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Wednesday 20 February 2019

9 Ways To Have A Better Week

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Hey guys, today I wanted to write a nice positive blog post so I thought I'd write down some ways to have a better week. It's taken me a long time to get to the point where I wake up on a morning and feel excited and ready to smash the week, obviously, I am human and do not feel like this every week (no-one does and we are all facing battles people in the online world may know nothing about) BUT here are a few tips I have to try and make sure you have a better week, no matter what life may throw at you.

Be grateful - I know it's so cliche but try and start the day with a grateful mind, if you wake up and feel grateful that you woke up and see today as a new day, I guarantee you'll start it with a spring in your step. I know it's easier said than done and some days, we wake up and don't feel that way but I've actively tried to be more grateful recently and it's definitely enhanced my mood. I constantly think about the people who would do anything to be waking up fit and healthy and it makes me so grateful. Gratitude is so important and it helps you channel that positive energy.  I've been reading a book and it talks about the importance of gratitude, it says 'there is always something to be grateful for' and 'it is impossible to bring more into your life if you are ungrateful about what you already have' and I can't help but feel this is true in some respects.

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Plan - I think starting the week with a good, solid plan of attack or even a list of things you wish to achieve can be massively inspiring and also a nice driving force for the week ahead. I actually re-write my to do list on a daily basis, it means it prioritises what I actually need to do vs what I want to do. It allows me to minimise my stresses and also lets me figure out what I've got going on and when I can fit in some 'me time' too. It's important to write a schedule if you're busy, otherwise I feel I'm constantly trying to remember what I've got going on. If I write it down, it can leave my mind and then I'm not trying to juggle so many thoughts in my head!
Mute anything you don't want to see - An important one in our world of social media and something people are talking about more and more. Make sure you mute anything you're not wanting to see on your feeds. Curate your timelines so you're scrolling and seeing things that make you feel happy, motivated and inspired. If someone hurt you, mute them or just unfriend. It's not worth having that toxic/negativity in your life. My rule? If someone makes me feel anxious, I unfollow or mute. Whilst it is completely okay and normal for people to be negative online (on the flip side, I think it's damaging to pretend things are all perfect so you simply cannot shelter yourself from all negativity) if it makes you feel better only seeing positivity, then go for it. I don't mind people ranting if they've had a bad day, or talking about bad things they're going through because that's life but what I do mind is people who make me feel on edge or anxious. I used to let an indirect tweet on my timeline ruin my day, but by muting it, I don't have to see it and it doesn't allow someone elses energy to affect me. There's nothing worse than waking up and seeing something you don't want to see, it can absolutely ruin your whole day. I do need to get better at not allowing things to ruin my day though!

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Spread kindness - The book I'm reading is all about spreading positivity, apparently if you spread it, you get that energy back and I truly believe it. You can't feel bad if you're giving someone else love, or kindness so spread that kindness everywhere. Compliment someone, I promise it will make you feel great. Comment on someones Instagram, again, you'll feel great for just being genuinely nice to someone. Rhonda Byrne said,' if you are feeling good, it's because you're thinking good thoughts' and I have to agree.

Nutrition - If you've read any of my health and fitness posts you'll know I absolutely do not agree with depriving myself, if I want cake, I'll have it in moderation BUT, I do find I have a better week if my diet is on point because I feel great for nourishing myself from the inside. By on point, I mean balanced, not just 'green' and 'clean'. If I deprive myself, I feel hungry, tired and I get cravings so there's no point doing that which is why I think balance is so important. I actually find starting my morning with a smoothie (you can make it the night before if you don't have time) really starts my day in such a positive way as I know I'm giving my body lots of nourishing fruits, veggies and healthy goodness. I made a promise to get more fibre into my body this year and I genuinely feel great thanks to that extra goodness.


Move - Fit in some kind of movement somewhere, whether it's walking to work one day, going to the gym after work or before, or running up the escalators rather than taking the life. Nothing gets rid of my stress like taking it out at the gym.

Fresh Air - I can be in the worst mood/worst head space and if I go and get some fresh air I immediately feel better. Similar to the above (you can get your steps in AND get fresh air haha!) either go for a little walk or it could be something simple like going out and grabbing lunch on your break.

Listen To Podcasts - If you listen to positive things like podcasts, I find it can really change my mood. If I have say a 30 minute drive somewhere I will fill that drive with either a feel good song OR a good podcast, I feel like I'm really learning and they're so beneficial for my mind. I always get out of my car or my daily commute feeling inspired if I've chosen the right podcast.

Sleep - Last but certainly not least, sleep. If you have a good nights sleep it should mean you'll wake up feeling refreshed. I am seriously grouchy when I've not had enough sleep and I'm not efficient either (hello nap queen!) You can read my top tips for a better nights sleep if you haven't already!

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Lots of love, Em x

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