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Monday 21 January 2019


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It's that time of year where everyone's focusing on moving more and getting back on track after Christmas. One of the main questions I'm asked is how do you get yourself motivated to work out? I personally don't think keeping fit means you have to hammer the gym 5x a week, it's just about moving more. If you read my exercise addiction post, you'll know that I actually think there's too much pressure on us to workout every single day, movement is so important but it's better to have quality than quantity. Today I wanted to give you 6 ways I think you can motivate yourself to move more this year in the hopes that it inspires you when you can't really be bothered to work out or maybe you've lost your mojo a little. Let's go, here are 6 easy ways to motivate yourself to workout or to move more.
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1. Good gym kit - Put your gym kit on. The hardest bit is getting there so get yourself ready, in your gym kit. If that means having to pre-pack your bag for work with gym kit inside it so you'll go straight after work, do it. Do whatever is going to make it easiest for you to get into that class. I set my workout kit out and ready for the early morning starts, no excuses. I do also find new gym kit inspires and motivates me, I want to get my moneys worth haha and there's nothing like a good pair of trainers or leggings to do that. I personally love Sweaty Betty + Gym Shark for gym kit right now.

2. A good workout - Find a good workout that you actually like, that actually challenges you but also, gives you those addictive post-workout endorphins. You maybe don't like it during but you feel EPIC after and you know it's helping you get those positive changes. It's about finding a workout that you genuinely like, whether that's running along the river, going to Zumba or going to a Blaze or Les Mills fitness class at David Lloyd (personal favourites). There really is a workout that works for everyone, it's just about finding the one you like the best. If you actually like your workout, it'll motivate you to keep going. I personally find classes easier, purely because someone is pushing me and I don't need to think, it means I push harder than I would if I had to self-motivate in the gym.

3. A good soundtrack - If you're on a run or in the gym by yourself rather than at a class, make sure you have a mighty good soundtrack. It sounds simple but honestly, I've been to the gym without my headphones before and it ruined my workout. I need a good soundtrack to push me through those tough, final minutes. I also find putting some banging music on whilst driving to the gym in the morning instantly wakes me up and gets me pumped and in the mood. It's all about those feel good vibes.

4. Think of the benefits and the aftermath - Ask yourself why you're wanting to work out? What is your goal? What are you trying to change or maybe maintain? Or, are you working out for your mind? Asides from benefits for your health and body, there are benefits for your mind too from moving more. If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. You almost have to mentally tell yourself that you're dragging yourself to move more for a reason. Every quality workout will get you one step and one day closer to your goal, or, it'll make your mind feel epic. You've got to remind yourself how good it feels when you walk out of that class or session.

5. A good workout buddy - I really think having a workout buddy is a great motivator in itself. If you go to the gym with a friend or partner, you will both pick each other up when maybe the other one doesn't want to work out. Even if you find a friend you can walk the dog with or dance in-front of the TV with, it's all movements and sometimes we need someone to push us. You could also find someone to follow on Instagram who inspires you to work out too. It's natural to look at these girls with their filtered lives and feel envious but actually, I now look at these girls and recognise they probably just workout really hard. It's about following the right people. You can get people to push you virtually too, including setting up FitBits/your iPhones so you can tell each other when you've worked out. A little bit of friendly motivation goes a long way too.

6. Use your legs - Sometimes I find it really difficult to fit workouts in so instead, I use my legs and plan my meetings so I can either wake up an hour early and walk to them or even walk between them. If you are lucky to have a body that allows you to move, then use it. My Grandma's biggest life tip to me was always 'use your legs more' and this year, I actually want to try and walk as much as I possibly can, whether that's on an evening in summer to catch up with my Mum or walking to the gym rather than driving there. There are little things we can do to be more active, take the stairs, get off the bus one stop early... little changes can have huge benefits. As I said, moving doesn't mean just going to the gym!

So there we have it, 6 ways to motivate yourself to move more this year. I hope you enjoy this post!

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Lots of love, Em x

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