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Monday 23 March 2020

How To Stay Fit And Healthy When You're Stuck At Home

how to stay healthy when at home
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Hey guys hope you are doing well, after my 10 working from home tips blog post I thought it was time to do a 10 ways to stay fit and healthy when you are stuck at home blog post. I asked on Instagram what kind of content you guys would like from me and as many people around the world are currently self-isolating or in quarantine (or at the very least, social distancing in order to protect those who are vulnerable and our incredible emergency services/health workers/teachers/police carers/front line staff tc) or generally stuck at home due to the corona virus, many asked for some tips on how to stay fit and healthy from home, whilst gyms are closed too so I hope these tips will help you feel fit and healthy from your house.

how to stay fit and healthy at home

1. Morning stretches - We can’t go to the gym right now (for many, it may not be a priority and I totally get that but also, for many, working out or at least getting some fresh air is amazing for our minds and mental health, many of us are feeling incredible anxious right now and a little bit of movement can really help) whilst me sharing loads of workouts might make a small percentage feel guilty for not working out (not my aim by the way), the main aim is to inspire the masses to get moving if they are well enough to do so and I don't see anything wrong with that. Movement doesn't have to be a crazy, sweaty HIIT session, I personally find even just taking a bit more time to do morning stretches either in my lounge or in my bed whilst I'm waking up is so calming and properly wakes me up, it's way better than bolting out of bed exhausted to a loud alarm, so if you are in the fortunate position where you can work from home right now, try wake up a little calmer and start the day right, set a more gentle alarm and allow yourself an extra five minutes to just stretch it out before you start the day. If you are someone who tends to bolt out of bed, see if you can get a yoga mat (good quality cheap one online here too) or even a rug in your lounge/workspace and just take 5 minutes to do some gentle breathing and stretches after you've done your first morning emails, you will feel amazing. 

2. Gratitude - Okay bear with me because it took me a while to get on board with this idea as it really is a mind shift but practicing gratitude has really helped make me a more positive person (I discovered the importance of gratitude after reading a book called The Secret) and I believe if you're more positive, your mind feels better and generally, it makes you feel happier. I read something recently that said one minute of anger weakens your immune system for 4-5 hours and 1 minute of laughter boost your immune system for 24 hours, now I am not a scientist but that's enough to make me want to be positive and grateful where I can. Apparently practicing gratitude has so many benefits because you are regularly slowing down and taking the time to reflect on the things you are thankful for, it helps with positive emotions, embracing this life we are so lucky to have and it can even help to make you sleep better too. I've started doing my 3 morning thoughts on Instagram which helps streamline my thoughts too when I first wake up, it gives me that time to just connect. Recently I've thought about doing 3 things I'm grateful for too, before bed. You don't have to put this anywhere publicly if you don't want (although I like to because I feel like gratitude helps me express more compassion and kindness), I find writing it down solidifies it a little more so you could always do this in a gorgeous little journal or on the note section of your phone when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Try it!

3. Home workouts - The obvious one, home workouts, everyone on Instagram is sharing them at the moment and there are hundreds on YouTube so you really have no excuse. Like I say, you can keep it simple with just some stretches or getting some fresh air, I totally understand if you don't have the motivation to workout, it takes A LOT of motivation to do it by yourself at home, that's why I think YouTube videos and Instagram lives are great as they genuinely inspire you to check in and do them. I would recommend getting into a routine if you are working from home, so doing the workouts before you log in OR doing them on your lunch break, whatever works for you. This morning I did a KOBOX live Instagram workout, it felt good seeing the instructor in his house shout at me to do my crunches and there was still a sense of community, it just takes a little more mental strength to do it of course, but it's fantastic to see so many of my favourite gyms who are losing profits, still going above and beyond to help us all keep fit (I've also done some good workouts from Psycle + even the David Lloyd app has home workouts on too, they're launching Blaze live classes on their app for members and a run club which makes me SO happy). You can access all my personal home work outs via Instagram under the hashtag #EmsBootcamp and you can find loads of workouts on my YouTube channel too. It goes without saying that you should only work out if it's safe to do so and if you are fit and well, but if you are, there's no reason you can't get moving in your garden or in your lounge, you can even use the steps in your house, your sofa for tricep dips and most exercises require no weights either, just your bodyweight. The hardest part for me is getting the motivation to do it so get your best Spotify playlist out and power through. PS. If you're not feeling using no equipment, I've put a post together with the best home gym equipment. You will feel great after. Read: 6 ways to motivate yourself to workout. 

4. Walk/run/skip if accessible to you - I'm very lucky and grateful to be at a house with lots of greenery around me and not many people for miles, so I can go for a run or a walk and be lucky if I see anyone (if I do, at the moment I just cross the road so I don't go anywhere near them!) remember, government guidance which could change, does encourage you to get fresh air right now, just not in big groups and not close to anyone at all. Even just stepping up from your desk if you are working from home and going for a brisk 20 minute walk can do wonders for the mind if you have cabin fever, are stuck on a topic, it can help you see the wood from the trees! If you can't leave your actual house, how about going out into your courtyard/garden/terrace and getting some fresh air that way, or you could order a skipping rope and use it in a tiny space to feel like you've done some movement. I've been trying to do runs most mornings since being back in the countryside and I wouldn't say I enjoy it, I find it quite boring but I'm enjoying getting better every run, proving my fitness levels and training my mind to get through it and my body to get better at something it's not very good at, so in a way, I am grateful I can train my body in a different way and learn a new skill. You might like: The best loungewear for home comfort. 

5. Any Kind Of Movement - So running might not be for you, walking might not be available to you and home workouts? Not motivating enough, I get it, often people just prefer classes so just try do some kind of movement whether it's hoovering, mopping the house, doing the gardening, hanging the laundry out, stood up whilst doing your emails or even sat on an exercise ball whilst on your laptop. Everything counts as movement, it doesn't have to be a rigorous run. I mean my ideal movement is either moving my mouth because I'm eating OR walking a dog ha.  

healthy at home

6. Meditation - We talk about staying healthy whilst at home and obviously, to many that means training the body but I listened to a podcast years ago that said: we spend so much money training our bodies but what about training our minds? I know many people now have therapists and honestly, therapists are incredible and I wish everyone had access to them. There are other things you can do that are good for your mind and keep your mind healthy whilst at home, whether it's reading a book, painting, meditating, focusing on breathing or listening to a podcast - everyone has a different idea of what meditation looks like to them, to many it's sitting still but to some, it could be focusing on a book instead.

7. Drink fluids - Ensure you are drinking fluids all day, every day. If I'm exercising less, generally I drink less water and my water intake the last week has been pretty rubbish. I personally find I drink way more water if it's in a bottle and it also helps me track my water intake, so I have a few bottles I use and love, my Brita 1L bottle because I know every time I finish it, that's another litre down, and any Corkcicle bottle (seen they're currently on sale here too) because they are so beautifully made, next on my list is a 1L one of them because it means I'm forced to drink that amount too. Tea and coffee count too, I love green tea. If you find water boring, put some fruit in your bottle and leave it to soak, it'll have a really yummy taste to it.
healthy baking at home

7. Pre-prepare healthy snacks and baking - If you're able to, definitely prepare some healthy snacks and baking. You can find all my recipe posts online here, I try to make my recipes super easy and using basic ingredients too. I have healthy recipes such as banana bread, oat cookies and peanut butter cups on my blog and actually find it really therapeutic making them. Recipes don't have to be difficult, as long as you've got oats, bananas and some milk generally you can whip something up. You've got more time to make things like home made pasta sauce too on an evening if you are lucky not to be commuting to work right now. We haven't been able to get any vegetables but we have some tinned tomatoes in so it's all about using what you've got right now and for that I am very grateful. Try: Healthy, easy banana bread recipe 

8. Keep your food on track - I think keeping your food on track is key to staying healthy at home, I will literally get up and before I've known it the whole bag of biscuits has gone, it's so easy for me to eat the whole house at home so now I try to not have too many high sugar/calorific snacky things in the house, or I'll try make sure there's a healthy banana bread, healthy crisps, bread, crackers, fruit to grab and snack on instead. It makes it much easier. I will try have a large bowl of porridge or cereal to start my day, it's so filling and fills me up until lunch time. Try have balanced meals, I tend to snack on chocolate a lot haha. I know it can be hard right now with the supermarkets but where you can, try have healthy snacks in the house to grab. 

9. Facetime - It might not help your physical health but it will sure help your mental health. Don't stop talking to friends and family and try stay in regular contact via the phone/skype/facetime/online, I've had a lot of messages from people who are scared because they are isolating alone and away from their families, I am personally trying to use this period to continue getting on top of my work and then once my work has kept me busy, I am ensuring I am checking in with family and friends as much as possible, a quick FaceTime call will make someones day so try and make time to check in, particularly on those in vulnerable groups right now and I would say phone call contact is better than online as it's nice to hear a friendly voice, particularly when you are feeling lonely, or even voice notes are a great way to send some positivity to your friends and family. 

10. Sunshine - Lastly, try get some sunshine wherever you can, vitamin D is really good for us so even if you can get out of the house for 5 minutes it's better than nothing, you don't actually have to do anything out there, just sit down and take in a little bit of sunshine. I instantly feel happier when I look outside and see blue skies. I read a really good article with a doctor who suggested a Vitamin D supplement if not, obviously I am not a doctor but there is some really good research about it online. If there's no sunshine? BE THE SUNSHINE! Try: 9 ways to have a better week.

Stay safe, look after each other and please be kind.

Lots of love, Em x

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