolo stacked Bohemian bracelet online here at Victoria Emerson or below
 I love anything with shells on so the Cairo bracelet was an absolute yes for me, made using white turquoise beads, leather, a crustal chain and gold plating. 
 Koh samui thailand

shell bracelet

boho shell bracelets
 If you pick your accessories right too, they'll continue to bring back special moments from your travels even when you touch down home. 
koh samui thailand
I can't think of any better accessories for such a beautiful beach in Koh Samui, Thailand.
You can shop my gorgeous boho wrap bracelets online on the  Victoria Emerson site or below:

Lots of love, Em x

*Paid post with Victoria Emerson
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