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Sunday 28 February 2016

My Hero Mum; A Personal Post; My Childhood & A Note To My Mum - Plus, Win A Prize For Your Mum!

With Mother’s day coming up (a week today if you didn’t realise UK folks!)  I wanted to write a post all about my Mum. I haven't done a personal post for quite some time. The lovely people at MyVQ have started a #MyHeroMum campaign where we celebrate our Mums so here is my post about my own hero! Don't worry, you can win a prize at the end of this post too so keep reading. My Mum is hands down the most influential and inspirational person in my life and I don’t tell her enough. I often think because we’re all so busy rushing around and getting on with our lives, we forget sometimes to tell the people close to us just how much we love them so if this post makes you go out and do that, then my job is done. I wear my heart on my sleeve but even I forget to tell people how much they mean to me sometimes. I have a really small family and as a child, I’d go out on a day trip every Sunday with them without fail but as I’ve got older, it’s a complete treat if I have the time to see my family on a Sunday. I'm a real family girl and I miss my family if I go a day without seeing them. Let’s talk about my biggest inspiration, Mummy!...

It’s really hard to put into words just how much my Mum means to me. I’ve tried it before and I just can’t explain it. My Mum is everything to me. I always look forward to seeing her and catching up and I text her all day, every day without fail. I've even got her on Instagram now so she can see what I'm up to! Some people are Daddies girls, some people are Mummys girls, some people are Grandma/Grandad girls. My Mum is my best friend, she knows everything about me and we don’t have secrets. I feel fortunate that I have this bond with my Mum as a lot of my friends don't but equally, I don't have a Dad so I feel lucky that my Mum is a Mum and Dad rolled into one. When I have down days about not having a Dad, because trust me, there are a lot of days where I feel like I need a father figure in my life, I realise that actually, my Mum is a hero in her own rights and who needs a Dad when your Mum is so incredible?

When I moved to Canada for a year, the hardest thing in the world was saying goodbye to my Mum. If you read my 'facing my fears' blog post, I explained how I left everything at home behind, a loving boyfriend, a loving family and moved to the other side of the world, why? Because I needed to face my fears and try something new, by myself. It made me grow but I missed my Mum. Standing in the airport, teddy bear in one hand, 4 suitcases in the other, it actually broke my heart saying goodbye to my Mum. I don't know how I did it and I certainly wont do it ever again. I don't know what I'd have done over in Canada without FaceTime. The hardest thing about the trip is that my Mum never came to visit (for various reasons) and one day, I will take her to Canada so she can see where I lived for a year. It's my dream to take her to Montreal and actually, that's one thing I wish I could do, take my Mum on all my travels with me so she could experience some of the amazing places I've been fortunate enough to visit. 

My Mum brought me up through very tough circumstances (which one day I will discuss, but when I feel ready - sorry) but she always had a smile on her face, no matter what. As a child, actually, things weren't good at all for various reasons but I didn't realise most of the time because she worked so hard to make sure we were always safe and happy. She managed to shield myself and my brother from a lot of damage as young children and I will always thank her for that. I often think that it is these tough circumstances as a child that made me and my Mum have an even stronger bond. Sometimes, you've got to go through some terrible things in order to see the positives in life and together, we have got through some horrible times but that's the key, we did it together and hey, we got through it and now, our mission as a family is to enjoy life, and just be happy after spending so long unhappy.  Being unhappy in the past means we really appreciate the good times now and I will always take that as a positive.

My Mum has worked tirelessly her whole life to provide for myself and my brother. She went out to work pretty shortly after having myself and my brother and she explained to me that many people looked down on her for this. I am so proud and happy that she did this because I feel by her doing this, she’s shown me how to be independent and how to stand on your own two feet. I am a workaholic which granted, isn't a good thing but I put my strong work ethic down to my Mum who has always worked tirelessly. I do think my drive comes from my Mum, she's never been a pushy parent, she's always been very relaxed but I've watched her work so hard in her career and it's always inspired me. My Mum has done some incredible things at work and recently even led a day helping women get higher in the business. This really is inspirational to me. I can’t thank my Mum enough for getting up and going to work every day, I know how hard it must have been to do that when most of her friends stayed at home with their children but she had career goals and also, if my Mum didn’t work as hard as she did, we may not have been able to get out of the bad situation we were in. I used to be upset at school because all the girls turned up with their hair braided beautifully and I had no-one to do my hair, but actually, it meant I had to teach myself. I'd much rather be the girl who turned up at school with messy hair and had to learn to be independent than not be. In the grand scheme of things, it really hasn't affected me because my Mum wasn't there to do my hair. I will forever respect my Mum for working so hard that she could stand on her own two feet. Girl power. Beyonce would be so proud.  One of my best memories is taking my Mum to see Beyonce, we had the time of our lives and being able to share something so special with my Mum (my Mum and me are both huge Queen Bey lovers) was amazing, there's no-one I'd rather have had at my side dancing the night away.

My childhood wasn't extravagant, I didn't want it to be either. We never went to Disney but I never felt like I missed out, my childhood was about riding bikes, going on long walks with my wellies and making a lot of mess (I loved baking and I loved splatting paint everywhere). I was crowned the queen of DIY as a child because I'd make so much mess in my kitchen painting things. Mum never got annoyed though, I don't think she has it in her to get annoyed. She allowed us to just run around, jump around, paint things, play with things and I definitely put my love for creativity down to her letting me just run wild and do all of those things as a child! Even though my Mum worked a lot, we were always at incredible play schemes where we'd get to paint, bake, play and socialise. I love that as children we got to do this because it meant I could meet people and do fun things.

To summarise, what does my Mum do for me? Well, apart from giving me life, protecting me, giving me support, advice and constantly looking out for me, she makes me laugh too - we have the best bond that no-one will ever be able to compete with. She is an incredible woman, who has been through so many challenges and conquered them all. Rather than allowing things to break her, she stood tall and protected herself and those around her. She really is a hero.  I honestly cannot thank my Mum enough for protecting me, supporting me and looking out for me in every situation but also, for inspiring me to work hard. My Mum always has a smile on her face and always puts every single person before her. She deserves a month long holiday with endless pampering and sunshine as she never rests or relaxes because she’s always so busy worrying about us or helping us!

my VQ

A big thanks to Hepburn Mk II from My VQ who have kindly sponsored this post and asked me to talk about #MyHeroMum - any excuse to show my Mummy some love - you can win your own pink hearts radio like the one for my Mum above, just comment on my blog post or use social media with the hashtag #MyHeroMum and tell me why your Mum deserves her own cute pink hearts radio (obviously every Mummy deserves one and I'd love to give you ALL one!) – I will be selecting a winner at random on Mother’s Day to win their own. 

Leave your comments below and tell me what makes your Mum your hero!

Lots of love, Em x

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