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Thursday, 25 January 2018


stripe beddingHello hello. Hope you are well! If you guys read my recent blog post with my 5 ways to tackle stress you'll probably *hopefully* remember me talking about the importance of sleep. As cliche as it sounds, sleep really is important and is fundamental for so many things. There is so much science behind sleeping and whilst I'm not an expert, we all know that sleep refreshes and replenishes our bodies/minds. I feel so much better after a good nights sleep so today in collaboration with Third Living [AD] I thought I'd bring you my 4 top tips for getting enough sleep and having a good sleep when you do get into bed.
laura mercier bath cream
jo malone pyjamas

1. Bath/pamper - First things first, set yourself some relaxation time before getting into bed. Some nights I am so incredibly tired, all I want to do is hit the pillow and I even fall asleep with my make up on (oops, not my best days) but sometimes, I just cannot get tired. I like to have a bath (on weekends at least) before bed as it just completely zens me out and makes me feel so relaxed and ready for bed. There's something about the hot steam, and a Jo Malone or Diptyque candle that just makes me instantly want to crawl into my fresh new sheets and sleep, oh and creme brulee bubble bath by Laura Mercier. Even little things like taking my make up off and tying my hair up and putting pyjamas on make me feel comfortable, cosy and ready to have a good nights sleep. I pretty much live in my pyjamas the minute I get home (these silk ones are from Marks and Spencer and are heaven). So, my first tip? Bathe, pamper and cosy pyjamas on.

marks and Spencer pyjamas

2. New sheets - There's a reason everyone absolutely loves that feeling of getting into freshly washed, crisp sheets, the kinda sheets you just fall into. I like my bed to be cloud-like and a good duvet and sheets matters. I want them to look good (look how incredible these look) but also, high quality. As most of you know by now, I'm currently in the process of buying a house so I'm massively into my interiors. I did always dream of becoming an interior designer and I really appreciate good homeware, Third Living sheets are epic. They hand-pick their cotton meaning they're the softest sheets, ever. If you're big on coziness, you'll like these because they're made with single-ply yarns so produce a 500 thread count. They found 500 to be the sweet spot between cost and benefit. Hello soft but durable. I find the best sheets are the ones that get softer with every wash and these ones get better with time. Now, can I kit my whole house out with these please? I love their dotty ones. You can get 10% off your Third Living order with promo code EMTALKS10. Shop online here. 

If you're struggling with designing your home and choosing what kind of furniture, interior/style go for, check out Wayfair's homeware horoscope, it's a guide on how to decorate your home based on your astrological sign - I love this because I am massively spiritual anyway but the idea behind it is Wayfair will help ensure that your living space is filled with pieces that are kindred to you and your personality!

3. Turn your phone/laptop off - So you've pampered, you've relaxed and you've popped into your soft new sheets but I bet you scroll for hours? Why is it that I find it so easy to lose hours of my life scrolling on my phone. It's fine to sit and scroll, I absolutely love getting lost on Pinterest and Instagram before bed or coming up with new ideas. As great as this is for my creative mind, it doesn't help me sleep. I often think I'm an owl, I get really creative when I should be sleeping. In a 24/7 world too, it's so hard to switch off as there's always someone, somewhere to be replying to. I read somewhere that it's really important to switch off bright lights such as your phone and laptop a little bit before you sleep because otherwise it keeps you awake. I try put my phone down now for half an hour before I sleep and read a book or a magazine to help doze off. I also always box off my to do list and organise what I need to do the morning after, before I go to bed. It helps me tick off the thinking part of my brain and mentally I feel like I can stop working.

4. Sleep spray/oils - There are other things that can help with sleeping. I use Elemis oils regularly in my bath/shower (something about showering before bed makes me really relaxed, rather than energised) and they make me feel relaxed and sleepy. You can also get a number of sleep sprays, you actually get one with your Third Living sheets and it's perfect for your bedside table. I swear by eye masks too, particularly on long haul flights. I'm instantly ready to sleep when my eyes are blacked out and it stops me from getting distracted by other things on the plane/in my room. It almost forces me to sleep.

So there we have it, a little look at some of my top tips for a better nights sleep. I really hope this helps you. Do leave a comment below with any of your top sleeping tips! In 2018, I need to sleep more so I'll be following these myself too.

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Lots of love, Em x

*This post is a sponsored Ad by ThirdLiving but as always is my 100% honest opinion. Ad affiliate links used throughout. 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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