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Friday 9 December 2022

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM 2022 - Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

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Hello! You've either discovered this gift guide for him through your own research or you've been directed through my Christmas gift guide for her but WELCOME! Like every year, I have put together a gift guide for the man in your life, lots of gift ideas for him. Is it just me who always use to struggle on what to get boys? Honestly they're the most difficult to buy for! I am always asked for gift ideas for Dads, gift ideas for Grandads and gift ideas for boyfriends so I hope this will help. There's only so many Calvin Klein pants and socks... But after doing this for years I think that I've got the knack of putting together a pretty comprehensive list.  So let's get into it! I hope that my 2022 Christmas Guide for him comes in handy and you mange to pick up some great bits for the man in your life! 

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Anthropologie - Mini cocktail making kit - here

Anthropologie - Grind coffee pods - here

Anthropologie - Texas Hold Em' poker cards - here

Yeti - Insulated Lowball tumbler - here

Ralph Lauren - Trio pack of socks - here

Calvin Klein - Trio pack of underwear - here and 30% off here

Dents - Leather & wool touch screen gloves - here 

Leather wallet - from small business Roe Menswear - here

Food hamper / postal brownies - from lovely small business ThatCake / ThatPantry - here

Lindt - As we know Matt is obsessed with golf and so for Christmas I'm going to get all of his golf friends these Lindt Chocolate Golf Balls. 


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Skincare - Ok, it is definitely not taboo for men to take care of their skin, it's so important. We're in 2022 everyone, guys are investing in their skin! And if they're not then this can be the push that they need. 
Let's start off with my favourite for mens skincare and that is of course Clinique who have this Energising Kit specifically for men and it includes everything they could possibly need for their skincare routine. Nothing too fussy and very straightforward. I also really like picking up their SPF for men. Such an important step so I make sure to gift my Grandfather, Matt and my brother one of these every year. 
If you've got someone in mind who is in no way going to go through a seven step routine then Kiehls have the perfect gift for them! Their Facial Fuel skincare for men gift includes a cleanser and moisturiser. Two steps and they're done! Super easy, they have no excuse. Kiehls also do a really good mens body scrub soap, which could work as a great stocking filler too because it's small! I also noticed while doing my research that SpaceNk have brought out an 'Essential Kit for Men' and it includes, moisturiser, body wash, deodorant, haircare etc... So everything they could possibly need! I'm going to be getting one of these for sure this year. Men also are not immune to chapped lips during the winter and I always think it's super helpful to pick up some Elizabeth Arden eight hour balm for a stocking filler.
Like us girls, men also need to take care of their hair! Aveda are doing this great Shampure duo plus a little hand balm too. So your man can have gorgeous locks and gorgeous hands! My boyfriend is obsessed with hair wax and hair spray, I have to buy him Fudge Head Gas in bulk every year. 

Perfume - Matt this year has been absolutely loving Jimmy Choo Man and so have I! I'm a big fan of Jimmy Choo fragrances for women and this one smells sooo nice. We also have matching Moncler fragances, it smells so divine. Lasts such a long time too! For something a little less heady, but very luxurious Hermes - Terre d'Hermes is simply stunning. Jo Malone also do some really lovely mens scents. Personally I think the Myrrh and Tonka is my favourite but if you're unsure they do a Cologne Intense Collection so really you can't go wrong! Matt's absolute favourite Jo Malone scent is Orange Bitters, it's such a gorgeous scent. A recent discovery is Juliette has a gun - the most gorgeous scents (for women too!). One of my closest friends Nick, who has exquisite taste, says they're his favourite fragrance brand. If your man likes something quite heavy then Another Oud is very much that! I've also spotted that Guerlain are doing this Eau de Toilette gift set for men, which includes a few lovely extras aside from perfume so this could be a nice gift for someone out there. My brother and Matt LOVE Guerlain fragrances. Another scent my brother has worn for years is Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf, absolutely divine. For my step brother, we always get him the Molton Brown Black Pepper range, it's his favourite. 

Lastly, I want to mention L'Occitane. I really love their mens fragrances - especially Eau des Baux. If you use the L'Occitane promo code EMSHELXMAS if you're spending over £30 then you'll receive two free beauty crackers! 


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Accessories - Like I mentioned in my womens gift guide I think that a high quality scarf is such a wonderful gift to give and for men I really love the Mulberry Cashmere Scarf which you can also personalise so it makes it that little bit extra special! I also really love this Burberry Scarf - it's reversible so on one side is the iconic check print and the other is plain black but with the classic Burberry logo. A timeless piece! Another great item to get is a classic belt. I've always loved the Ferragamo belts for men and the Gancini belt is my personal favourite. With the classic Ferragamo logo clasp, it looks so classy and can really pull an outfit together. For something a bit less logo heavy, Church's offer this very classic belt, but because it's Church's I bet the leather quality is amazing. Now I don't know about you but have you noticed that men literally wear their wallets into the ground... Every year there's always a partner, parent, grandparent, sibling who needs a new wallet. Every. Year. So here's some high end ones that hopefully will stand the test of time. Cardholders are becoming more the norm nowadays and so I picked out this Montblanc Grained Leather one (anything that's grained leather means it's pretty much scratch resistant!) Matt's wallet is Montblanc and he's had it for around three years - so far so good! No damage at all! I also love this Gucci cardholder. However if you person still needs something a bit more substantial than a cardholder I really like this Saint Laurent wallet (love the colour too!). They do come in other shades though - hereIf you really want to treat the man in your life I spotted this Cartier wallet... it's expensive for a wallet but my gosh I think it's so stunning! In the classic Cartier red too - this would be a LOVELY gift for someone very special. 

Something that I'm always asked about every year is a good quality mens travel bag and there are three that I always recommend, all coming in at different price points! Starting off with the most expensive is Mulberry. Their travel bags have been iconic for years and for good reason too. They use such a gorgeous leather, these bags can withstand A LOT. Which is what you want for a travel bag right?!
My second choice and slightly cheaper is Aspinal London. I love their Boston bag and also love the lining... Super jazzy! Plus you can get this personalised. The cheapest out of the bunch, but by no means lacking in quality is the Ted Baker Fidick bag. I really love Ted Baker for menswear, they always do such nice pieces! 

Clothing and Shoes: I always say to Matt that I think he should invest in a pair of Gucci loafers but he keeps putting it off so it might be up to me to take the plunge for him... But seriously, a lot of my good male friends own a pair and swear by them. They last such a long time and are so versatile. Much like it's a staple to have a good pair of stilettos in a woman's wardrobe, I think it's a staple to have a good pair of loafers in a mans! These are also a little bit of a quirkier option - here

In the same vein a good Chelsea boot also can't go amiss. I mentioned earlier how I'm a fan of Churchs and they do these wonderful Houston Leather Chelsea Boots. I always swear by All Saints for coats for men, whether that be a classic leather jacket, a cosy everyday jacket or a more formal jacket they always have you covered! On my searches I came across AMI Paris and showed Matt and as it turns out he loves them! So I thought I would include some pieces in this years gift guide. I really love this sweatshirt and this cable knit jumper is perfect for the cold months ahead! If you still don't know personally what he'd like then honestly a gift voucher is the best way forward. To save hassle, I always get Matt a Reiss Gift Voucher. It's his favourite brand and it means that there's no worry of getting something he may not like! 

Jewellery -  I have to say I am a fan of a man who wears a couple of bracelets and I think I may be getting one for Matt this year. As we know Monica Vinader are my favourite jewellery brand and they do this Mens Friendship bracelet which you can also get engraved, if you wanted! If you shop for Monica Vinader via my link here, you get discount automatically applied at checkout. I think the engraved items are timeless and so special. Tiffany also do something similar - their Makers Narrow Cuff in sterling silver. One of my friends got this for her fiancee and it engraved with with the day they got engaged. I also really love the Cartier Trinity Bracelets - you can change the colour of the string so you can pick your special someones favourite colour!

Roe Menswear - Of course, I have to do a special shoutout to Roe Menswear. An independently owned brand, I am SUCH a supporter. Matt is so dedicated to his brand, we travelled around the world so he was able to pick out the best quality fabrics. Therefore, I can vouch that the quality is outstanding. 
All of the items are made in the U.K, which is absolutely wonderful, using British Millerain and the highest quality zips. They offer so many different pieces. If this your first introduction to the brand you could start by getting a wallet or a backpack or you could just go full on and get one of their trench coats which are... divine! I say it every year and I will continue to say it but I am so passionate about Roe Menswear and I hope as always that I find some more supporters every time I shout it from the rooftops! 


Trainers - Honestly if you're really struggling with what to get the man in your life, then trainers are the most fail safe thing - trust me. If your man is a runner then I have always sworn by Nike, specifically their Air Zoom Pegasus trainers or the Adidas UltraboostsIf they prefer training in the gym then the Nike Metcons are meant to be really good as are the Reebok Nano's.
I also see a lot of people swear by Converse as a great gym floor trainer so you could easily get him a pair of those, for training or even just for everyday wear! The Hi Top or Low Tops both work. 

Fitness Clothing - Gymshark is always my go to for fitness and Matt loves it just as much as I do! I think he may own every colour of the Sport Shorts. The Crest Joggers are great for lounging in or for running errands and the matching Crest Hoodie is also great for just throwing on. The Critical 2.0 Tank is super versatile and can be used running or lifting as is the Arrival Tank. 
Matts also been testing out Lululemon recently and they also have some really good items that I'm sure any man would appreciate. Specifically their Pacebreaker shorts which are perfect if your man is a runner!

I also must mention Elemis here as after a gym session I know their body soak and bath salts work wonders. This is a must buy gift for my step Dad every single Christmas.


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Let's be honest... Boys love their tech much more than girls do which is why I always include a Tech section on my mens gift guide. You won't see me sitting around playing Call of Duty but you bet Matt and my brother will be. I have to say that I'm not the most clued up on which Xbox or Playstation is the latest one but I do know that their is new Call of Duty that has been released called Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This one is the one for PS5 and this one is the one for  Xbox One.
But truthfully that's as far as my knowledge goes! So I'll be sticking to what I know best. 
This year, Matt and I got ourselves a coffee machine and when I say it has changed my life... 
You could go down the classic route and get a Nespresso Machine - just don't forget to get some pods for it also! I personally really love the Grind Pods. Or if your man is a bit more of a coffee snob look no further than a Dualit. Either way, both produce great coffee and that's all we really want!
Another great techy item that always goes down well is a really good quality speaker. I love the look of the Marshall Acton  and I've heard them in person myself and they sound amazing! Very good sound quality, your man will not be disappointed. Also B&O are an incredible brand for speakers. They come out on the pricier side but I think the quality speaks for itself. You could go in with the Beosound A1 or you could go really extra and get him the Beosound 2. It's pricy, but I think this could potentially be one of the best gifts ever? Especially if he is a lover of music! 
B&O also do great wireless speakers, so if you'd rather not go down the AirPods route I would suggest the Beoplay Ex. Can you tell I really like B&O?!
Lastly you know which is a really good tech idea that I think people tend to overlook? An electric toothbrush. Those things can be pricey and I always balk at the idea of getting myself one however, I think as a gift it works so well. This Oral - B iO 7 looks very fancy and comes with 5 different smart modes, a pressure sensor and an electronic display. Here's to better dental hygiene in the new year! 


As much as every gift you purchase will be useful, here are some who really do what they say on the tin. Starting off with every mans favourite gift to receive... Yep you guessed it. Calvin Klein boxers. Please, I can't be the only girl who thinks I don't know what to get - boxers it is. Socks are also in that category too. So go on, grab a couple of pairs - I know you need too! 

I've spoken about it on my Gift Guide for her and I'm talking about it here too. The Always Pan. Gosh, it really is so good! If your special someone is a bit of a chef then this is the only gift they need this Christmas I'm not joking... That or an air fryer (I have this one and it's brilliant!). Always also do an Always Pot too so you could even double up and get him both! 

Speaking of food, one of the best gifts I ever received was a toastie maker - I know Matt loves it too.

If he loves cooking, I also think a pasta maker is a great, fun gift too.

I came across this super sweet personalised cheeseboard, that even includes all the relevant knives! This personalised chopping board is also really great and would work a treat on Christmas Day.
I've also found these absolutely brilliant custom pet portraits - who doesn't love a personalised treat? 

Now, whenever we're hosting Matt likes to think of himself as a bit of a barman. But he has a secret and that secret is Tails Cocktails. They do readymade cocktails, so all you need to do is screw off the lid and you're golden! So I'm going to grab him the Espresso Martini one this year as that's his favourite! 
I also really love gifting flavoured gins as I find them to be able to suit anyones palate. I really love Chase Distillery - particularly their Seville Marmalade and also their new flavour Rhubarb and Bramley Apple
I actually really like to gift men candles... I think it's something they would probably never buy themselves but actually would really appreciate receiving. A good option would be Malin & Goetz, I find their fragrances a bit more masculine. This Dark rum one is really lovely. 

Electronic diffusers would also be a good idea - The White Company in my opinion are the best ones. Fireside would also be a great oil to add in too. Matt would love this in his office. 

You can't go wrong with good hair tools, Matt is OBSESSED with his ghd unplugged straighteners, he uses them every day but they are particularly useful for travel! 


Some people much prefer to gift experiences or even receive experiences on Christmas rather than actually something physical. I know that in some cases these can be a lot more special and thought out so I have brainstormed some ideas and hopefully one of these could inspire you to book that something special for that special someone. 

Staycations: Now, I love the Cotswolds. Like I really really love the Cotswolds. So of course I'm going to recommend you book a staycation there. But there are also some really beautiful other places in the U.K. that you could go too. My favourite Cotswolds hotels? Dormy House / The Fish / Foxhill Manor. They are incredibly special. 

The Lake District is stunning, particularly Cumbria - so beautiful! Lake Windermere is also absolutely beautiful. 

Tawny House - the most sensational hotel up North, I've never seen anything like it. 

If it's more of a city break then Cambridge or Oxford are definitely the go to's. Both such lovely cities, with the most gorgeous architecture. In Cambridge you could even go punting on the river! 
Although I've never been Norfolk, it's apparently absolutely wonderful. Burnham Market is a lovely little town to stay in (Johnny Depp used to have a house there!) and the seaside towns of Blakeney, Holt and Brancaster are meant to be wonderfully quaint. The Hoste at Burnham Market is meant to be so nice. 

Fitness Focused: Another idea I had, which would depend on your gym but you could always gift someone a guest pass. That way you could spend the day, maybe do a class together or use the gym floor. I also really like gifting PT Sessions. So if you can find out their gym and then do some sneaky purchasing, this would be I think very thoughtful and also very appreciated! 

Days out: For just a simple day out there's so many activities you could do. I personally love an Everyman Cinema so if it's a great month for movies then definitely try and check them out. They're honestly the best cinemas. With reclining seats, waiter service and really really good food it makes that cinema experience so much more fun! 

If you special someone loves food then a days cookery course could be so so lovely. Leiths are one of the best cookery schools there is and you can filter which cuisine you'd like to learn. So your special someone could easily become a dab hand Sri Lankan food for example! Or French! 
In the same realm why don't you do a day wine tasting? Chapel Down winery in Kent specialise in English wines and sparkling wines. If they're not a wine lover, then you could always do a gin making class. There's so many to offer nowadays but walking away with your own gin has to be a highlight! Especially if that someone is a gin lover. 

Pampering - because guys need wellbeing too! book him in for a lovely massage, I always do this for my step dad! Or a beard and hair trim. Matt would love an IOWEYOU voucher for a hair appointment. One of my favourite salons is the Aveda lifestyle salon in Covent Garden, not only do they do hair but they do massages too. A double whammy.

Whew! That's all I have for you off the top of my head but as always please don't hesitate to come say hi over on Instagram @emshelx. If there's something you're still on the hunt for I would be more than happy to help your search so please don't hesitate to ask! Think of me as your own personal Christmas fairy. 

Wishing you a wonderfully festive December and I hope you're looking forward to Christmas Day as much as I am! 

Lots of love, Em x
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