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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Why You Should Love Yourself - Top Tips To Be Kinder To Yourself

Hello hello! So another personal post from me today and it gives me the chance to talk to you about something that needs celebrating more actually: YOU. Yes you, reading this right now. I often feel like women don't celebrate themselves enough or show themselves enough self love. We're so busy (I know I am anyway) constantly stressing or running around that actually, we don't always stop to take care of ourselves and just love ourselves.  Let's discuss further...

Weight Watchers recently launched a campaign called #WomanKind and their research found that  89% of women would complement others in a way they would never compliment themselves, 82% feel that they could have a stronger relationship with themselves and 85% wish they could be kinder to themselves. Now, I think complimenting people is extremely important, one of the best pieces of life advice I was given as child was: try and compliment someone once a day, spreading kindness will not only make someone elses day, but it'll make you feel happier too. I always try and compliment someone once a day, it's my daily goal so I'm definitely not trying to take something away from that but, I do think it is so important to take care of ourselves too.

The #WomanKind campaign stood out to me because it aims to help women feel more confident within their mind, body and soul which is basically what I'm all about. I want people to feel happy and confident within themselves. This campaign inspired me to write down some of my top tips to be kinder to yourself because it really is so important to love yourself first and have a positive relationship with yourself. If you read my blog a lot, you'll know that I am big on balance, I live for the 80-20 rule, that means, giving yourself 80% healthy foods/healthy living (e.g., 5 times a week) and then after all, life is for living, so I have time off on weekends, or, two times a week where I'll have Pringles, my favourite chocolate and maybe some pizza. I read something on Facebook the other day by a girl called Melanie Kaye which basically sums up how I feel about balance:

"This is a Mars bar. I love Mars bars. This Mars bar is not naughty or bad. Eating this Mars bar does not mean that I will need to run 3.66km to burn it off. Maybe I will have a bite or two of it after my dinner tonight. Maybe I'll eat the whole thing. Maybe I won't feel like it at all. 
Eating this Mars bar will not make me unhealthy. It will not stop me from reaching my fitness goals and it will not make any movement I did last week null and void. I don't eat Mars bars all the time but I don't completely restrict them either. 

To me, a Mars bar is not a "treat". I'm not a dog. I don't work or perform tricks for my food. I include Mars bars as a part of a balanced and moderate diet which also consists of lean protein, fresh fruit, lots of vegetables and some fat. If I want a Mars bar, I will eat one. No guilt. No shame. It's just a Mars bar and life is too short to not enjoy food you love."

This completely stood out to me and is exactly what I try to say: Balance and self-love, so not depriving yourself, enjoying yourself, relaxing - is key, if you want pizza, have pizza, if you need a night off, take a night off; my main rule and my first rule for self love actually is never to deprive yourself. I wanted to write down a few of my tips to being kind to yourself - this doesn't mean just standing there and saying: yeah I look good! There are other ways you can be kinder to yourself too:

Don't Deprive Yourself - So number one of course, never deprive yourself. If you want to eat pizza, eat pizza. Go for a cocktail with the girls, one cocktail or one pizza is not going to ruin your progress.

Balance - As mentioned though, everything in moderation. It really is about balance, so don't eat a pizza every night and then complain that you've gained weight, enjoy yourself but try and be healthy most of the time (80/20!). 

Good Nutrients - Your body really is a temple, show it some love. To show yourself some self-love, start by showing your body some love! I see my body as a car, it needs looking after so it can perform to the best of its ability. That means starting the day with a filling, healthy breakfast (I love a big bowl of oats, brimming with seeds and fruit) and making sure I'm getting enough vegetables, good foods and lots of water. If you nourish your body with all the good things, you're loving yourself from within! I always feel better when I've had a week of healthy eating but as I always say, don't make it a fad, make it part of your lifestyle. 

Don't Criticise Yourself - It's easier said than done, but don't criticise yourself. We find it so easy to be nice to others and compliment them every day but what about showing ourselves some love?  Have you ever just said: I look good today? No. Well do it. A great example of this is my friend, recently she was complaining that she's done a month of personal training and has seen no difference in her body, so she took a photo of herself, compared it to one she took a month before and noticed that actually, she's done amazingly and there are loads of changes in her body. It just goes to show, don't criticise yourself! Remember, things take time and don't happen overnight, particularly when it comes to fitness, just like eating a pizza wont make you fat over night, one day of exercise wont have instant results. 

Rest Up - One of the main things I think most of us need to do (me 100%), rest up! Put your phone down, put your work away, put some TV on, run a hot candle lit bath,  just relax. Try get some extra hours in bed and I guarantee you'll wake up and feel like you've cared for yourself and shown that body you put so much stress on a lot of love!

Do Something In The Fresh Air - I love going on adventures and for me, it's something that really de-stresses me and makes me feel better. I'm always quite stressed and that's not a good way to show yourself love so to get rid of that stress, I try to do something exhilarating. Go on a walk in the country side with your wellies, take the dog on a nice long walk, just do something that gets rid of your stresses! Go bowling, try go-karting, let your stresses out and I guarantee, you'll feel better!

Do Something Nice For You - That brings me onto my final tip; do something nice for you, whether that's going to the seaside for a day trip, buying yourself some flowers, having a glass of wine or buying yourself an expensive tub of ice cream. Do something for you once a month, try it! 

I can't believe that 86% go women said they could be kinder to themselves. I hope this will help you think more about establishing a kinder and more caring relationship with yourself, I know I'm going to try get back into yoga once my workload calms down, try use the sauna and steam room more and just generally do things that make me feel good. I'd love for you to add motivational and inspirational quotes in the comments, and let me know if you'd like to help encourage women everywhere develop more positive relationships with themselves!   

I love the video below:
Now, write down something in the comments that YOU love about yourself! I like my legs! See - that was actually hard to write that! Try it! And, tell me something you're going to do to care for yourself more this coming month! Let's spread some self love! 

*This was sponsored by WeightWatchers but is as always, my own opinion. 

Lots of love, Em x

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