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Saturday 6 February 2016

Healthy, Easy Pancake Recipe; How To Make Healthy Pancakes

healthy pancake recipe
Hello hello! So today I wanted to write up a highly requested post.  I'm forever posting photos of my healthy, home-made, easy pancakes on Twitter and Instagram and everyone keeps asking me for the recipe. I posted a recipe a long time ago but I've made some refinements to it and it's much better now so I wanted to share my new recipe with you, so you can make healthy pancakes too. I hope you like them and enjoy making these as much as I love eating them (best bit is, they're healthy, hooray!)
healthy pancakes

You will need:

- Oats
- Buckwheat flour
- Raw Cocoa (optional but makes them taste more chocolatey)
- Protein Powder (I don't use it personally but if you want protein pancakes, go for it)
- Seeds: I use flax and chia
- Coconut Oil
- Blueberries
- Bananas
- Eggs
- Milk (I use almond)
- Cinnamon (optional topping)
- Dark chocolate (I use 85%) (optional topping)
- Honey (optional topping)
- Greek Yoghurt (optional)

You'll notice that most of these ingredients are optional because basically, all you need is oats, eggs, milk and bananas to make them but, I've tried the recipe SO many times and they taste much sweeter and juicier if you use the above.

I never measure it out (I'm not an expert I just guess what works) but I tip my oats into a blender (I use a hand blender) and mix them up into like a healthy flour, you can use this as your main flour but I've noticed they rise a lot better with a little bit of Buckwheat flour, optional but if you've got it, it'll make them way more pancake like. I then blend in my bananas, usually two bananas is enough with a bowl full of oats. I add enough milk as if I'm making porridge, squirt some honey, add some cinnamon and then crack my two eggs then blend this all together. You're then left with a pancake batter mixture. Feel free to add your seeds and raw cocoa too at this point. I love raw cocoa as it makes them a bit more chocolatey.

Make a pan really hot with coconut oil and then spoon in your pancakes. You'll know when they're ready to flip.

I top mine with melted dark chocolate, blueberries and more fruit plus lots of cinnamon. You can always add Greek yoghurt on top too! Tada, you're ready to eat your yummy pancakes!

I also did an updated What I eat post online here if you're interested in that.

Do you like pancakes? Do you like the sound of these ones? 

Lots of love, Em x

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