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Sunday 21 February 2016

Fun, Different Ways To Burn Calories! Mix Up Your Work Out!

Hello hello hello! So today I wanted to do a quick post and share some of my favourite ways to burn fat. Obviously, I'm not an expert but these are just the things that I find work for me and the things I 'enjoy' doing. Not everyone likes the gym, so I'll be including things you can do at home, in your bedroom and in the gym! There are so many ways you can burn fat and it doesn't mean running on a treadmill for an hour! Actually, I can't remember the last time I did that. I was inspired to write this post by Fibre One (a new 90-calorie snack brand, which launched in the UK in January) so big thanks to them for that inspiration, they invited me to write a post about the best ways to burn 90 calories in celebration of their new bars and I adapted it a little bit. It's time to make getting fit fun!
I don't know about you, but I'm totally inspired to work out as soon as I feel Summer coming along. I'm so excited for dark days to end and to start planning my bikinis.   Here are some of my favourite, ways to get that heart pumping:

- Treadmill Intervals - The dreaded treadmill intervals, but they work. These are my favourite things not because I enjoy them (I do not) but because they seriously work. I'd much rather run on a treadmill for 10 minutes and go as quick as I can than extend it for 30 minutes. Studies do show that continuous running is good for you but so many studies talk about how incredible interval training is because you continue to burn fat throughout the day when you do it. So many studies prove that 10-20 minutes of interval training (known as HIIT, high intensity interval training) burn fat a lot quicker. I find treadmill intervals better as they're over with quickly. I crank the incline up and run as fast as I can for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds, I keep going again for 10 minutes. You can find some great examples of interval training online. You can always read my 'what I do at the gym' post here too.

- Skipping - Skipping is one of my favourite ways to burn fat and it is so effective. Skipping is a great alternative HIIT move if you're not up for hammering the treadmill. Skipping is great as it burns a lot of calories in a short space of time and is renowned as one of the best cardio workouts! You can do it and it feels a little bit nicer and more fun than treadmill intervals too. Get some Beyonce on your iPod, pick up a cheap rope and skip to it infront of the TV! You'll be exhausted before you know it. I try skip as fast as I can for one minute and then have a 20 second rest. After 5 minutes, you'll be ready to sleep! 

- Swimming - Swimming is actually one of my favourite exercises, mainly because you can do it with a friend. I used to swim with my friend twice a week as an excuse to keep fit but catch up at the same time. It works muscles you don't even realise need working/can be worked. I always feel so achey the next day. I love swimming because it really doesn't feel like you're working out! Grab your bikini! If it was up to me and I had the time, I'd swim every single day! 

- Burpees - Granted, burpees and starjumps aren't they most fun moves but they really work and are two easy moves which really do burn fat! They're great for mixing things up. Do one solid minute of them and then rest for thirty seconds before you repeat again and you'll feel amazing. I always do starjumps infront of the TV as a quick way to blast fat. 

- Power Walking - If you're really not in the mood to gym, you can still keep fit, go on a walk! It's better to do something than nothing at all. Grab a friend, or your iPod and go for a nice, speedy stroll around your local town or village. You'll feel amazing blowing the cobwebs off you, getting some fresh air but also, moving those limbs! 

- Ice Skating -  Ice skating is one of my favourite sports and favourite activities. It's a great way to burn calories too and it's so much fun! 

- Racket/Bat Sports - Hire out a badminton court for an hour, go to your local squash club, tennis nets or play a game of ping pong! I paid (it was around £6) to go to my local badminton court at a gym down the road and honestly had such a fun hour smashing a ball around a court! I was exhausted after! I also went on a date night to play ping-pong, I didn't realise how much exercise was involved running around after the ball!

- Cycle - I tend to do a minimum of three spinning classes a week at my gym and gosh they are intense, they burn around 500 calories per 45 minute session however, you can easily just grab your bike one weekend and go on a nice bike ride. Gentle bike rides are really fun. I like things like cycling because you don't realise that you're burning calories whilst you're cycling through the countryside! Why not get out and have a nice cycle around? I love nothing more than fresh air!

- Take The Stairs - Take the stairs! It's such an easy way to burn extra calories - I pretty much always take the stairs and run up them! It sounds so simple but start running up those stairs! 

- Dancing -  Put some music on and dance! Another really easy, fun way to burn some quick calories without realising! Friday night in? Put on some music, grab your girls and have a dance!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's just a really fun post to hopefully inspire you to work out and realise that actually, you don't always have to do crazy workouts to burn a lot of fat, there are fun ways to burn calories too! You can read more about my work outs etc on my fitness section here! Big thanks to Fibre One for sponsoring this - make sure you check out their new 90 calorie bars! 

You can watch my fitness routine video below with a few easy moves which you do for 1 minute if you missed that! It would mean the world to me if you could click here and subscribe to my channel too. 

What are your fave ways to burn calories? Do you like working out? Do you do any of the above? 

 Lots of love, Em x

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