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Sunday, 6 January 2019

My New Years Thoughts

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It's January 6th and I've already broken all my New Years Resolutions... haha. Okay, so seriously, whilst I usually make 'set in stone' New Years resolutions, e.g, I HAVE TO DO THIS AND THAT. I thought this year it would be nicer to actually jot down some New Years thoughts, and more things I'm going to try and think about and actively do more this year, rather than lock myself into doing certain things. I do think resolutions are a good thing, as for so many people they help to get you on track and they help with goal setting so I'm hoping my New Year thoughts might inspire you and your own New Years thoughts and any goals you may have. I really do think the New Year is a great way to make positive changes and start a fresh page in your book, if a resolution inspires you then go for it. Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy reading this. 

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Spend quality time being present - If you read my blog post about being present in an online world you'll know that over Christmas I vowed to switch off more and actually be present with those around me. Going forward in the new year, I'd like to do more of this. We are constantly on our phones or there's always something going around our heads. I want to try and get on top of my work so I don't feel as if I need to constantly be checking my phone (for me, that means ensuring I've put an out of office on to take the pressure off or scheduling social content). This then means whoever you are with gets your full attention. Time with our loved ones is limited, particularly if they are elderly so I want to make the most of it rather than looking back and wondering why I cared more about Instagram than being in their presence. 

Drink more water - I think drinking more water is on everyones 'to do' list this year! I'm ready with my reusable chill bottles and I'm trying to force myself to drink more. It's something I'm really bad at. 

Do home workouts when I'm in hotels or travelling - My workout routine always gets a bit messed up when I'm travelling. Part of me is okay with this because our bodies need rest and often, the only rest mine gets is a week whilst I'm away. I do however love working out abroad, whether that's running along a beach or going for a hike and when I'm away for weeks at a time, I like to work out for my mind. I want to try and move more this year when I'm out of my routine and push myself out of my comfort zone by finding new gyms/classes/running routes away from home. If in doubt, I like to do workout videos via YouTube in my hotel room and I'm going to up my game and do these to get my body moving when I'm away. 

Do more steps - I feel as if I single handedly keep Uber in business. I get horrific anxiety/panic attacks on tubes and also don't want to drive around the city so I'm promising myself (when it's safe - aka not at 2am by myself) to walk much more. I will happily leave the house an hour earlier and walk for an hour than sit in a taxi in traffic. It's eco-friendly and good for my body too. I'm excited to get those extra steps in. I use the Health app on the iPhone to track my steps. It inspires me to move more on days when I can't fit the gym in. 

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Find a retreat - For years I've been saying I want to go on a health retreat and I need to find one this year. I want to go somewhere beautiful and hike, walk, do yoga every morning, swim with the stars and eat well. I feel like it will be so good for my mind and soul. 

Moisturise more - We take care of our faces but what about our bodies? I'm so good at moisturising in summer but I'm so cold in winter I always let my skin suffer. I know it's important to moisturise but sometimes I'm just too lazy. When I do moisturise my body though, I see an almost instant difference. Over the last few weeks I've upped my body moisturising game and have literally forced myself to lather my body in all the goodness haha. I've been using Neutrogena Hydro Boost for months (it was my go-to summer moisturiser) and I personally love the Express Hydrating Spray as you can apply it onto wet skin or dry skin PLUS it dries so quickly I can never believe it haha. It's the perfect quick but effective moisturiser. I also LOVE body oils, I'm living for ESPA Fitness Body Oil as it's warming for my muscles after working out and keeps my skin SO soft and hydrated. I need endless supplies please. 

Make more time to see the people I love - I really want to ensure I'm making more time to see the people I love this year. I'm so bad at making plans because I'm pretty work obsessed, I also find winter especially hard because I love going on walks with friends and with it getting dark at 3pm, it cuts the day short. I need to mix it up, smash my work out and spend quality time with people I adore. 

Make more time to meet new people - I'd also like to make more time to meet new people. I always sit and think about how many people there are in the world that I'd probably get on with so well but I've never met them. I'd like to go above and beyond this year to form new friendships with likeminded people and make new memories. 

Spread love - It's so easy to make someones day, whether you're commenting on someones Instagram photograph (it takes so long to take the content so last year I promised to actively support more people on the platform and actually say when I love something!), complimenting someones coat on the street or texting a friend to say you miss them. I think it's so important to just be nice, you never know what battles people may be going through and a 30 second compliment could truly make their day. Try it this year, you can't possibly be mad if you're spreading goodness, it makes you feel good too. 

Take advantage of fresh air - We are fortunate to live in a place with fresh, clean air and I want to go out more, use my legs that I'm so lucky to have and soak up that air. I want to go on more adventures, more walks and just get that free therapy that is fresh air. 

Be spontaneous - I'd like to be more spontaneous this year. I want to put my laptop down, go somewhere, have fun, have some tequila, make unplanned memories, eat carbs... 

Learn more - Podcasts have taught me more in the last year than my degree did... I absolutely adore podcasts and I learn so much. I want to listen to more this year when I'm walking/driving/on public transport and I want to read more too. I'm going to allocate time to do this as it feels so good to learn!

So there we have it, let me know your thoughts on this and if you have any New Years thoughts. Have the best year guys, Happy New Year and thanks for supporting me this year as always! 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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