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Friday 9 August 2019

The Best Blow Dries In London - Where To Get The Best Blow Dry In London

candy floss pink hair
Hair on the photo above was done using L'Oreal Professionnel colour and products (gifted) 

Gifted PR items featured and Ad affiliate links used - I'm a blow dry addict and anyone who knows me knows that. As much as I can do my own hair pretty well now (hello ghd hair, how did I ever cope without you?!) no-one does it like the pros and often I'm either shooting content, videos or have events to go to so I need fresh hair, done by the professionals because let's be honest, who doesn't love having their hair done? I've got my little black book of best places for a blow dry in London and I relish in booking myself in and walking out like a new woman. I have absolutely no shame in saying I've had three per week before. I feel like in my life I've tried a lot of blow dries so thought it was about time I shared the best blow dries in London. No matter where abouts you are based in London, I'm hoping my guide will have somewhere close enough for you. For my Yorkshire readers, there's only really one place I'll ever go for my blow dries in Leeds (Sassoon Salon Leeds) but in London it tends to depend which area of London I'm in. I live between Yorkshire and London so it's either Sassoon or one of the below in London. Here are the top places for a blow dry in London that have made the cut and I'd trust with blow drying my hair!
Some of the below were gifted press appointments.

London flower shop

For me, a blow dry has to hold really well, I've found it's all about rough drying it and then actually tonging it afterwards for beachy waves or if you're after more of a 'Chelsea girl' volume style hair, go for pin curls. I personally find my hair holds better if it's done with a tong though. The sign of a good hair dresser is one who allows the curls to cool before brushing them out, otherwise they haven't had time to set and will just drop as soon as you walk out. If like me, you travel a lot and need good hair for the next day, tell them not to brush it out and then leave the salon looking like a poodle, but in the morning when you brush it out it will look perfect. Just some tips I've picked up along the way! I'm always asked what I ask for when getting my hair done, usually I'll ask for beachy tonged waves OR a bouncy blow dry if I want it to be a bit bigger and curlier.

The best place for a blow dry in London

I've included blow dry bars for a quick fix and hair salons too for more longer experiences, so you can choose what you're after. 

SHOW DRY Blow Dry Bar - Notting Hill - I've been going to Show Dry for years, they were definitely one of the first 'blow dry bars' I ever went to and one of the best. I've been to quite a lot of blow dry bars in America and I find they're like conveyor belts, but really expensive conveyor belts and to be honest, I've found they've always burnt my scalp or tugged my hair. Generally the problem with blow dry bars is the lack of care they take with your hair in comparison to traditional salons, but with Show, that's different. Owned by Tamara Ecclestone, this salon is luxurious and they take care of your hair with their wonderful oils and treatments. I've probably been to 15 different staff over the years and I've never had a complaint about any of them, my hair always holds SO well (I once went the day before a trip to Paris and my hair stayed perfect for 3 days in Paris) and looks so fresh. I also find they're really quick too, it's the perfect place to go with your laptop, catch up on work and within 45 mins - 1 hour you'll walk out like a new woman.

Aveda Hair Salon - Covent Garden - I fell in love with Aveda Covent Garden years ago, this is a their lifestyle salon and it's so beautiful. It still to this day remains one of my favourite salons and I must get myself booked in for a massage there. I instantly feel relaxed when I walk in, it's like an experience as you're given a shoulder massage, head massage, scented oils and tea. My brother actually had a full body massage here too and said it was incredible. Even with a blow dry, you can have their ritual which honestly leaves me feeling revived as if I've been in a spa. It's such a nice touch and makes the whole blow dry experience way more special. All of their hair dressers are the creme de la creme so you know you're going to leave with an amazing style and it definitely helps that all Aveda products smell incredible too. Great if you're wanting more of a wellbeing experience than an express blow dry, with top notch stylists and hair dressers. You know you're in safe hands. Okay, now writing this has made me want to book an appointment there asap.

Windle & Moodie Hair Salon - Covent Garden (recently rebranded to Windle London) Windle is like a sanctuary hidden in the middle of London, the perfect place to head to if you're looking for a longer, relaxing and luxurious treatment and blow dry. Take your laptop, take a book, switch off and enjoy. You guys know I love Seven Dials so this gives you the perfect excuse to shop there and then head to this salon bang in the middle of Covent Garden for a luxurious blow dry after. This place to me is the ultimate in wellbeing, you leave feeling restored. I met the owner of Windle when I visited the salon and love his ethos and work ethic. You can tell that he works tirelessly to ensure he only uses the best products, the best stylists and it really shows. Windle is perfect if you're into health and sustainability, the brand launched their amazing tea-infused hair care range using natural ingredients and fragrances.  Windle worked with independent, expert chemists based in the UK to ensure their products use the creme de la creme of ingredients for hair health. Pop in for their luxury scalp treatment, you really wont regret it. My hair has never felt so smooth!

Sassoon Hair Salon - The City/Covent Garden - I'm very loyal to Tatty, Conor, Louise, Nathaniel (all Sassoon Leeds) and Lee (Sassoon Manchester) when it comes to my Yorkshire blow dries, they're just epic and always make my hair look incredible. Tatty once styled my hair the night before getting a flight to Barcelona and my hair looked incredible for the next few days. They really know how to care for your hair and treat it well, plus it lasts long. In London, I've been to Sassoon Covent Garden and The City. I got my hair done by Joe in The City and had such a lovely, bouncy blow dry for dinner so would massively recommend him if you're in the area. I love Sassoon because as someone who's had majorly damaged hair (read my how to grow and strengthen damaged hair blog post) they really take care of it with the best treatments, whether it's smart bond with your colour or their liquid hair treatment which honestly makes my hair feel like silk. I even had a treatment done once where they cleaned my whole scalp, it was *odd* seeing my scalp but I also saw all the gunk on it. Sassoon are my saviours, they've saved my hair over the years and I'll always go to them for a deep treatment. I always recommend going to salons like Sassoon for blow dries if you're someone who's worried about damaged hair because they really take care of it, ensuring they're using treatments and heat protection.

LockonEgo Hair Salon - Chelsea - One of the best blow dries I have ever had was by Jonny at LockOnEgo in Chelsea. I started with the Redken heat treatment which made my hair feel like heaven and restored it back to all it's glory and then I left with the bounciest blow dry, ever. Also, any salon who uses Redken gets a massive thumbs up from me, one of the best hair brands out there. My hair was SO soft, just like new.

Hari's Hair Salon - Fulham - They have Hari's hair salons dotted all around Chelsea, Fulham areas and they're ALWAYS busy which is a good sign for sure. I popped in for a blow dry and was so impressed, I've now been to at least 4 different stylists and always left with a bouncy blow dry, plus they always have me out in an hour too which is perfect if I have a busy day. I love them because they use such good products,  looking at you L'Oreal Professional! Also, their head massages are the best I've ever had, they take such time to give you a good one and I am a sucker for a good head massage. I rate Hari's so highly that my boyfriend now actually goes there to get his hair cut too and he's so impressed.

Daniel Galvin Hair Salon - Selfridges - I think the Daniel Galvin salon in Selfridges is utterly beautiful, I love the service in there. I had such a divine Kerastase treatment (another one of my favourite hair care brands) ini there and left with such a lovely, bouncy blow dry. Definitely my go-to for a blow fry if I'm up near Oxford Street.

Radio Hair Salon - Kings Cross - I went to Radio recently for a press event to celebrate the launch of the new Redken Science range and honestly, this salon is divine. If you're at this side of London or maybe waiting to catch a train from Kings Cross, this is your little haven amongst the hustle and bustle. I like them because they use the creme de la creme of products and the salon itself is just divine, think gorgeous plants everywhere and super insta worthy but, they do a great job at caring for the hair too as it's a proper salon.

Blush Blow London Blow Dry Bar - Parsons Green - If you can't get to SHOW dry but are looking for that kind of blow dry (quick, efficient and long lasting) and are based or happen to be in SW London, definitely try Blush Blow London. This beautiful salon is great for getting you in and out within 45 mins-1 hour. I take my laptop, crack on with what I need to do (sometimes whilst playing with the dog if it's in the salon! I love a dog friendly salon hehe) and you can even get your gel nails done at the same time as having a blow dry. Blush Blow London is the perfect salon for the busy girl who needs some beauty treatments in a gorgeous setting, but doesn't want to spend hours doing them. It's the perfect workspace whilst someone makes me feel fabulous! Everyone in there is so friendly (they also do amazing brows too, I was SO impressed when I last visited and got my brows done here!).

Richard Ward Hair Salon - Chelsea - My Mum and I went for a blow dry at Richard Ward and had lovely Kerastase treatments (what's not to love) my Mum said it's one of the best (as well as Tatty at Sassoon Leeds of course) straight blow dries she's ever had, that held so well. She really struggles to find people who make her hair sit the way she wants it and she was so thrilled at Richard Ward. I had such a lovely, bouncy blow dry and it held so well too. Rumour has it, Kate Middleton approves of this place!

DryBy Blow Dry Bar - Fitzrovia/Oxford Circus - Everyone talks about DryBy and there's a reason for that! It's one of the more premium blow dry bars and even the decor speaks for itself, it oozes luxury. I often book myself in here when I have a spare hour between meetings. I sit with a cup of tea whilst I work away on my laptop (usually catching up on emails) and I leave feeling like a new woman. I always find the staff here are exceptional and the blow dries are always so good. I love a place that cares for my hair whilst washing it and styling it and they use so many good products in DryBy.

Do you like going for blow dries? Where do you like going for them? I hope this helps you find the best blow dry in London!

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Lots of love, Em x

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