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Monday, 2 July 2012

Leavers ball, Summer prom style - What I Wore Last Night

I love prom! However, this was my leavers prom as I go to University in September, it was quite emotional because I can probably count on one hand the people I will ever see again. We rented out a fancy bar in the city centre and had food etc served, we didn't want a sit down meal as it makes the ticket price too expensive. Hence why I didn't dress super prommy. The dress is long in comparison to what I usually wear on nights out. I suppose this was a 'special' night out, apart from the fact that my best friend and wing girl wasn't there, so I did feel pretty alone and not 100% myself. I can't function without my soul mate, Kates.
 The dress: As you can see on these photos it is RED! I wanted to go bold, I did the same at the end of high school and wore a bright blue dress. It is a herve legger style (as always, I love bandage styles!) It is very low cut but I don't see an issue with that, if people want to be nasty to me for showing cleavage I think that shows them as nasty people, not me. I know that i'm the furthest thing from a 'slut' so it doesn't bother me anymore. It didn't take me long to find a dress, I bought it online and knew it was the one as soon as I tried it on.

The make up; I'm not a huge fan of getting my face make up done, I like to do that myself, no one can ever do it right so I usually just go to Harvey Nichols to get my eye make up done. I think i'm rubbish at eye make up, I think if I really put my mind to it I'd be quite good at it, but I just don't really feel confident enough. I always go for smokey eyes, but because I was wearing beige/nude accessories, I felt that a more neutral tone would suit my outfit, and it goes with my brown eyes/blonde hair better.
The lashes were expensive, £22.00 but they last up to 15x and everytime I want them reapplied I simply go into Harvey Nichols eye lash bar and they will reapply them for free - this is always great for a night out.
I absolutely fell in love with these lashes as soon as I put them on, okay they slightly look like spiders on my windowsill but they were perfectly fluffy and long, it's hard to see on these photos. 
I got my eyebrows HD done, which is 8 steps to perfect brows; including tinting.

The shoes; I have given up on heels. Out of the tens of gorgeous pairs that I have, I just cannot and will NEVER be able to walk in them. I opted for wedges, I find them super comfy to walk in. I chose a nude colour because I think it makes a red dress look more classy, more 'prommy' if you like - I find black turns a red dress into a seductive outfit rather than a classy leavers outfit.
 My toe nails are Minx, and last for ages! I got them in this colour because I think it goes well with my french manicured acrylic nails.

 I got my hair straightened by my hair dresser, I was going to wear it curly as I feel it is more classy but because we were going on a night out after I didn't want to look too 'prommy', sometimes I have the worst hair days but I can honestly say I was happy, super happy with my hair this day. I didn't get it dyed she just put a toner on it for me which creates the illusion of it being dyed, it gives it that 'white' look and really lifted my roots. 

Overall I was happy with how prom went :)
 Have you had a prom/ an occasion to dress up for?


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  3. This is super cute! I honestly didn't know they had proms in England as well! Fabulous!


  4. lovely looks sweety
    i love your shoes..
    let's follow each other!

  5. Wow you look absolutely gorgeous,that dress is stunning and red is such a bold statement colour.I'd definately wear a dress like this,and the shoes are perfect,nude more subtle as the dress is so wow,Im the same too,cant walk in heels,but wedges are easy and super comfy,the higher the better specially when it has a platform at the front.
    You all look stunning and congrats on getting into Uni,you'll have a fab time and meet loads of new lovely people x

  6. Oh my goodness! How tall are your shoes? I'm so impressed that you could walk in those. I would break my neck. I always twist my ankle at least once when I wear tall heels. The highest I dare go is 5 inches...


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  7. OMG the pictures are so cute *__*

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  8. I love your shoes. They are beautiful.

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  10. you are so beautifull and you look pretty:)

  11. Looking Fab, what a bod ;) Love your shoes!

  12. You look lovely :) I love the colour of the dress and your shoes are so gorgeous-I love heels. What uni are you going to go to?

    Tanesha x

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  14. Shoes are fab.
    Follow me and I'll follow back right away.

  15. You look stunning in this red dress! I love your beige wedges i have always wanted to buy such but can't find so great. Where did you get them from?

    And you have a new follower, hope you follow back xx

  16. I LOVE your shoes, so much love for them!

  17. Lovely blog!
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  18. Hi, pretty blog :-)

  19. You look gorgeous. Your hair looks amazing and red is definitely your colour!


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  21. Those wedges are awesome! Love it!

  22. Hey, loving the blog! I'm hoping to study broadcast journalism, cool to meet someone else who is aspiring to work in broadcasting too!
    - Keyta x

  23. Love your blog and omg your shoes! Would be nice if you can check my blog too x


  24. your dress and shoes are so lovely!

    xx Joelle

  25. I really love your blog, would you like to follow each other? :)
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  26. i lovee your shoes!! super hot!

  27. Wow you have amazing hair! :) Thanks for the sweet comment and stopping by my blog. Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!!

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  28. Your hair is INCREDIBLE! The length is amazing! :)

  29. I love your outfit but your shoes are amazing, love your blog :)

  30. Wow!

  31. Love your dress !
    So jealous !
    We weren't allowed a prom when i left school !
    And i didn't go to sixth form so i didn't get a leavers either :(

  32. Lovely look,big like for the shoes.

    I wonder if you would like to follow each other:).

  33. gorgeous pics, you're stunning xx

  34. wow ur shoes are awesome!!

  35. your hair is incredible! you look beautiful sweetie xx

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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