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Sunday 4 February 2018


Central Park new york
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Hey guys, so today I thought it would be nice to do a lifestyle kinda post with 6 quick ways to feel motivated/inspired if you’re feeling in a little bit of a rut (sorry I haven't blogged for a few days, I've been having maor drama with my laptop meaning I'm seriously behind, sorry sorry sorry). Whether you’re feeling in a rut with the gym, with work, with a business idea, comparing yourself or just with life in general. We all have those days where we just can’t really be bothered/feel not our best and that’s totally normal, it’s part of human nature but I hope this may help you or inspire you in some way. 

1. Stop comparing - It can be so easy to feel 'jealous' or envious of someone you see online, it's really important to never compare, you know what they say, comparison really is the thief of happiness. I know it's easier said than done but you gotta stay in your own lane and focus on you, plus, remember that Instagram is only a highlights real. Quite often, I'll get annoyed by something not even aimed at me, or it'll make me feel crappy, simply by scrolling through my feeds. I'm trying to stop aimlessly scrolling as much now. I promise you, the girl you think has a perfect life on Instagram, probably doesn't have a perfect life on Instagram. It's so easy to assume that from seeing what they choose to put online but we all have our struggles and our stories. Read: Is social media dangerous? I also touched on this topic on my 23 things I've learnt this year post. 

2. Surround yourself with positive people - First things first, if you read my blog post about losing friends or watched my Em uncut video about friendships, you’ll probably know by now that at the end of 2017 I decided to cut people out of my life who bring me down, don’t support me or just generally make me feel anxious/not in a good place. It’s the best thing I’ve done and I’d swear by it. If you read my recent blog post too about how to reduce stress, I talked about the importance of muting/unfollowing people who make you feel negative. I now have a timeline full of positive, inspiring people. Obviously, people moan, people rant and people have bad days. I’m a prime example of this and then I kick myself after and think, ‘come on Em, put life into perspective’ but we are only human and sometimes, we are allowed to moan. We’ve just got to step back, put life into perspective and realise that rainy days make flowers. I really do believe in surrounding yourself with positive souls who inspire you, motivate you and cheerlead for you. People who share your excitement when you’re doing well, people who have goals, dreams and are likeminded but also people who will lift you up on down days. If someone doesn't support you, are they your friend? Really? In 2018, try grab a coffee with some like-minded people and maybe look at who’s making you feel not so great. 

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3. Mood boards - This is a different one but make mood boards. I absolutely swear by saving photos on Instagram (@emshelx - come say hello!) you just click on the right hand side little flag and you can save images to your Instagram. Whether these are positive quotes, positive body images, good gym workouts, healthy recipes, cool interior inspiration or just headstrong women who inspire you - click that save button. Make yourself a private little mood board and everytime you refer back to it, it should inspire you. I do similar on Pinterest, I have planned my wedding, my house and my life. Pinterest gives me ideas, motivation and inspiration, whether it's for healthy recipes or photography. Instagram, as much as we know it is a highlights real, helps me with work out ideas, body inspiration and when I follow girl bosses and see them doing incredible things, it fills me with excitement and makes me want to work harder to achieve similar. I could get envious but I recognise that they are also real people, no matter how perfect their feeds look so instead, I turn that envy into motivation. Visit: My Pinterest.

4. Make a list of goals - I’m a big believer in making a list of goals. In my opinion, no dream is too big. My friend was telling me about a book called ‘the secret’ and apparently, if you say something is gonna happen and you believe it enough, it will happen. I’m quite cynical and obviously, me telling myself I’m gonna be the next Alan Sugar is a bit of a joke, it wouldn’t happen over night, but, it is so important to set yourself targets. You can set yourself monthly targets, monthly targets or yearly targets but get a note pad out and write them down. I find writing down my targets and goals inspires me to put them into place and make them happen. Do you want a promotion at work? Write it down. Do you want to work with a certain brand? Write it down. Are you wanting to work out 4x a week? Write it down and tick it off every time you do it. Mentally, nothing makes me feel better than a list. 

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5. Meet people - I really think meeting new people helps to motivate and inspire. As humans, we can be quite closed. I could happily just walk with my head down and get on with my day but I could be walking past my soul mate. I try to talk to people now, I ask them their story. I often sit on trains and think wow, I’d love to know what those people do and what their stories are. Maybe try face a fear this year and go and communicate with people you’ve always wanted to communicate with. Drop them an email. Ask to go for coffee with them. Meeting new, likeminded people can give you a complete new lease of life. I remember leaving 6th form and feeling so incredibly nervous because the people at university weren’t ‘like my friends from home’. I was so closed minded and didn’t realise that I could be friends with different kinds of people and not just one click. There’s nothing wrong with the people I was friends with in 6th form, but think of all the people there are in the world? You can learn something different from every single person, they can inspire and motivate you in different ways. I think about the people I’ve bumped into and met up with over the last year and every single person has taught me something, motivated me and inspired me. Again, it all goes back to surrounding yourself with positive people. You really can learn something from everyone. 

6. Face your fears - In order to be inspired and motivated, you have to be kind to yourself. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do something (another thing my friend taught me, she said stop saying you won’t do it, the more you tell yourself that, the more it will come true) you need to believe in yourself, even if no-one else does. Take my best friend for example, she was really unhappy in her job but just fell into it and got comfortable. She dreaded going to work every day but she has a mortgage and needs security. She decided to make it her mission to save up so that she could quit her job, move to a new city and start work in the industry she actually wants to be in. You know what? She faced those fears, a year later. She packed her life up. Got on a train. Started working in a totally new industry, from the bottom, but I know she will work her way right up to the top once she proves herself. She has inspired me, she’s inspired me to just go for it. Life really is too short to wake up every day and hate your job. I’m so proud that she decided to do it and I recognise it isn’t easy to just ‘move cities’ or ‘quit your job’ but if you’re really unhappy, try and come up with a new plan, face those fears. Maybe your fears are going to the gym? Try and face those fears this year, I promise you, it probably won’t be as bad as you initially thought! 

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So there we have it, I really hope this helps to make you feel a little bit more inspired, it may give you that get up and go, let’s go KICK ASS, whether it’s in the gym or at work. Do leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this topic and how what inspires/motivates you?

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Lots of love, Em x

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