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Tuesday 13 February 2018

Pre-Valentines Day Date Night - 11 Cadogan Gardens + The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Boots / Dress / Scarf / Sunglasses - Ray-Ban from WorldDutyFree 

I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day but I'm sure you already know that, I always have been. Just like Easter and Christmas, I like to go all out. I fall for all the balloons, the heart shaped cookies and the funny cards. I'm a sucker for romance and I'm more than happy to have a whole day dedicated to it. Things are pretty hectic at the moment so when LateRooms.com invited Matt and I to 'get a room' in time for Valentine's, we were pretty excited, it really is never too late to get a room! We spent our weekend celebrating Valentine's early and what a dream it was. See, that's the thing about Valentines, I like to use it as a reminder to spend valuable time with someone you love, whether it's your girlfriends or your partner or your family. It doesn't have to be extravagant but the gift of time really is the best gift you can give. Let's see what we got up to... This is in partnership with LateRooms. 
chelsea photoshoot
chelsea London photoshoot
I popped on my new jumper dress (cosiest purchase, ever) and checked into 11 Cadogan Gardens, booked via LateRooms. I've heard incredible things about this hotel, apparently, they do the most amazing suites?! Next time we must check these out. Check in was smooth, quick and efficient and I don't think I've ever met such friendly concierges at any hotel, ever. We spend most of our time in West London and whilst we love Chelsea, we rarely actually stay there so it was the perfect excuse. 
11 cadogan gardens
11 cadogan gardens

The hotel was old fashioned but quirky with so much history. Our room was cosy and romantic and I'm a sucker for a nice bath.

11 cadogan gardens bedrooms

For dinner,  we headed down the road to one of our favourite restaurants, The Ivy Chelsea Garden. Whether you go out for dinner or, cook dinner in together, it's so nice to put the phones down and just spend that time together. Matt and I absolutely love eating out together, it's such a good way to catch up.

the ivy chelsea garden

love heart cocktailValentines themed drinks? Check. 

the ivy chelsea garden
cocktails at the ivy

food at the ivy As beautiful as The Ivy is, it's difficult to take a photo in there, even with my beasty camera. The lighting is particularly dim and romantic. I always go for the steak when out for dinner but this time opted for lobster with garlic butter and all the truffle fries (yum, so indulgent) whilst Matt went for the steak this time. I'm currently on a *sugar ban* or at least a dessert ban, (purely so I can have more crisps) so instead of going for dessert we strolled down Kings Road back to our beautiful hotel room. I'm so glad we chose to stay there.

breakfast at 11 Cadogan gardensFor breakfast I ordered pancakes, not photographed because they were in my belly as soon as they arrived. We shared some dippy eggs too. It was so wonderful to wake up with absolutely no plans apart from snoozing and eating. It is so important to make time for each other.  The staff were so wonderful and helped me carry my 600 bags I'd accumulated right into my taxi without a hesitation, I'm a sucker for good service and the concierge couldn't do enough for me. 

Burberry scarf
Sloane square

We headed home with happy tummies and happy hearts. I'm a sucker for a good bath, good food and good company but honestly, resting our heads in such a good room made this one of the best pre-valentines ever. Thank you LateRooms for making this happen, I'm going to make sure I Get A Room more often! 

Do you celebrate Valentines day? Do you visit Chelsea? How do you feel about spending time together?

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Lots of love, Em x

*This blog post is sponsored by LateRooms but as always it's my 100% honest opinion.

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