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Thursday 17 March 2016

One-O-One Restaurant Knightsbridge Review

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Hello hello! A foodie and date night post from me seen as my last 'date night' post went down so well! Yay. Recently I ate at One-O-One restaurant in Knightsbridge and I couldn't not share this meal with you as it's 100% one of the best meals I've ever had and trust me, that's a bold statement coming from me as I really like my food. Let's discuss the dreamiest date night to exist...

one-o-one restaurant knightsbridge
Outside, it doesn't look like anything special but it's the food that counts. I always find the best restaurants are the ones that tend to down-play their decor. Don't get me wrong, One-O-One is beautiful, but I feel they don't need to be extravagant because the food speaks for itself. The restaurant itself kind of reminds me of a nice, fancy lounge, the area in the house that's saved for special occasions, with beautiful glasses and table cloths. On arrival, we were greeted with a glass of champagne, my favourite, Moet. Throughout Feb/March the restaurant were doing a special promotion for fashion week where if you spent £50 in their postcode (easy to do seen as Harrods is so close), you received a free glass of fizz. Perfect for me because we all know Moet is the way to my heart. The service from the onset was just incredible; our jackets were taken, we were walked to the table, we were greeted by the friendly and attentive staff and the menu was explained to us in detail. I am such a sucker for good service and I cannot put into words just how incredible the staff were.

 The bread was fresh and delicious. I noticed that it was topped up every time we finished too, I love restaurants that aren't precious about their bread and actually allow you to nibble on it throughout your meal. The butter was incredible.

We had a mixture of cod and haddock to start as a little appetiser. Delicious and it really got me excited for the meal ahead. 

Our waiter was incredible and explained everything to us, he was attentive but only when he needed to be. I love it when waiters get the level of attentiveness just right. He was spot on. I always go with restaurant recommendations because they know best, so I quizzed him. He recommended the tempura oysters (cool huh?!) which come with little pipettes filled with sweet chilli sauce ready for you to pump into the oyster. Possibly the coolest starter I've ever had. Me and Matt both agreed it was one of the best things we've ever tried.

I got the crab risotto to start. Think creamy risotto with pieces of crab. It all went together so well and just melted in my mouth. I'm not a huge fish lover, I like certain types of fish but not fishy fish, this was perfect because I got the light taste of crab mixed with risotto. 

Matt went for the crab legs and said they were divine. The presentation alone was epic and the portion size was amazing too.

We were recommended wine to go with each course and once again, it really showed off the waiters expertise as he really did know which wine went with each dish.

I went for the fillet of beef for my main of course, perfectly cooked, soft, tender and delicious. Even though it looks small, it was so filling. It went perfectly with the veg on the side too.

Matt went for the duck and ate it within seconds because he said it was so incredible. He usually gets his meat cooked rare but took the restaurants recommendation and went medium, spot on according to him. I had some too and it truly was delicious. We got spinach, mash and fries (of course) on the side and even they can't be faulted. 

Dessert is what really blew me away (okay, every single item blew me away but usually dessert is a bit of an anti-climax, not here...) I went for the lime parfait, which brought back so many memories of my trip to Miami. I've honestly never tasted such a delicious dessert and don't even get me started on how perfect the ice cream was. I've never appreciated or enjoyed a dessert as much in my life. 

The chocolate soufflĂ©, as expected, was melt-on-your-mouth heavenly, with each bite I didn't want it to end. It sounds like a Marks & Spencers advert but I have nothing but positivity for this incredible restaurant. I'm someone who really enjoys to spend her money and free time eating at nice places and staying at nice places so I really do recognise when something is truly exceptional, exceptional really is the best way to describe this restaurant. 
 I wore my new white dress which can be bought online here. We stayed for quite a while after our meal, chatting and laughing, enjoying the lovely atmosphere. I actually didn't want to leave. I could have easily sat there all night, I love places like that, really relaxing and lovely and such an experience. The atmosphere was amazing, the service was the best I've ever had and Matt and myself both agree it's the best meal we've ever had. It's gonna be tough to ever top this one!

I highly recommend a trip to One-O-One when you're in London! For those tempura prawns and service alone!

Have you ever heard of this restaurant? Do you like the sound of it? Have you ever eaten anywhere like this? Have you visited Knightsbridge? 

Lots of love, Em x

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