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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Brazilian Keratin Therapy ever-straight review Boots

My Mum came home from Boots with a few treats for me the other day. I got so excited about these products. Me and my mum have literally trialed and tested every hair care product, I love Macadamia and do think that for it's repairing qualities, it's unbeatable. I also adore Kerstase and feel the same about that. However, the brands mentioned are ridiculously expensive, surely there's a high street alternative? I've trained my mum well and she's always on the prowl for the latest products but at bargain prices. I always try to use products for damaged hair/something that will strengthen my hair.
Out of the boots bag she showed me these beauties;

Usually, I wouldn't have looked twice at these. Firstly, i'd assume that these products are for brunettes simply because of the colour of the bottles and secondly, I always associate Brazilian as being a treatment that permanently straightens the hair, this is then backed up by the phrase 'ever straight'. How wrong. I got excited when I read how much 'goodness' is in these, 'keratin proteins' which are actually found in the hair already, so adding more of them can't do it any harm. The word strengthen stands out to me as I always look for strengthening shampoos. I use cocoa butter on my skin and it actually keeps it smooth for days afterwards. 
When you open the bottles, it just gets better. I'd describe the smell as a coconutty/chocolate mixture. If you go to Boots, please go and have a smell. it's actually heavenly! If you like having yummy smelling hair, i'd simply buy the product for that alone. It smells like palmers cocoa lip balm if you're familiar with that. It comes out like a bit of a tar/gel texture, it's brown and looks and smells like chocolate, it's like putting a jelly chocolate onto your hair, because the texture is so silky you can tell that it has healing qualities to it.

The conditioner smells better than the shampoo if that's possible! It says to leave it on for 3-5 minutes, my hair dresser always told me to buy conditioners that are longer than 3 minutes as it apparently means they're stronger. This one clearly does the trick, I suppose it acts like a conditioner with a built in hair repair mask/treatment. My hair did feel noticeably smoother and less curly after one wash and the smell was just delicious. I didn't mind washing my hair using these products, it made the chore of hair washing quite fun!
As if buying me the shampoo and conditioner wasn't enough, my mum went the whole yard and also got me an anti-breakage serum. I've been looking to get a new anti-breakage serum for a while now as I like to pile products into my damp hair so that it dries in good condition. You literally need the TINIEST bit of this, soo much comes out. I really did notice that my hair was tamer and smoother after using this and then blow drying my hair. I hate using heated products on my hair nowadays as i'm really trying to grow it but I was in a rush to get to my boyfriends and couldn't go for a meal with soaking hair!
Below i've added a photo of my fringe, even a day after I think you can tell that it's shiny.

Have you/would you use these products? I think they're usually going to be around £8.00 which is expensive for Boots but they were on special offer. I do think they're worth £8.00, i'm surprised I've never heard of this brand before.
Lots of love


  1. i'd definitely be open to using these products. they sound great! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. I've tried that anti-breakage serum and I absolutely love the way it smells. Kind of curious about how the shampoo & conditioner would work for me.

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  4. I use their moroccan oil, it's really good and doesn't feel as heavy on my hair as Morroccan Oil (you know the one I mean?!) plus it's about 1/3 of the price! Lx

  5. amazing review :)
    thank you for sharing all those info!!

  6. i use the one in the blue bottle, it's the moroccan oil one. i really recommend that one as well. i will probably try this one next. great review!

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  8. Your blog is absolutely gorgeous!!!! (((:

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  9. i've been seeing this brand around. im definitely going to check it out sometime <3 thanks for sharing ^_^

  10. Nice blog dear!!
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  11. lovely blog :)
    i have one myself hope you like it.
    feel free to enter my first competition too
    lots love Abby xxx

  12. I've been on the hunt for a new shampoo/conditioner for a little while now, after reading your review I think I might have to pop down to Boots to get these!

  13. Really want to try this, definitely picking it up next time I am in Boots xx

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