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Wednesday 7 February 2018

My Healthy Fajita Recipe

If you've been following for quite some time you'll know that I love fajitas, they're easy to make, delicious and healthy too. I recently wrote up my healthy banana bread recipe and after such a great response (plus, so many of you sending me photos on Instagram, thank you!) I thought it was about time I started writing up some more healthy, easy recipes, as well as my usual beauty, travel and fashion content. As you guys know, I'm massively into my fitness and a big part of that is my love for nutrition. If you've read any of my fitness posts, you'll know that I believe in balance and moderation.  So, here we have it, my easy to make, yummy fajita recipe. 

You will need:

1x red onion
1x wraps (you can use lettuce or wholegrain but I usually use normal wraps)
1x red pepper
1x yellow pepper
1x green pepper
A handful of spinach
Chicken breast
Spice mix for fajitas

 ^ These are personal choices, you could get rid of the chicken if you don't eat meat for example or you could add different veggies. 

If you want to make my guacamole too, you will need:

1x ripe avocado 
Red onion
Cherry tomatoes 

coriander I put coriander into all of my Mexican dishes, it's such a versatile and delicious herb. I've been working closely with LoveFreshHerbs this year to enhance my cooking, herbs can be used in so many ways to add extra, unique flavours (whether savory or sweet), freshness and health benefits to your food, I ensure coriander is always at the top of my list now haha. Fresh herbs are one of the most versatile ingredients available and can actually bring such unique flavours.


First, it's all about marinating the chicken. I get a see-through oven bag and inside I put my chopped up chicken, add the sachet of spice mix (if you can't find a proper mix, most supermarkets sell it, then I add a spoonful of paprika with a drop of olive oil). You can see this on my video below as I have filmed this recipe. 

Next, chop up the veg and add to the bag with the chicken. I personally like my vegetables to be really chunky. 

Pop this mixture in the oven, usually, this takes around 30 minutes to cook through. I do find chicken tastes much nicer cooked this way. 

Whilst this cooks, make your guacamole. I'm pleased to say I finally learnt how to chop avocados recently haha, rather than stabbing, I scoop it out now, phew, adult behaviour. This is so easy but so yummy. So, scoop out your avo, add it into a blender with chopped red onion, coriander and chopped cherry tomatoes, blend this together, I like to keep it quite chunky. You can add however much you like as it depends on your taste, for example, I love it chunky with lots of onion. Finish with a squeeze of lime and some chilli flakes. If you don't have a blender, put it in a bowl and mash it together. 

You can watch the full recipe below in detail which may make this easier, I really hope you like this. This is my boyfriends favourite dish! 

*This blog post contains paid for advertorial with Love Fresh Herbs www.lovefreshherbs.co.uk but as always it's my honest opinion. 

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Lots of love, Em x

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