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Saturday 24 December 2022


Ad post - It's that time of year where everrrrryone is looking for the perfect gifts and what could be better than gifts that you are getting with a little discount... Well look no further because here I am with my top pick of gifts from Flannels. 
I've been using Flannels for a couple of years know and I love them. They always have such an incredible range of products on their site, so there's something for everyone. 
I've compiled a list of the best accessories for him and her and also the best beauty buys! These are my most asked for gifts on the run up to Christmas, so what could be better than me putting it all together for you in a blog post?! 
Flannels are currently offering 20% off all these items so RUN don't walk. I hope you manage to find something! 

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Saint Laurent M95 Sunglasses - I know it may seem a bit redundant to buy sunglasses right now seeing as in the U.K. we're smack bang in the middle of winter but that doesn't mean we don't get sun! In fact today was as bright as ever! I love these sunnies - such a classic shape, colour and with the beautiful Saint Laurent logo on the side. You can't go wrong! Shop here

Gucci Rectangle Frame Sunglasses - Frame wise, these are slightly thicker than the Saint Laurent at the front but equally as flattering for all face shapes. Honestly, I say when in doubt just go rectangular! Very understated but classic, these will last you a lifetime. This sort of shape is never going out of style. Shop here

Saint Laurent Lea Bracelet - I think this would be a really lovely gift. It's such a versatile piece, you could easily dress this up or down! I love the contrast between the gold of the YSL logo and the ivory of the leather strap. Shop here

Alexander McQueen Thin Twin Skull Bracelet - This style of Alexander McQueen bracelet we see coming back every year. It's a classic piece of fashion jewellery and I love that McQueen have solidified themselves with their skulls for so many years. It's a great piece to have in your collection - imagine with a plain black dress but this pop of gold on the wrist - gorgeous! Shop here 

Dolce & Gabbana Pearl Drop Earrings - We're seeing a big shift back towards very classic jewellery and these D&G earrings represent that. There's nothing more chic than a drop pearl earring, but I love how these have been brought to the fashion nowadays with the logo heavy D&G. I would say perfect for a statement at that works Christmas Party too! Shop here

Gucci 'GG' AOP Scarf - I love a logo heavy scarf and I particularly love this gorgeous Gucci one! It looks so soft and silky and the pink colour is beautiful. I can see myself wearing a cream coat but having this peek out would be so lovely. Shop here

Burberry Giant Icon Check Scarf - My favourite scarf of all time and it's 20% off! I own this scarf myself and I just love it so much. It goes with every single one of my outfits and the Burberry check has stood the test of time, it's instantly iconic. I don't think you can get a more classic scarf than this! Shop here

Gucci 'GG' Marmont Slim Belt - Much like me shouting from the rooftops about the Burberry Check Scarf, you will also find me shouting from the rooftops about the Gucci Marmont Belt. I've recently been eyeing up the slim version, which is much more of waist belt than the classic size. It'd add that little touch of luxury when needing to cinch in a dress! Not to mention, these belts are SUCH amazing quality, I've had mine for years and have not had to have it repaired once and trust me I've used it a lot! Shop here

Saint Laurent Logo Slim Belt - If Gucci isn't your thing then I of course have to give you other options... YSL have a very similar belt but I would say it's less logo heavy, so if you would like something a bit more subtle but still recognisable then this the one for you. I think this belt is so stunning - I've been eyeing it up in cream! Shop here

Canada Goose Arctic Beanie - The perfect purchase for these blisteringly cold winter months! I can vouch for Canada Gooses quality and I love this beanie in Navy. This could be a great stocking filler or if you're just looking to buy for yourself - then a great gift for you! Shop here

Dolce And Gabbana Logo Plated Cardholder - I've popped this on here because I saw that the leather used is grained leather and in my experience this is the best leather you can really get, as it doesn't mark. Especially with men and the way their wallets are constantly in and out of pockets quality wise this is one of your best bets. Also I really love the added touch of the D&G logo plate. Shop here

Bottega Veneta Intrec Cardholder - Another great example of good leather is Bottega Veneta. They're notorious for their leather quality and so I've linked one of their cardholders here also. For something that's used so frequently, I really think it's worth making sure that the quality you're getting is to the best standard. Plus I love the iconic woven detailing you're getting with Bottega. Shop here

Gucci GG Sunglasses - I really loved these! I love how the arms have the classic green and red stripe that we're used to with Gucci. The shape is classic, so really should suit anyone and the black means they can be paired with all outfits. Shop here

Gucci AOP Socks - Now. We all get socks for Christmas but if you want to get some extra special socks for an extra special someone then these could work! I know Matt loves a statement sock and you can't get much more statement than these. Imagine seeing them under a black tailored trousers with a black loafer - very cool. Shop here 

Boss Hero Watch - It's tough finding a watch, but I think Boss do some really lovely ones. This one in particular I think is so nice! As an everyday watch it does the job perfectly and equally looks incredibly smart too. Might be adding this to my basket for Matt... Shop here

Gucci 41mm Watch - I love the blue dial of this Gucci watch! I think it looks so smart. More expensive than the Boss watch, but I've heard really great things about Gucci watches. I find it important if you're buying a watch for someone (or yourself!) to make sure that it can be used equally for everyday as well as evening wear and I think this can do both of those roles perfectly. Shop here 

Burberry Check Cashmere Scarf - I spotted this on the Flannels website and love it! Particularly the colour. That brown is lovely and would work so well over winter! I also love the idea that it's reversible, so on one side you have the check and the other you have the brown wool but with the Burberry logo. I can see this standing the test of time. Shop here 

Clinique Refresh and Get Ready Kit - I'm a huge advocate for Clinique and to me this looks like a great kit to purchase! It includes skincare and makeup staples so you're covering everything. The products inside equate to £135 so you're really getting a great discount with this. Shop here

Jimmy Choo Man Gift Set & Jimmy Choo Classic Gift Set - Matt has this fragrance and it's one of his favourites! It's a woody scent, but not overpowering at all. I love all Jimmy Choo perfumes and I also saw that they did the same set for women with their Classic Jimmy Choo scent, which is one of my all time favourites! Such good staying power which is important for me. Shop Jimmy Choo Man here and Jimmy Choo Classic here

Moroccan Oil Discovery Kit - I LOVE Moroccan Oil! I find their products to be some of the best out there and their scent aswell is just gorgeous! This kit includes everything you could possibly need, literally. Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Oil Treatment. What more could you want?! Shop here

SkinGym Jade Workout Set - There's something so satisfying about a cool face roller on your face first thing in the morning. I love using a roller and a Gua-Sha, particularly if my face is feeling a bit puffy. They feel so luxurious and smoothing, it's a little bit of extra luxury I like to put into my skincare routine. I've got a few of my friends these for Christmas so I think it's a lovely gift for someone. Shop here

Jo Malone Christmas Ornament - I love buying little baubles like these for my Mum every year! I always hang them on our tree the night before so she has to search for it come the morning. This Jo Malone one would be a really sweet idea. Shop here

Ren Glow One Step Further Kit - If there's someone out there you know who prefers using only natural products on their face, then I would recommend Ren being a great brand to buy from. I personally love their Evercalm range, but also this looks really nice too! Who doesn't want to have that natural glow? Shop here 

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Look - We know I am Charlotte Tilbury advocate. Some of my favourite makeup products of all time are from there and so when I saw this I couldn't resist. I would absolutely LOVE to receive this for Christmas (anyone reading... hint hint). It includes everything you could want to achieve the most gorgeous makeup look and it also come with a makeup bag, because at this point we can never have too many of those! Highly recommend having a look at this and picking one up if you know someone who adores Charlotte Tilbury. Shop here


That's all I have for you today! I hope this helps you grab a few bits for Christmas Shopping or gifts for yourself. Bookmark this page and come back to it when you want. 
Please don't forget to come and say hi over on instagram - @emshelx. If I haven't linked exactly what you're looking for let me know and I can find alternatives for you! Flannels have got so many options on their site, there is definitely something that can be found. 
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Lots of love, Em x 
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