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Thursday, 1 November 2012

October in photographs, my month instagrammed

Hey everyone! now I don't usually like October, last year October was very difficult for me with some issues that I had to face and this October hasn't really been much better. However, this October it was the Cosmopolitan blog awards, so I suppose that one night makes up for the rest of the month. I have lots to tell you about and show you so I have decided to do an October in photographs post, similar to an instagram post. I've never done one of these before but it looked quite fun, so here it is, October pulled together in a few simple photos that I have put on instagram.
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From top left; Girls with Attitude amazing eye lashes // Halloween, I went as a cat, how original, I wore my Girls with Attitude lashes and used L'oreal eye liner for the nose and whiskers and Stargazer lip stick on the lips // I was sent this beautiful package from Jergens, and I've got to say that the Original Beauty Lotion is my favourite body lotion, not only does it smell of almonds and cherries, it will make you feel the softest that you've ever felt. // TWITTER! I just had to print screen Cosmopolitan announcing that I'd won the Cosmo newcomer award! Crazy, still cannot thank you all enough // Curly hair, I curled my hair lots in October // Some beautiful goodies from the Next bloggers event that I attended in October, it was a lovely event in the most beautiful hotel. I received their NEWYORK perfume, MILAN luxury reed diffuser and the most incredible body scrub that I have ever used // New sparkly All Saints sequin top,yummy // I was feeling down so I got creative and cut 'Never regret something that once made you smile' out of a magazine and stuck it on my wall. // FAMILY TIMES, October marked my brothers 21st // There's me as a cat again // I MET MARK WRIGHT LAST WEEK! (Towie) // Onesie 21st party that I attended // My scary black acrylic nails which look more like claws! // My incredible Karen Milen glasses from Specsavers, I am in LOVE! // I was reunited with my beautiful Mini when I went on a long drive on a cold day in October // Some of the gorgeous decorations at the Next Bloggers event, it really made it feel like Christmas is just around the corner. // MY NEW BUSINESS CARDS FROM MOO!

I got paid on October 31st so to end a not-so-great month I treated myself to a beautiful Marc Jacobs ring. Thank you Selfridges... you brightened my day! I also ordered myself a MAC book pro laptop, now I can finally work really hard on my Youtube channel!

Aaah, October was the start of my love affair with these beautiful Miss Guided Disco Pants. I've wanted a pair for so long, and MissGuided is always the answer to my prayers. They are identical to the American Apparel ones and nearly half as cheap. Look out for these on an outfit of the day post very soon! If you want to fall in love with everything on a website please visit: you may come out bankrupt though...
Of course, a huge thanks to Next, for inviting me to their beauty blogger event. The girls who I met were amazing, the canapes and drinks were equally amazing, the treatments that we had were to die for (I got my eye brows threaded to perfection yay). But Next's new beauty products really did blow me away, the packaging is all so beautiful and most items are named after citys which I find is a really nice touch. My favourite items are from the 'Milan' range, what they've done with the packaging is perfect for Christmas, it all has cute little bows on the top. My favourite item of all time though has to be the purifying and exfoliating sugar body scrub from their spa range. I dare you to try it. 
Last but certainley not least, a huge thanks to Specsavers, for showing me that glasses can be cool and don't have to look like glasses! Whilst in London, I got my hands on these beautiful Karen Milen frames, which to be honest, I'd wear even if I didn't have to wear glasses. They've definately made wearing glasses a nicer experience. I will do a seperate post on these soon!

xxx Love Em xxx
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  1. SO jealous of you meeting mark wright I just love towie! sounds like you have had a fun month by the photos.

    1. aaaah I couldn't believe it, I bumped into him twice in one night, it was pretty crazy! I felt very lucky- he's just as charming in person! I really did looking back on it! xxx

  2. WOW! Your ring is to die for!


    1. eeeeee it's my faveeeeeee I'm so happy I treated myself to it xxx

  3. I adore your glasses! I'll deffo look you up on instagram. xx

  4. Sounds like a really fun month! You look really cute in those glasses! X

  5. So jealous you met Mark Wright! Looks like you've had an amazing month, love those letters you cut xxx

  6. Very jealous that you have a mini and met mark wright!!
    amazing pictures hun :)

  7. I absolutely LOVE your blog. It's so creative and full of personality - if that makes sense.

  8. I loved the photos, and we're Mini-Twins :) which colour is yours? Mine is black, looks really purrdy but such a hassle to keep clean hehe. I adore your blog x x x

  9. How do you do these instagram collage pics? Adore your blog by the way I am at :) xx

    Twitter: @bellemode102
    Instagram: BelleMode102

  11. I want that ring

  12. that marc jacobs ring is amaaazing!!!

  13. Just found your blog through your twitter, you are absolutely stunning!
    It's safe to say I'm addicted to your blog already!
    Shamed to say I've only found it now!

    Your newest follower,


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