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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

My Top Tips For A Balanced 2018

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Hello hello and a very Happy New Year! So, today, one I’ve been incredibly excited to write: how to have a balanced 2018. It’s one of those posts I’ve been waiting to publish because I hate nothing more than people pushing diets and healthy eating on you as soon as Boxing Day comes around, no, we don’t care, we just want to enjoy the festive season without guilt. Now it’s January though, even I have started to feel like a stick of cheese (seriously, there’s only so much cheese/so many foods a girl can eat before she starts to feel as if she has turned into it). So I thought it would be nice to look at some of my top tips for a balanced 2018. This is in partnership with Yushoi.

If you’ve been reading my blog over the last year (thank you so much, your support means everything to me) then you’ll probably know that I’ve partnered with Yushoi, the healthy baked pea snacks (which taste like delicious naughty crisps but are actually healthy) over the last year. I felt incredibly honored when I got the initial email as I am honestly their biggest fan, I genuinely buy their crisps every single week so it’s been incredible to work with them, in fact, very pinch me. I'm the girl you'll find sat snacking on Yushoi most days. As well as their delicious taste, I’m a sucker for their ethos: balance. They really do believe in balance and, as most of you will know if you’ve ever read the health and fitness section of my blog, balance really is something I preach a lot as I think it is so important in so many aspects of life, from diet, to exercise, to the mind, to relationships. You name it. So, let’s kick 2018 off with my tips to have a balanced in 2018 in all aspects of life

Don’t Panic - 
Just do you. At the start of the new year you’ll see lots of people setting goals, don’t feel any pressure, just do you. By that I mean, don’t listen to other peoples goals and certainly don’t compare yourself, just have a look at what went well in 2017, what didn’t go so well and what you’d like to do moving forward. Be kind to yourself. Don’t start the year off with pressure and panic, you don't have to set resolutions.

Set Realistic Goals - This takes me onto goal setting. If you are setting goals, ensure that the goals you are setting yourself are challenging enough for you to see a change (whether it’s in work/mind/gym or whatever it may be) but ensure they are realistic, so you’re not stressing yourself and so the goals aren’t taking over your life.

New Year New Me - New Years resolutions are a really good way to look at what you didn’t like/want to do more of in 2018 and actually stick to it. I hate seeing people mock those for using the new year as a fresh start, in my opinion, whether Monday helps you with goal setting, a new month or, a new year, then so be it, whatever is gonna help you better yourself or others works for me.

Never Deprive - When it comes to diet, please don’t ever deprive yourself. I really do swear by the rule of balance and 80/20 with my diet and that means I don’t ever really binge. If you don’t deprive yourself then you won’t binge. My top tips to a 'healthier' 2018? Clean your cupboards out, get rid of all the junk food or sugary snacks and stock your cupboards with more healthy things to grab when you're hungry, eg, Yushoi (healthy, baked pea snaps which taste like the yummiest crisps) and apples, carrots, nuts etc. Healthy food can be yummy too.

Routine - I do find having a good routine helps me to balance things better. I find it easier to stick to healthy eating and, easier to work out. I get incredibly stressed when my routine is jumbled, usually most of the time haha, so actually, once you can make working out and eating well part of your routine, it feels weird not doing it. Just make sure that it's a realistic routine eg, does working out fit in best for you before work or after work? When will you actually stick to it? Does it work better if you have a personal trainer? I got some personal training for my birthday and I'm so happy because it means I have to book classes at my gym (David Lloyd) and book in with a personal trainer to ensure I'm in a routine.

Move More - Find what works for you. My Mum has always ‘hated’ the gym but then I got her a David Lloyd gym membership and that’s all changed. First and foremost, to get her over her ‘gym fear’ I actually took her into the gym and showed her around, I think that really helps to make someone feel a little more comfortable. She’s learnt that she loves the stepper but doesn’t love the treadmill and that’s totally okay. She then plucked up the courage to try ‘dance fitness’ and ‘Zumba’ and absolutely loves them both and is now hooked. I think that’s the thing about exercise, you have to find what works for you, whether it’s on the stepper watching YouTube videos (that’s where you’ll find me most weeks as it totally takes my mind off the burning leg sensation), hammering a bike in a spin class, swimming or doing Zumba, or just using someones videos for inspo, you can watch my YouTube fitness videos here.

Switch Off Your Laptop/Phone -
I did a blog post all about how to maintain balance in your relationships and one of the main things I say is how important it is to put your phone down. Putting your phone down and actually being in the moment with your loved ones is so important. I’ve also started to unfollow people who have been horrible to me in the past or make me feel anxious, sometimes just scrolling down my twitter feed makes me feel incredibly anxious and down so by switching it off for a while, well, I feel like a new woman. It helps me to balance my own emotions rather than grabbing hold of someone elses negative energies.

Find A Hobby Away From Work - I feel like we live in a world where we constantly work work work and it’s so important to find a hobby, away from work. For me, putting my phone down for an hour per day when I go to David Lloyd and do either yoga or a spin class totally clears my mind and makes me feel like a new woman, just like sitting in the bath and reading a book does. It’s good to switch off once in a while, much like the phone/laptop scenario.

Pick Up The Phone Or Meet Face To Face - If you did read my blog post about balancing relationships, you’ll know what I said how important it is to just send a quick text, go for a quick coffee or pick up the phone, just let someone know you are still there. Balancing relationships/social life with work is a difficult one but even a quick phone call can instantly brighten someones day and let them know you’re still thinking about them. In 2018, try and go for coffee with those people you promised! You might make a new friend for life.

So, how am I personally aiming to achieve balance in 2018? In my life, I’ll be trying to sleep more as it helps everything, in my food, I’ll be sticking to my 80/20 rule. In work, I’ll be switching off more so that I do feel incredibly passionate when I’m switched back on. My New Years resolutions? Boring ones: drink water, turn my phone off, go to bed early and get back into my gym routine. They seem mundane but they will do my mind and body wonders, sometimes it really is the little things! Read my blog post about how to make 2018 your best year yet!

How do you feel about these kinda tips? Do you think you have good balance in your life? What are you going to change in 2018? 

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*This blog post is sponsored by Yushoi but as always is a total honor and all 100% my honest opinion.

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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