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Tuesday 16 February 2016

Top Items To Take On Trips With You! My Favourite Travel Items!

what to take on a weekend trip

Hello hello! Today I wanted to do an updated packing post featuring some of my favourite items  to take on trips away. If you follow me on social media, you'll know I am craving some sunshine. This feels like the longest period since I've had some sunshine but I have lots of travels planned for March (yay) - apologies for the lack of travel posts, things have just been manic at the start of this year. January is over now and because it’s so cold in the UK, I imagine lots of people are already planning trips too, whether you’re going for a short weekend away close to home or heading further afield, hopefully my favourite things to pack will help you to look energised, glowy and keep hydrated throughout your trip!
For the face:

I always find that my face feels really dull and dry when travelling. I guess this comes from all the changing of climates, air-conditioning and general stress of organising everything. Here are my top things at the moment for skin when traveling but, you can easily use these on a day to day basis too. 

This Works, Energy Bank Sun Flash - I am obsessed with this little shot of energy for your face. A facial tanner that is actually good for your skin? Yup you heard right, a super hydrating balm which is filled with goodness which tans your skin and works on it at the same time. This will guanretee you wake up with a beautiful, radiant glow. Thank me later. This Works do it again. Endless supply please. Online here. 

Ole Henriksen Brightening Wipes - If you must use face wipes, use these ones. People hate face wipes but there’s nothing wrong with high quality ones .These are the best and they’re particularly good for travelling because they have so much added goodness in them. They completely hydrate my face and make me feel so fresh and awake. Online here. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil - I take this little pot of magic absolutely everywhere with me. I feel lost without it. I know it’s amazing because the minute I’m without it my skin instantly feels horrible. Kiel’s midnight recovery oil is an absolute must have product seriously. It’s been my holy grail product for a long time. When I stopped using it for 6 months I actually hated my skin. It basically repairs the skin over night with amazing, natural ingredients. I cannot rave about it enough, particularly when travelling as it will just repair tired, damaged, dull and stressed skin.   You can read my full review here.  You can read about my current skincare routine hereShop Kiehl's online here

Primers - When it comes to primers ( I am a primer obsessive) there are too many I love. Primers for me are essential make up bag items because they prep your skin for flawless make up application, ensure your make up stays on all day but also, almost create a barrier between the skin and the dirty make up you're about to put on. Some primers have added skincare benefits too, making them perfect for travel. Firstly, Too Faced Hangover Mask - the new Hangover mask by Too Faced is made with so many good things, including coconut water, and it does exactly what it says on the tube: revives ‘hungover’ aka, dull, tired, skin and makes it look brighter. A few times, I forgot my moisturiser but had this in my bag and it saved me. It makes you feel instantly hydrated with it's milk-like texture. This is seriously an amazing primer because it’s basically skincare too as well as a primer. I am all for hydration whilst travelling. Another one of my absolute must have travel primers and one I’ve featured on my blog far too many times is ThisWorks In Transit primer. This primer is basically all you need in your bag whilst travelling, it’s a mask, primer and moisturiser in one and it is 100% a travel essential. This is full of powerful ingredients to transform the skin and means you don’t need three individual products with you. 

I also love SKYNN Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels for long haul flights (they instantly hydrate the undereye area and make you feel and look so refreshed, I used these on my trip to New York and swear by them). I also love spray on toners/hydrating sprays. My favourite ones are by Jurlique and Liz Earle, a quick spritz (even over make up) and you're hydrated and refreshed. 

For The Under Eyes:  

BareMinerals Stroke Of Light Highlighter - This is like one of those instantly ‘wake me up’ products that everyone needs. It doesn’t conceal the undereyes but it does give them the most beautiful, bright look. I love Bareminerals because I feel like their products are kind to my skin. Online here. 

For The Ultimate Pamper:

Jo Malone Travel Products - If you like a little bit of luxury, grab some Jo and put it your my bag. Their travel items are just the cutest and most luxurious little things you’ll ever come across. My main issue when travelling is perfume, it takes up way too much space and weight but I want to take my favourite scents with me, as most of you will know, at the moment, I’m loving Mimosa and Cardmon and Jo Malone actually do this in a small travel size (isn’t it just the cutest bottle you’ve ever seen?!). I am pretty excited about this because it’s light-weight, pretty but still means I can smell of my favourite scent every day. I didn’t even know you could get Jo Malone scents in such travel friendly sizes but it’s so good that you can. I think I'll be picking up so many more of these as handbag essentials. If you’re more of a candle lover then you can also take your own Jo Malone candle along with you, extravagant but worth it. Not to mention their gorgeous mini bath oil and shower gel. You really can take a little bit of luxury away with you if you pack some of Jo's miniatures. They're almost too beautiful to use if I'm honest. Shop online here. 

For The Refresh:

Mio Gym Kit! - The wipes inside this little set (you can buy them individually here) are just epic. They're designed for after the gym (but so totally okay to use whilst travelling when you get all hot and flustered) and they clean you down after a sweat sesh. It sounds horrible I know but these little wipes are my saviours when I can't shower. It's actually perfect for travel and after workouts. Online here.

For The Ride:

FRENDS Headphones - I was kindly given some FRENDS headphones by my brother for my birthday and it's safe to say, I haven't put them down. Nothing beats amazing headphones when travelling. Online here. 

For The Lips - When I'm away, I always find my lips need more nourishment. There are some amazing products on the market but my absolute favourite when it comes to lips are Nuxe Reve De Miel, you'll wake up and your lips will still feel so hydrated (100% one of the best lip balms I've ever used), Clarins Lip Perfector, it instantly hydrates and almost plumps the lips plus coats them with a gorgeous colour so you're ready to go and take on the dayClarin's Lip Oil is also amazing as it fully coats them in oil and instantly makes them smooth. Lastly, Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Lip Balm, it's full of impressive ingredients to really work on the lips over time rather than just instantly hydrating them and not actually fixing the issue. This really is a little pot of magic. 

Big thanks to the team at Expedia for inspiring me to write this post to celebrate their Hen hub (make sure you check it out!). If you are looking for a trip (I know I am), then dont forget to head to the  Expedia package holiday page for a last minute treat. Go on, I dare you. Obviously this is still my 100% honest opinion! 

Do you have any trips planned? What are your travel essentials? Do you use any of the above? Do you like the sound of any of the above? 

Lots of love, Em x

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