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Thursday 25 February 2016

Electro Brunch At Gaucho! Gaucho Electro Brunch Review

electro brunch at gaucho
Unlimited steak, sparkling wine and pancakes - three words I've never put together. I've dreamt of that situation happening, but I never knew it existed. If you read Emtalks a lot, you'll know that Gaucho is my favourite restaurant (particularly the one in Leeds because the service is always epic), cocktails are my favourite thing to drink and I'm a little bit obsessed with steak. It seems then that Gaucho's new electro brunch was made for me; think unlimited cocktails, sparkling wine, steak, pancakes and more brunch items, from 11-3pm every weekend - eat as much as you like whilst you chill all afternoon with electro vibes. Count me in, every weekend. I went to sample it over Valentines weekend and naturally had to share the occasion with you... warning, you may get hungry. 
leeds gaucho electro brunchelectro brunch gaucho
gaucho leeds

electro brunch review
The idea of all-you-can-eat at my favourite restaurant is basically like a dream come true. I'm glad that you still get to experience the high quality service too though, this isn't a buffet, this is still seated meal but you just get unlimited options. Gaucho has been my favourite for as long as I can remember and their electro brunch is done in such a cool, sophisticated way. It costs £45 per person (I think that's very well priced considering everything you get and the quality of the food and restaurant - one steak alone can set you back £45 so actually, I was expecting this to cost a lot more) and you can arrive anytime from 11am. You're seated and are handed a menu and then the fun begins. You can choose anything you like from the electro brunch menu, as many times as you like (I had pancakes three times because they were so good), imagine the dreamiest tapas situation in the world but with Argentinian food and that's what you've got.

What makes this even more incredible is that they make you fresh fruit smoothies, on tap. I probably had about 6. They have the freshest ingredients and they can honestly whip you anything up. I had a spinach based smoothie, followed by a berry smoothie. I loved the idea of choosing my fruits and them blending me something yummy up right infront of me.

The drinks were flowing, the breakfast cocktails were truly delicious - imagine fresh orange, ginger and a touch of vodka - light and fresh. I didn't think I'd be one for cocktails in the morning but actually, they were delicious.

I ordered the chorizo twice because it was so perfect. Gaucho chorizo is honestly the best.

They even do bacon sandwiches, naturally one of the best bacon sandwiches I've ever had. 

It's safe to say the steak was cooked to perfection, in true Gaucho style. With a fried egg on the side for good measure.  I was honestly so excited to order the steak.  It was heaven, as per usual. Nowhere does steak like Gaucho.

As you can see, the menu is extensive, some of the portions seem quite small but they're hearty and quite filling. The best thing is, you can just keep reordering until you feel like you're going to burst. 

The restaurant was completely full but it felt so chilled. That's why I love Gaucho, it's a luxurious, high-end restaurant but it doesn't feel stuffy or pretentious, it's friendly, the service is always amazing and particularly for the electro brunch, I felt as if we could just completely sit back and relax whilst we sipped away and tried everything on the menu (twice). We had a breather and chatted over sparkling Chandon and had a giggle with the waitress (we wondered how long it would be until I went for my 4th round of pancakes)...

Soon enough, I crumbled and ordered more. 

I am so excited that Gaucho's electro brunch has made it to the North - it's available in so many of their restaurants now so do check it out online. As per usual, Gaucho Leeds blew me away, with their attentive, funny and just down-right lovely staff, their incredible food and this amazing experience. Going to Gaucho is worth every penny because it really is an experience, it's so much more than just a meal. I cannot recommend Gaucho's electro brunch enough so when you've next got a free weekend, make sure you book in for the best afternoon of brunch. I know I'll be heading down with my girls next time!

Do you like brunch? Do you like Gaucho? Do you like the sound of a bottomless, unlimited brunch?

Lots of love, Em x

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