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Friday 19 February 2016

Skip To Get Fit! Sure Skipathon!

Hello hello! So if you've been keeping up with my blog, you'll have hopefully read my first Sure announcement post, (you can read that here if you missed it). In my first post, I talked about Sure being an official partner for this years Sport Relief. I explained that I would be announcing something new regarding the campaign this week which should hopefully appeal to those of you wanting to keep fit too (it's completely up my street) but also, something that will raise money for charity. One of my favourite exercises for keeping fit is actually involved too! Let's discuss...

As most of you will know, Sport Relief is a charity event which aims to promote sports and entertainment all whilst raising money to help those in need. Sure has today unveiled the world’s first digital Skipathon. It’s a brilliant and fun way to keep fit, get moving and raise some money for charity. 

Joining the Sure Skipathon is so easy!! Just head to www.sureskipathon.co.uk on your mobile and follow the simple instructions to donate your skip. You can even share the game on Facebook or Twitter with #SureSkipathon and get your friends to skip along with Sure for Sport Relief.

You probably already know but I'm a massive fitness fanatic and HIIT training is my favourite way of burning fat, it's quick and effective (high intensity interval training). If you keep up with any of my fitness posts, you'll know I'm a big believer in burning fat quickly and effectively and that's why I love doing certain exercises, such as skipping. Skipping for me is something that really gets my heart going so when Sure challenged me to see how many skips I can complete in 1 minute in order to raise money for charity as part of their skipathon. I was excited to get involved. 

Please make sure you get involved! Even if it's in front of the TV as an excuse to get that heart racing or try add it into your interval training at the gym and see how many skips you can do in 1 minute!
When I do interval training in my garden over Summer, I always add skipping into the mix, I put my phone timer on for 1 minute and skip as fast as I can, I then have a breather for 30 seconds and go again. Trust me, it really does work your body!  

When Sure challenged me to see how many consecutive skips I could complete in order to raise money for charity, I was excited to get involved. I managed to get 45 skips on my first try but will continue to keep trying and beat that score!

Now this is where it gets really exciting, Piccadilly Circus transformed into Skipadilly Circus (cute huh) for a one off skipping event in aid of Sport Relief with the help of the lovely Katherine Jenkins.

Skipadilly Circus and the Sure Skipathon forms part of a wider campaign where Sure is asking the nation to help them reach the target of 1 million skips. Sure will donate £200,000 to Sport Relief, money that will help to make a difference to people living incredibly tough lives, both here at home in the UK and across the world’s poorest communities..

Supported by Sure, the world first antiperspirant with Motionsense technology activated directly by movement, you will able to show your skills for Sport Relief and skip in the knowledge that the more you move the more it protects.

I think this is such a fun, lovely idea and it really brings back some great memories of when I was a child. I remember doing a day of skipping at school for Sport Relief and we raised so much money. I know I'll certainly be taking part in this. 

Do you like skipping? Will you be taking part?

 Lots of love, Em x

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