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Monday, 23 April 2012

Dermalogica Haul

Monday- Wowww i'm sorry that I haven't posted for a few days. Firstly, I wanted lots of people to see my post about bullies, secondly i've just been stupidly busy. Tonight I was at work and was told that I can't have any time off at all for my exams which has really upset/aggrivated me. That's a story for another day I suppose.

Anyway, DERMALOGICA! After I got some samples from the not so nice lady at Dermologica last week in Selfridges,I wondered whether they'd be all they're said to be. Wow, yes. It is worth the hype. Such incredible products. I've been using samples of it for a week and noticed a difference the following morning when my skin was less red. Literally a day after all my spots had cleared. The woman at Selfridges was quite honestly rubbish and didn't help me out at all so instead, I went to Harvey Nichols to give the brand a second shot on Saturday to treat myself to the full sized bottles. The service she gave me was unreal. She was called Vicky and did a thing called Skin Mapping first, this is a free service where they put some glasses on and actually 'map' your face, it's pretty thorough and she told me about each part of my skin and it was really helpful. I've heard lots about Dermalogica and have heard numerous miracle stories about girls who had acne,used these products and no longer get it! Miracle products or myth? I don't have acne but get spots at the time of the month and this depresses me because I have never had skin problems until I reached about 17. I think it's because I literally just started using a face wipe because Clinique got too expensive for me. Contradictory, as this is more expensive but hey.. I thought I'd just go for it as it'll last me ages and why do we spend so much on our hair etc yet not on our face when it is the main part of out genetic make up!

She was really pleasant and asked my name etc, she got a booklet and started filling in details about my skin. There was a diagram of the face on the booklet, and the different parts of the face (i will upload a photo of this when i can) and put a note on each part to explain what was wrong with that section of skin. Eg, she said my cheeks lacked dehydration.

She then put a tray infront of me after explaining what each 'sector' of my face needed and filled it with products suited to my skin type. I didn't actually want to buy it all and laughed to my self when she put it all infront of me, but when she explained eaach product I thought why not. What have i got to lose? apart from £130 wow aha! 

-First I got a cleansing gel, she said to use it twice a day, morning and night but do two washes with it each time, one to get rid of the make up and the second to get a deep clean.

-She then showed me a daily exfoliant. I never exfoliate my skin and she said this may be why I keep getting spots. It comes out like talcum powder and you put loads of water with it (the more the better) to make a milky liquid. You then massage it into the skin for a minute and hey pronto. The lady told me that obviously I may get spots in the next few weeks because i'm actually bringing out the problems to the surface by deep cleaning my skin, but once they're out, they're out!

-She next showerd me a toner, I've got so many toners and never use them because I don't see the point or actually understand them. But, this one is amazing, hands down. It will last me forever. I love the fact that it's a spray bottle. She said you literally just spritz it, even if you have make up on, it just relifts your make up if you're feeling dull. She also said it gets the skin ready to absorb the moisturizer. She also said that it has skin brightening techology, I can actually feel it when I put it on!

-After the moisturizer (which I didn't buy as I already have so many!) she showed me a night gel, she said you put a small layer on the parts of your skin where you can feel you're about to get a spot, and it is meant to 'clear' them over night. I have already seen the effects and have been told that my skin looks brighter. I will continue to use them and let you all know how I feel!

I'm now an addict, can't wait to see if my skin looks amazing soon!
***Going to do an exciting post tomorrow and I have a giveaway for you all tomorrow as well :) I'm sure youll all love it.***

Thanks again for your support, leave me a comment I love to read them. What do you think about Dermalogica? What skin care do you reccommend? I follow back, leave me your links.
Lots of love


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  2. great post, i use dermalogica too and swear by it. you can actually save money in the long run by using the staff to see which products you need, then using ebay to buy salon size products that come from wholesalers, it will be more of an investment but you will save money!

  3. I love Dermalogica Daily Exfoliant - its one I always come back too xx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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